Tracy Lawrence - Roswell And Marilyn Monroe Lyrics

It takes my breath away just watchin' her walk in
To a crowded room turnin' every head
Face like a starlet shining on the silver screen
The way everyone adores her beats all I've ever seen
But there's so much more to her
Than what meets the eye
I swear when god got to her
He took a little extra time

Beauty that's beyond compare
A heart as warm as desert air
Mysterious and complicated
Hard to love and hard to hate her
So much about her that I'll never know
Yeah she's somewhere between
Roswell and Marilyn Monroe

She's like a portrait painted by a masters hand
Rare as a Picasso a diamond in the sand
The perfect novel that you try but can't put down
A real live Norman Rockwell in some long forgotten town
But she doesn't see it
Dismisses all my claims
She tells me that I'm crazy
While she's driving me insane

[Repeat Chorus]

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