Townsend, Devin - Terminal Lyrics

Flow the waterways of letting go
Another day
Permanently allocate the maximum
And leave it to go

And leave without a trace for her to know
A hollow day
Slow it down evenly paced, you've never known
And leave them alone

Tell me there's a lot of ways I need to know
Another day
Terminally out of phase and ill disposed
Just leave it alone

You can teach a man better to view with loose control
Another way
You pick your point, settle to be and let things go
Just leave them alone

Tell me there's a lot of ways I need to know
Another day
Terminally out of phase and ill disposed
Just leave them alone

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Townsend, Devin Terminal Comments
  1. David Blaiz

    Flow the waterways of letting go
    Another day...
    Permanently allocate the maximum
    And leave it to go...
    And leave without a trace for her to know
    A hollow day
    Slow it down evenly paced, you've never known
    And leave them alone
    Tell me theres a lot of ways I need to know
    Another day,
    Terminally out of phase and ill disposed
    Just leave it alone Sane,
    You can teach a man better to view with loose control
    Another way...
    You pick your point, settle to be and let things go...
    Just leave them alone...
    Tell me theres a lot of ways I need to know
    Another day...
    Terminally out of phase and ill disposed
    Just leave them alone.

  2. Cat Sven

    This time Devin dived into british psychedelic/space Floyd.. Porcupine.. And he did it greatly.. It's an atmospheric fly..

  3. Rich Curtis

    So so good

  4. Cheximus

    I love the background noise that appears towards the end. Thought I was tripping at first, hearing things.

  5. Julian Hansen

    If I had to pick a favorite Devin song it has to be terminal. It calms my mind and my soul and heals traumas. Puts you somewhere peaceful.


    Yep. Can't get enough of it. So simple but so effective.

  6. Amanda Laggan

    The end of this sounds like Smashing Pumpkins' "Obscured".

  7. John Appleseed

    Still one of my favourite of his many many songs!

  8. Geoffrey Garbodon

    dunno what it is about this song, but it always gets me teary-eyed.

  9. Vince SC

    Do not fear death, the end is an illusion. A cycle, like everything else in the universe.

    Vince SC

    Are you saying we aren't supposed to die?

    Or that somewhere our souls know we are eternal?

    Perhaps the fear comes from not realizing that death is not the end


    Death is a part of life, just like being born and living your life. Every living thing in this world will eventually die. That's why I believe there's nothing to fear because it's natural and supposed to be that way.


    Tomorrow never comes.

    Troels Skovrup

    Reminds me of Dominus from Path of exile:

    Mark W

    people undeniably have eternity in their hearts ... otherwise it would not be something one would contemplate

  10. TheMighty Chabunga

    Every day I live I know I die a little.
    It's Ok. I don't mind.
    I have lived a epic adventure of life, love, friendship and then again a lot of terrible darkness.
    Wouldn't have changed a thing, lol,
    Now I die more,.. ... ..

    TheMighty Chabunga

    @Victor Miranda-Martin Ya. Just waxiig a little philosophical.

  11. GrungeKing

    amazing song

  12. blownspirit Channel

    I give anything to know what the engineers did to get that effects on the voice...which process which effects..


    +blownspirit official echo with some reverb me thinks

    Simple Cookie

    +blownspirit official layered vocals with reverb and delay...little compression and eq... :D

    The Damn Beast

    +blownspirit official Look for the "Ki" audio commentary (it's on YouTube). He explains it pretty well. Short of it is that there are four vocal tracks.

  13. Enikő Nyíri

    This song is so chill yet it makes me sad :( it reminds me those days when my boyfriend needs to leave and we're just cuddling in bed, not wanting to do anything, just be together (we're in a long distance relationship)

    Enikő Nyíri

    we're still together after 3 and a half years, still living in different countries though

    Amanda Laggan

    That's lovely to know :)


    Then you should listen to Strapping Young Lad instead, to take the blues away

    Narcoser Rasalom

    ulfingvar1 champion :D

    Gustavo FTW

    Still together?

