Townsend, Devin - Trainfire Lyrics

How in the world we gonna make everything all right?
How in the world we gonna make everything in time?
Train burning, all night burning
Trainfire up and down the line

How in the world we gonna make everything all right?
How in the world we gonna make everything in time?
Train burning, all night burning
Trainfire up and down the line

Sexy seventeen year old
Moving me up and down the pole
You won't tell me what I need to know
So the train burns, all night burns, Trainfire up and down the line

Move me

How in the world we gonna make everything all right?
How in the world we gonna make everything on time?
Train burning, all night burning

Trainfire up and down the line!

Sexy seventeen year old
Moving me up and down the pole
She don't tell me what I need to know
Train upon the quantum, a Kai, the string theory
Trainfire up and down the line!

Trainfire, trainfire, trainfire...

So, you called my name
Left on a weary road beyond your ways
May all the other colors of your name

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Townsend, Devin Trainfire Comments
  1. swirls

    ki is the best, man

  2. Nick Adams

    The voice of Grace at the end, calling Devin and a lot of men out of addiction, in this case nternet porn. Beautiful...

  3. blukorr

    That transition @2:45 holy hell!

  4. Shelby Logan

    I always get into this song and jam out during the first verse and then the first chorus line kinda ruins it lol

  5. Pyxylation

    The snare in the beginning is almost beat for beat like Ballroom Blitz. Except it's slower, and the snare is lower pitched. In fact, the words from Ballroom Blitz snare part fit this exactly.

  6. Daniel Verberne

    Some artists might feel self-conscious on the radical stylistic departures Townsend makes. Not Devin. He's one of those artists that seems both to be able to continual evolve and bring (most) of his fans along for the ride. That's a great thing for us as listeners who like variety and richness and of course good for the artist, as they don't have to stick to some rigid formula or sound.

  7. Gabe McCall

    So great as always with Devin

  8. Brenda Lavoieri

    Trenzinho do iguatemi.


    Ri pra kct do comentário sem nem entender kkk


    Inclusive, te stalkeei de levis e fico feliz que tenham BRs fãs do Devy, pena ele nunca ter vindo pra cá

    Brenda Lavoieri

    V I N Í C I U S , no iguatemi de Porto Alegre tem um trem que passa dentro do shopping que usa a mesma sample (ou uma muito parecida).

    Brenda Lavoieri

    V I N Í C I U S e isso faz com que eu fique cantando essa música toda vez que a porcaria passa x)


    @Brenda Lavoieri Não sei o que mais me surpreende, um trem que passa dentro de um shopping ou um trem que toca uma sample semelhante a uma musica do Devin

  9. Drew Bear

    So much untapped potential in this one...

  10. Spikey Wikey

    Was this song written about devin's porn addiction?

  11. Nicholas Syl

    @5.00 is where I fell in love with Che's voice.
    Went nuts when I heard her on CoC. Can't wait for part Deux.

  12. Daniel Verberne

    Bit of an Elvis touch to the vocals in this, love it!

  13. Amanda Laggan

    The last 2 minutes of this song.

  14. Danny B.

    You ain't nuthin but a TRAINFIRE!!

  15. GuitarJammer

    I know I'm not the only one who wants that outro to extend into eternity.  Ché has such an incredible voice!

    friedman designs

    First time I heard this, I rewound to the part where Che comes in and prob. listened to it 15 of the most beautiful alien/eerie/hypnotic pieces of music my ear parts have ever heard. :)

  16. Admiral Admirable

    Does anyone know any music similar to the last part of this song and a lot of the music from casualties of cool? I mean the kind of really beautiful and relaxing but in a melancholic way kind of thing. I'd be really grateful to find more of that.


    Try Wolfmother's song The White Unicorn, EP Version, if you haven't yet, the last part really reminds me of it. Go for the EP version, it's slower and in my opinion just cooler than the original.

    Kevin Maurer

    Mark Knopfler - The Ragpicker's Dream

    Jacob Farriester

    He does a lot of this on his semi-recent Casualties of Cool album!

  17. Sjaak de Jong

    intro sounds like Radar Love from Golden Earring(not that that matters) Love this guy!!

    Eric Eckhart

    look up radial highway. its a partial cover kind of thing of radar love that he did.

  18. 87in7

    I've listened to Casualties of Cool 100+ times and I didn't know this existed. This is awesome!!

