Townsend, Devin - Winter Lyrics

How in the world can the winter fall apart?

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Townsend, Devin Winter Comments
  1. Cheximus

    Feels like Opeth's Damnation. Loving it so far.

  2. Edward Nigma


  3. Pete Hawthorne


  4. import3dguest

    Exactly. That's why I can't get into a lot of modern metal bands, especially technical death metal and stuff like that. They're so obsessed with having technical and complex music that they don't focus at all on atmosphere or emotion.

    Mike Maas

    They also don't have creative freedom. Or mix and produce their own tracks. Devin is totally pure.

  5. Midibri

    Devin Townsend is the best musician alive right now.


    Perhaps, but I have to mention Igorrr, Snarky Puppy, Caravan Palace, Tool, Opeth (kinda :D), Leprous, Animals As Leaders, Steven Wilson and Meshuggah. In case you could like them too c:


    No doubt, even better than Steven Wilson, for sure more enjoyable and empathic.


    Best musician, period. Even the classical composers themselves would be astonished by what Devin has written over the years.

  6. Agnes Kamp

    Love the almighty Devy!!!

  7. Eratosthenes

    - is coming.

  8. psychostew911

    Jesus Christ (which is Devin's son btw) this is catchy

  9. gojirametallica

    it was a joke calm down

  10. gojirametallica

    pfft Ontario, what a joke, "its snowing lightly call the army!"

  11. Vaahan

    "in the waiting line" by "zero7" is another song that takes u on a trip like this...also try a bit more agreesive " April" by "tesseract"

    Captain Pie Fox

    Vaahan yeah, i was getting an April vibe around midway

  12. MuchasMarco

    @jamierobinson777 actually him being a genious is a fact and not a personal opinion

  13. DestroyerGreat

    Perfect album to drive to! :D
    Devin Townsend forever

  14. DestroyerGreat

    Perfect album to drive to! :D
    Devin Townsend forever

  15. daywalker137

    Devin = all round talent !

  16. David


  17. alphaenemy

    @diplomata1990 Yes, buy the album. It's loaded with this stuff.

  18. Nick Best

    @diplomata1990 This song...?

  19. salmacis81

    Lol! Just do it my friend... just do it! ;)

  20. salmacis81

    Thanks dude! I'm Glad you can see it in the same way Iike me. Keep enjoying this great musician!

  21. Aperture 4.0

    @salmacis81 Nice to see someone else truly appreciates the simplest and most humbling parts of life.

  22. nadieżda woronin

    this is heavy

  23. Luis Iniguez

    @salmacis81 dude i love you! thats how i pictured myself. x'}

  24. SonOfTheMartyr

    It took me quite a few listens to get into Ki, but now I'm lovin' it. This song is fantastic,

  25. Yesman812

    Couldn't think of a more appropriate song to listen to while snowed in. :)

  26. jamierobinson777

    Thumbs up if you think Devin Townsend is a Genius!

  27. Pete Hawthorne


  28. Ryan Wall

    @salmacis81 You win!!!!!

  29. ZielEthereal

    @psycodelits The name of it is Ki.

  30. Pro 4X

    so epic and Powerfull, its almost haunting lol

  31. Neil coburn

    This song always reminds me of my grandmother she died 2 years ago nearly and this just reminds me of the quiet little beach near her house, in the back oend of nowhere it was so secluded and tranquill.

  32. salmacis81

    Hey! Thanks for your support mate! ;)

  33. MadSebu Sipuli

    @salmacis81 So wait... your girlfriend was holding your right arm, you were looking up and it was night.... pretty risky I tell ya.

  34. CyanideSovereign

    I love it when people argue over the internet. But I was so busy reading I forgot to enjoy the song. I know I'll made a comment blaming other people for my shit attention span.
    jus listen da music n00b2 omg

  35. bovinemarauder

    @PanagosGr33kG134EVER It might be Ki
    Not 100% sure though! May even be Devin Townsend Project but I think that is the Artist name. I would say Ki

  36. Earf

    what album is that from?

  37. logicape

    @salmacis81 You may be taking this a bit too seriously... I don't wanna turn what should normally be fun into something negative. So, you win! Congratulations on being victorious against a faceless, worthless stranger on the internet. (*bows to salmacis81*)

  38. salmacis81

    You are telling me that I wrote a gay comment about this song and then you called me intolerant ("Good job showing your true bigoted sentiments")? Maybe you have something against gays and you sounded a little bit xenophobic too when you answered to Shiftyscitzo this: "Pretty angry comments defending a stranger - hiding something? ;)". Maybe you are the one who hides something. I speak french too, so if you like, we can express our ideas in that lenguaje just to look you grammar.