  14. Tao Hoeffner

    The By a Thread live version kill this one imo

  15. Corinna Fugate

    I am listening to a song that can take me back to a more simple time in my life, My dad was alive I had a guy that was crazy about me.  Driving on the back roads of a life we couldn't escape or drive fast or far enough if just to have each other a little bit longer.  I love you.  Thank you Devin for sharing your talent with us those days and for the calm of now.

    TheMighty Chabunga

    +Corinna Fugate Some things are eternal in the human experience.

    Ghost Nomad

    Corinna Fugate pure awesomeness be well much love

  16. Rapha el

    Special me special feelings, awesome :)

  17. Jeff Liner

    Music is music, it's whatever speaks to us. If you don't like this, then don't fucking listen to it. You obviously aren't equipped to absorb anything as beautiful as Devin's music. Go listen to your fucking Five Finger Fruit Punch.


    Thumbs up for Five Finger Fruit Punch. You seriously made my day.

    Isaiah Perry

    You aliterate a lot. 

  18. somethingtangy

    Lol, the last 10 seconds:
    "There's a centipede on my leg."
    "Awesome, guys, awesome."
    "I love brushes on drums.."
    These guys. <3

  19. taiottavios

    this is...ambient?

    Side Gate Studios

    I don't think ambient music has voice? 

    Jordan Dalton

    @chuckawobbly It can, but most often does not. It's probably the best descriptor for this, though it does seem a tad inaccurate.

    Rapha el

    Does it...matter?


    +Jordan Dalton do you know any other ambient with good vocals? I like ambient atmospheric stuff but I love a good singer and most of it seems to be instrumental. Thanks

    Jordan Dalton

    I would give Faunts a whirl. Try M4 Part 2 from them. Dredg is a pretty good band for some mild atmospheric stuff, their albums El Cielo and the Pariah the Parrot the Delusion are probably the best for that kind of thing. Of course from Devin Townsend his albums Ki, Ghost, and Epicloud all have some ambient stuff. Mew is another one if you like the whole dream pop thing but they tend to get a little weird.

  20. import3dguest

    Every time I listen to something by Devin Townsend I am always amazed. All of his songs are original, none of them sound the same but they are all amazing.

    Humba W

    a lot of them sound the same, a few have the same riffs :D

  21. Paul Bunch

    There's a bit at 6:38 that reminds of Au Lait by Pat Metheney - it's at 2:38 in /watch?v=JQdwk8Yntds.

  22. HevyDevy101

    He's not underrated though - he's just not mainstream or well known. Can't rate something if you don't know of someone

  23. smubblie

    Holy Shit. Chris. We both commented on this a year ago, and we're both top posts. > Sheik from GuitarWar < Small world.

  24. Kyyp3r

    I think you found the perfect wife

  25. Krause

    Sounds like you have an amazing wife.

  26. Donny Minshall

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Anything2bCool


  28. vitormalta

    I am a widow of SYL fuck me right!? but it's amazing how he left his job in separate ways

  29. Cayque Sales

    SYL was the real deal, then Devin's solo carreer was the other real deal, the DTB was the real deal and now DTP isthe real deal

  30. Alexander Ollivant

    Why are people fighting about Strapping Young Lads and The Devin Townsend project? Devin makes a lot of different music. That's why I love the guy. He never falls into a rut. So of course you might not like all of it. It takes some pretty broad taste to like all of it. But why argue which is better? Is just different.

  31. vitormalta

    SYL was unsustainable heavy is fact. say there are no quorum to this heaviness is bullshit... and about the DTP thanks satan he is leaving of this Ki bad trip

  32. Ampulex Compressa

    SYL was the real deal in 1997. Dev's old and has a kid now. DTP is the new real deal.

  33. vitormalta

    some ass kickin' STRAPPING YOUNG FUCK LAD the real deal

  34. Ṝoofus The Ḓoofus

    Question why would I care if a dumb fuck like you thinks I am boring?

  35. Brenden Crosby

    ok so the ten people who gave this a thumbs down, please tell me what you listen to. id REALLY like to know

  36. Chris Alm

    Dudes, please chill. So FanyKaplan2008 finds this boring. So? It's quite ridiculous to think that people automatically must be boring if they like calm music. It's not the music that makes them mature, but it usually is so that more mature people tend to shy away from too hectic music (such as dance music).