  19. Tyler Carnegie


  20. Michelle Gregory

    Does anyone know any other good songs, in general, that  have 'train sounds' in them?

    Markus Power

    jethro tull - locomotive breath

    Devin Gardipe

    Train Kept a Rollin by Aerosmith

    Alex Ancora

    didnt led zeppelin’s rock & roll have a train sound in it?

    Baptiste Pereira

    Gypsy train by toto

    Travis Finnerty

    Train Train by Blackfoot. The whole intro is done on harmonica.

  21. meshugeah

    Ché Aimee Dorval !

    Patryk S.

    Amazing voice, just beautiful, hands down.

  22. LicoriceLain

    Watching pawnnnnnnnnn

  23. Kryllic R.

    go listen to Hedroid. That's the weirdest song Devin has ever done

    Rx Hx

    that song is so darn impossible to find!


    looks like it's on YT! i'll check it out after i finish up with this album :)

  24. lasoogneypubes

    @KaramAkerfeldt Oooh so so sorry for not looking at the lyrics.. I've listened to everything the guy has ever made. That includes SYL. Don't be such a nerdy elitist asswipe.

  25. AltissimoMan

    So what does "sex sees seventeen years old" mean?

    Dante Torn

    Sexy seventeen year olds moving up and down the pole.
    He's talking about underaged poledancers.

  26. Lari Uusikartano

    Something wrong with country?

  27. Jack Mancuso

    The end of this song is so amazing.

  28. Emerson Watson

    Devin says in the album commentary that the lyrics are "sex sees 17-year-old"

  29. concretedesert

    You clearly haven't listened to enough Devin Townsend. Also, it says "sex sees 17 year old," not "sexy 17 year old." Noob.

  30. Control Alt Delete

    I actually think the line "sexy 17 year old" is cool because it could also be saying "sex sees 17 year old"

    Daniel Verberne

    Sex "sees" things?

  31. emperor262626

    ...And Radial Highway!

  32. Jordy

    According to the album commentary he did it's actually a mix of both, like some sort of double reference thingy

  33. Klart

    To my knowlegde, the lyrics are actually "sex sees seventeen year old".

  34. Skyler Brixey

    Lol funny story, I'm 17 and this 24 year old guy told me to listen to this...

  35. Jordy

    He never said it was. It's Ché Aimee. She'll be doing most of the leads on Casualties of Cool.

  36. Jordy

    I actually just found out after posting that. Made my day :)

  37. Other

    the only thing to do with his grandparents in this song is the piano(in this song) that he inherent'd by them when they passed away.

  38. Other

    next album will have her singing leads.

  39. Jordy

    I really underestimated the amazingness of this song. At first I thought the song was weird with all the train noises going on and the shuffle rhythm in the beginning, but is slowly develops in a very cool song. Everything from 4:57 is beautiful! She should sing on some more records :)

  40. Jon

    I thought it had to do with Townsend's former addiction to pornography, or at least--that's what Wikipedia says...

  41. lasoogneypubes

    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic either hahaha. If you aren't being sarcastic, yes I was being sarcastic. Soulja Boy is shit.

  42. Todd Anita Pierson

    damn i love the ending of this song....WOW !

  43. stanley kubrick

    Were you being sarcastic or not? I seriously can't tell.

  44. joherszch

    4:57 is so damn amazing!

  45. awdrums7


  46. Femto

    woow, I really love this song from the first listening! ♥

  47. k5lta

    SEXY 17 YEAR OLDS FTW!!!!!!!!!

  48. k5lta

    Scary Chivalrous Type Cats.

  49. Magister Siatris

    Haha, sorry, I thought I was talking to the uploader.

  50. lasoogneypubes

    Sarcasm... Wow....

  51. Magister Siatris

    Can't tell if sarcasm or just really stupid...

  52. lasoogneypubes

    Because much like Devin Townsend, Soulja Boy is a hard working musical genius. Turn My Swag On is easily on par with Devin's best material. Pure brilliance.

  53. FjompeNiZZe

    But who doesn't like sexy 17 year olds?

  54. Finquilizer

    thanks for the tip... listening to it right now :)

  55. o0portal0o

    Wonderful indeed! Have you listened to Noisy Pink Bubbles? Xox to your soon-to-be-wife.

  56. o0portal0o

    Ha! Giggity for you then! ;-)

  57. jesterrace91


  58. alexxjames

    @ExposingXianity666 To educate the masses.