  39. logicape

    @shiftyscitzo 5-knuckle shuffle, I like that one. I'm not saying HE is gay, I'm saying his comment was pretty fruity - like what a chick might say. Pretty angry comments defending a stranger - hiding something? ;)

  40. logicape

    @salmacis81 Actually, yes I'm American and yes I speak French as well. Good job showing your true bigoted sentiments with your broad assumptions and generalizations. Good show!

  41. salmacis81

    If you find any objection about my grammar, let's do it in another lenguaje. Maybe you speak more than one, don't you? How is your spanish? I wish you were one of the few americans who speak more than one lenguaje. But that would be just a dream. Don't you think so?

  42. logicape

    @salmacis81 Better... I'd watch my spelling/grammar though - you broke two rules with a single word ;) As for the 'funny' factor, give it time - it's been less than an hour still.

  43. salmacis81

    If you think your comment is funny 'cause you were the only one who laughed, well... I think you need some attention from the people who sorrounds you. Just to refresh some ideas.

  44. logicape

    @salmacis81 even with the mention of your girlfriend, your comment is pretty gay dude. Just sayin'

  45. Robert Percy

    @Spermwhales93 and open B flat (open B down a half step) and he used Open C# on one song.

  46. Robert Percy

    @SlappyTheElf He uses open B as well: BF#BF#BD#

  47. Daniel Daigle

    For a long period of my life I was obsessed with music. This past year I kind of fell out of the loop until I recently discovered Devin Townsend. Simply amazing.

  48. Buckleyxxx

    Real music slides down your soul and makes you forget about anything bothering you, music lifts you up in the best sence. When you are feeling happy it takes you to the upmost degree of happy. In my opinion, this album is the definition of relaxation, happy times, late night drives, chilling with friends and enjoying your life. Enjoy your motherfucking life!

  49. Nate Matheson


    Yeah man. Kinda depressing huh? Opeth and Gojira have filled that void for me but I know how ya feel. Nothing will feel like Devin feels.

  50. SlappyTheElf

    @mkklmann His tuning was inspired by Led Zepplin. Its just C maj open CGCGCE.

  51. Adam Stevens

    Fucking Right. (5)

  52. psychostew911

    @NolateM amen to that !

  53. Der Kjor

    that is what good music is
    not just entertainment, but something that picks you up and transports you to a whole completely different dimension. You feel infantile and foreign but at the same time content in your bewildered state.

  54. Robert Kane

    Devin is awsome :)

  55. SrDeMaFp

    *Stands up and claps*
    You nailed what I'm thinking (shit, and feeling, for that matter!). Dev is expressing himself through his music vividly, that's a fucking difficult thing to do. When you hear a song that completely changes your mood and puts you in the same place as the artist, they have succeeded. Dev's music does that to me. The man's a true artist and I'm forever indebted to him for that.

  56. GingerbreadGenocide

    Accelerated Evolution is great for first time listeners, it was my first Dev album. Then it was Ocean Machine ;)

    I personally think Ki is an amazing album, it's still Dev just different like the rest of his stuff.

  57. RadamentsLair

    I do the same exactly. I remember the first 'Send I ever heard, was Depth Charge on this TV Music station. I was utterly blown away, thought I'd just had a dream. Was getting close to sleep and literally had to jump up and write down the title. It's never left my thoughts, nor has the rest of Accelerated Evolution!

  58. HunterCoons

    Yes they are all awesome. I usually recommend accelerated evolution to first time listeners though. it seems like it was produced flawlessly and it just seems to get people into him

  59. Spencer R

    yeah devin went all out on this album again reinvented himself, i cant wait for the tour of this album!!!

  60. guymorris1987

    XD XD XD

  61. Swell

    dude im blown away...theres no bad song on this album

    every song is a trippy journey into the soul...and im not fucking talking bs

  62. filitalian

    If you really like mellow, check out strapping young lad, teehee

  63. GingerbreadGenocide

    Ocean Machine is a must dude, don't pass it up. :D

  64. catpuke7

    Pure Witchcraft!

  65. salmacis81

    On the road, next to the fields, at night, driving my car looking at the stars in a night without moon and with my girlfriend holding my right hand listening this song with my car's CD player.
    Just the perfect night...

  66. millsy4321

    Yeah i agree with your second sentence but songs like this really make up for it.

  67. silentphil

    This album is surprisingly sparse and far more simple throughout than his previous releases, but I feel like there's some beauty to be found in its simplicity, and this song is a perfect example of that. I do miss the chaotic beauty of albums like Ocean Machine though.

  68. Romain Diboine

    Same for me...
    I wanna listen to that song while waching a city at sunset from some hill heights...
    I didn't know DT could make such beautiful things!!!

  69. silentphil

    my favorite song on the album, by far.