  37. Niall Phillips

    you are young

  38. Richard Fields

    Marshmellows bitch.

  39. Willie Wanker

    So... I am boring yay.
    Who cares what you think btw?

  40. EDK ReefMeister

    EPIC! and LOUD! hahah
    Im a huge fan now. I got a few of his album, love Deconstruction. Oh and I caught 2 guitar pickis from Devin!!!! I gave one to away to a random fellow head banger. :) But the show was awesome, I just wish he had Annek there too.

  41. wstone2010

    How was it? He is kinda phenomenal. He played guitar for Steve Vai and he was the lead guitarist and vocalist for Strapping Young Lad as well. DTP is a very varied (lolz) band with a lot of ambient and proggy shit. I would love to see him live. But yeah, HOW WAS THE SHOW?!

  42. TheElijahdoom

    This track really reminds me of Porcupine Tree and Riverside. Simply Brilliant!

    Cat Sven

    Absolutely and few people got it... Great catch...and this is the song which introduced me to DT music..

  43. badcompany009

    Usually not one to post mushy stuff, but this song takes me back to a long lost special point in life. Ahhhh, the power of music :)

  44. Ultimomoz

    Devin => the best

  45. StrangePerson260292

    I still can't get over how beautiful this song is...

  46. Mike Wagner

    9 people clearly have something terminally wrong with them

    Arve Henriksen

    7 of them have died since you posted that comment 4 years ago.

  47. EDK ReefMeister

    Never herd this guy, he sounds decent. Going to see him next month with Katatonia. It should be a great show.

  48. centslessviolence

    that doesn't even make sense.

  49. Billy

    devin townsend = the bjork of metal

  50. Johnny Rockit

    Steve via. Who...??? Via's music has never gave me chills ! Like DT music does.

  51. Chris Beaver

    Devin has to be one of the most under rated musicians in existence. why so few know about this genius is beyond me. This is an Incredable song

  52. PickettMusic

    This guy is just beyond genius...

  53. awkwardpizza

    Took the words out of my mouth. All of Devin's music (including SYL) have helped me in different aspects of my life. I was once angry, lost and confused and now I feel like I've reached a new plateau in my life.

  54. Merry Waugh

    Everytime I go a week without listen to this song I forget how moving it is. The lyrics are interpretive enough that each stanza seems like it could be about one thing or another I can relate to and I just love it. Such powerful work, thanks Devin.

  55. C20H25N3Ofya

    @Meriliniel Couldnt have said it better myself. :)

  56. Stephen Timko

    @canoestothemoon I was at that same show!

  57. TheTruth3977

    i hope that he will make a album like this once again!

  58. Meriliniel

    @Meriliniel I know lots of sad songs, but they rarely make you feel that much better afterwards. So, thank you very much, Mr. Townsend.

  59. Meriliniel

    This is the kind of song you can listen to when you come home in the evening, tired like shit and crawling into your bed to rest in fetal position for a while. Then, after listening to this song, you slowly open your eyes and find that you have gathered enough power to face the again.
    I know few songs which have this aspect of comforting you (at least that's it's effect on me), and it really helped me out a few times.

  60. blue text on white background

    @canoestothemoon Devin's a goofy fucker. In Kentucky, some guy in the crowd just randomly shouted out, "Balls on ya!!" and Devin shot back with, "Mmmm! Ballsonya, my favorite Italian dish!" xD

  61. salmacis81

    This song remembers me some David Gilmour's stuff.

  62. smubblie

    This was our wedding slow dance song. Nobody there but my wife and I knew it. It was perfection.

  63. Raul Rafael

    genius!... musica sencilla de trasfondos melodicos imposibles y creativos, llenaderos, bajando y subiendo la intensidad, jugando tu imaginacion y la creatividad en tu mente, dime, que piensas.. cuando escuchas esta cancion..

  64. Chris Carraway

    such a soothing song and relaxing, thanks for putting it up :D

  65. Dario Espiritu

    I just love this man and all the emotional rollercoaster rides through all his work.Just thank the universe for the peace his music bring to me at times.