  59. Mikedrums95

    4:59 major chills

  60. Magister Siatris

    Why is "Soulja Boy" tagged in this?

  61. Angel

    Devy going rockabilly , just love it aside of devymetal, one of my fav genre's of rock music. He pays respect to Elvis, Buddy Holly, Stray Cats and many others.

  62. Patryk S.

    4:59 what a voice ! shes fantastic

  63. Finquilizer

    One of the most serene, beautiful, romantic moments of my life started at 4:47
    Thanks Dev for this... This one goes to my soon-to-be-wife.

  64. RMB 91

    This song is amazing, even more so because it's DEVIN!!

  65. Artorias the Abysswalker

    this song is sweeeeeet

  66. Stratton Yatron

    @Seligsuper That part of the song instantly reminded me of the song "She's Sexy + 17" by Stray Cats. Weird...

  67. Steven Sproat

    I was driving back home from work today and this kicked in and I burst out laughing. Great track

  68. lasoogneypubes

    Probably Devin's weirdest song ever lol. Johnny Cash sound singing about sexy 17 year olds with a twist of metal? WTF? I love it!

  69. Rotter99

    @Seligsuper damn it, I thought it was about jacking off over strippers

  70. Rotter99

    @Punchoop How about 3 sexy seventeen year olds failed to tell Devin what he needed to know?

  71. Jostein Haugen

    @Noir2129 I totally fucking agree with you man.

  72. AnalDan

    my brain explodes at 2:41

  73. Noir2129

    4:56 is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. I really wish he would have made that into a song on it's own. It's just that damn good.

  74. Angel

    Devy paying tribute to Rockabilly just love it!!!

  75. spectatape

    This might be one of my favourite Devin tracks to date. Ki is a masterpiece.

    Daniel Verberne

    I love "Ki" too. I get the impression it was divisive amongst fans for its stylistic departure, but I love the moodiness, the space in the music, the production, the clean and deep guitars, Devin's raw vocals.


    Devin never ceases to amaze moi...its beyond being brilliant,i just waiting foe him to somehow try and flick a bugger @ me.... :)

  77. CyanideSovereign

    @Viterkim Really? Who said? Source damit!

  78. Viterkim

    @MrResilire It's about his addiction to pornography so not not really

  79. CyanideSovereign

    This is a long way from Strapping Young Lad.

  80. fishguru73

    This song is like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Yngwie, Vai, and Devin decided to have a jam session. This is what originality is about.

  81. Askebon

    I especially love the endbit when that BEAUTIFUL female voice completely embrace the BEAUTIFUL chords! Devin for the win!!

  82. crimsonstare

    I just got in from seeing this played live. I am indeed a happy bunny!

  83. Gauldoth

    Holy shit, this isn't anything like what I expected from Devin Townsend... and it's awesome!

  84. nsmith86uk

    I'm so fucking tired of "3 peeplses missed duh liek button, haha, derp derp." on every fucking video.

    Yeah, we get it, STFU and listen to a good song already!

  85. Yony42

    Chorus...too good....

  86. TheLord Fenris

    Kind of sounds like Devin Townsend was possessed by the Stray Cats.

  87. Danrul


  88. Jim Saxon

    Hey're a complete idiot.

  89. bovinemarauder

    @Lolpezatron Yea its great music, lucky he hates you too eh!

  90. JesterIF

    @Chiznitz Errr...the fuck is your problem?

  91. Chiznitz

    @JesterIF I'm sorry your self-entitled ass can't grasp that either.

  92. Angel


  93. MattTheLast

    This is the best song from Ki, and that's saying a lot. I can't wait for Deconstruction, and Ghosts.

  94. soccer4lyfe8

    @Morganzo7 For this album Devin said he was going to hold back because it would be a different to do so. His last album is going to be his heavy stuff.

  95. eliten0Ob

    A really wild motown-feel in the start, but soon transacts into DT trademark style music. LOVE IT

    Daniel Verberne

    "DT" as in Devin or "Dream Theater"?

  96. Lyle Roberts

    Ki is definitely an album for the more articulated listener. Trainfirrreee up and down the liiinneee!!!!

  97. Robert Davis

    i think this song is something beautiful...but so different in its own way.

  98. Robert Davis

    @Morganzo7 thing is, devin admitted in an interview that 'ki' was one of his most relaxing and calmest creations,so all the whispering and the laidback drums probably contribute towards the overall feel of the album. i admit its not his best,but it still is an amazing achievement to have had:)