Tracy Lawrence - Cloud Of Dust Lyrics

It's hard to leave town like Jesse James
On a long flat piece of interstate
When the only thing underneath your wheels
Is concrete and Pittsburgh steel
That tow lane sure can get you gone
Bit it don't do a thing to hide where you came from

Wish I could've left in a cloud of dust
On an old dirt road really kick it up
Like a hell bent desperado headin' west
Yeah there would be no lookin' back
This clear view
In the rearview
Of losing everything I've ever loved
Yeah I wish I could've left in a cloud of dust

Them old cowboys had it made
But they don't make goodbyes like that these days
Yeah one wrong look and next thing you know
You have to watch her watch you go
Only one thing worse than words I can unsay
It's that picture in my mind I can't erase

[Repeat Chorus]

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Tracy Lawrence Cloud Of Dust Comments
  1. Raising Brahmer

    This song should have been a hit. It's country music at its finest. <3

  2. Rob Henderson


  3. mitch ostrom

    my favorite song

    McKinney productions

    mitch ostrom agreed! just saw him live tonight and he sang this. so glad I found it, new favorite song

  4. kath0812

    WHY does this only have 260 views??????