  66. pinoa7x

    Rush,Devin Townsend , Unexpect

  67. Feisal El-Khazragi

    @theblackpacomurder despised icon are shit though... awkward :\

  68. holeinsky

    fantastic mellow tune ..wonderful departure from the norm

  69. Zementkopf1

    This makes me want to lay motionless in a coma and have a never ending eargasm

  70. Wraith6669able

    This is one of those songs that I just turn off all the lights, close my eyes and feel like I'm floating on thin air. Thank you Devin for sharing your genius with the rest of the world! \m/ \m/

  71. alphaenemy

    such beauty

  72. Michael Shanks

    Simply put, this is ethereal bliss in musical form.

  73. theblackpacomurder

    Despised Icon are also from Canada
    Canadians should be proud of their scene

  74. Zementkopf1

    @MassProduceBeats That's DTP.. Devin Townsend Project.. If you look at it carefully enough, you can notice it

  75. latenightmoonlight

    Between all the confusions of what it is to exist, be a man, parent, rockstar, or whatever else he's been assigned, Dev should be unceasingly proud of himself for saving the mind of many a man.


    latenightmoonlight Straight up. I know this is a 5-year-old comment, but it bears repeating how much Dev's music affects and relates to so many of us in deep-seated ways that are hard to describe.

  76. Danny Voight

    @12thelurker Protest The Hero is From Canada.

  77. TheOvermaster

    @barret2378 Porcupine Tree

  78. TheOvermaster

    @12thelurker Rush and Devin Townsend are basically the prides of Canada musicianship wise


    I was suggested thiss band from Opeth, and I like it :D

  80. tobiaswhately

    Ki is the reason that I look forward to Ghost more than Deconstruction. I heard Deconstruction and loved it, but Ghost is what I am waiting for.

  81. salmacis81

    I see a lot of Pink Floyd in it and in some other stuff. Maybe Devin has any kind of either reference or inspiration from that band when he uses to write these chill out songs.

  82. TheExposed Entrepeneur

    3 people are waaaaaayyyyy too uptight.

  83. Brain Twister

    Since nearly one year, I´m totally addicted to this song! I don´t listen to it once a day. I listen to it ten times in a row to get enough! Oo
    This is simply wonderful!

  84. Noise Artifact

    I just said that this song is damn holy lol :)

  85. globalchaos1984

    @Lethkhar2000 are you okay?

  86. Noise Artifact

    If anything in this Fking World where Diktators and "holy" Priest fuck our Minds and our Bodys is holy. Than it s this song!

  87. Idonotwanttobeafraid

    So beautiful...

  88. nsmith86uk

    @elffish79 Any time. Anything that helps those who are too mind blown to find the replay button is worth while. :D

  89. Konstantinos Kakaris

    @nsmith86uk sure mate ;)thx!

  90. nsmith86uk

    0:00 for free replay anyone? :D

  91. bhagyashree Tambe

    Ki(2009) and its called devin townsend project
    all tracks are amazing!!!

  92. Jostein Haugen


  93. Jostein Haugen

    What's the name of the album? HAVE to buy it!

  94. canoestothemoon

    The very first metal concert I went to Devin was opening for Symphony X...supporting the Terria album. Very memorable night with Dev shouting "Cleveland is a sausage fest!" Terminal is one of greatest pieces of music i've been fortunate enough to have enjoyed. Canada's best musical legacy...much respect Dev!

  95. arglactable

    God damn. This guy can do anything.

  96. Ghost

    Alot of people don't like this album, but this might be Devin's most important album. A casually listener definitely wouldn't get something as beautiful as this.

  97. escaflowne3

    3:00 to 4:00 is absolutely amazing

  98. Meriliniel

    I love this kind of songs from him ... they are so calming and make you feel peaceful and snug; it's like after a fucked up day you listen to him and you know that tomorrow the sun will shine. It's healing :)
    Thank you, Mr. Townsend :)

  99. pinoa7x

    This is amazing. I've always love the soft and smooth side of Devin's music. Ki is one of my favorite record by him.