Townsend, Devin - More! Lyrics

Gimme more!

Tell me are you ready, soul of mine?
Going to be ready?
We pay no mind, pay no mind

Honey are you ready?
Roll the die
Crown and Coke are ready
Just steady the mind, stay in line

Jesus is-a-coming and he wants more!
Jesus isn't coming and he wants more!
Everything is coming and we want more, we say

More more more more!

Summon all the ready criminal minds
Heavy, but they're ready
We'll save the mind, stay in line
Probably they're running on your property line
Packet till you're ready
Well I better take what's mine, save what's mine!

Jesus is-a-coming and he wants more!
Homeless are-a-coming and they want more!
Christians are-a-coming and they want more, they say

More more more more!

Salesmen are-a-coming and they want more!
Christmas is-a-coming and kids want more!
Armageddon is-a-coming and we want more we say

More more more more! (Gimme more!)
More more more more! (Gimme more!)

Souls may cry all inside your mind
What we fake, is what you take!

Lighting the fire I know, to war we ride!


Take a little money an we want more!
Have a little money and he wants more!
Everything is money and we want more, we say

More more more more!

Salesmen are-a-coming and they want more!
Christmas is-a-coming and kids want more!
Armageddon is-a-coming and we want more we say

More more more more! (Gimme more!)
More more more more! (Gimme more!)
More more more more! (Gimme more!)
More more more more! (Gimme more!)

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Townsend, Devin More! Comments
  1. Bitbreather


  2. Patrick Severs

    eat shit

  3. Tyler Jacobson

    Lesson for the day.
    Class Is Devin Townsend a bad ass? 2:25
    Class Is Devin Townsend a terrific musician? 2:25

    Class dismissed and 0:16

  4. Brad DeYoung

    I discovered Devin about a year ago after I saw a mixing video he did for Waves. I was STUNNED I had never seen/heard his stuff before. I have been obsessed with Transcendence and Empath ever since, not realizing that DTP has like 6 other albums. That being said, this performance is one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen/heard. It’s so funny because he is a MONSTER while performing while in interviews he is the chillest, nicest dude. His music has already done a lot for me in the last year. The really hard stuff pushes you forward, and the softer stuff gives you hope. Thank you Devin.

  5. John Smith

    Fuuucken hell, that voice!

  6. Mrs. Greenwood

    Static x vibes fucking awesome

  7. n2ziastka

    oh shit Kingdom has more parts!

  8. SeemaNN


  9. murilo ninj

    Blows me away why more don't react to this, seems "Kingdom" is the defacto reaction vid. smh!

  10. Craig Duncan

    'My balls are dropping on live tv' bwahahaha.

  11. K&L Trainz

    74 people would rather be watched jerking off than still being here.

  12. The End Is Nigh TEIN

    the guy is... cool. I mean cool like... a cool guy... "hey man, you're cool" "oh yes i am !" "wow so cool !"

  13. The One True D


  14. Mortus Mortus

    first riff sounds like Pantera - A New Level

  15. Valhalla at me Dawg

    Heavy Devy is my spirit animal.

  16. handsomerube

    2:46 is everything! HAHAHAHA

  17. Paweł Dąbrowski

    Geez that opening riff is just fuckin deep levels of heavy

  18. Steven G.

    Selling my EMG 707-81-7 set @t

  19. hellion605

    eat shit!!!

  20. Francisco Carvalho

    Esse sim é um Mestre!!! Grande Devin

  21. Ostravia

    Then do a Death Metal album you pussy.


    And you will need a good guitarist and drummer. Just saying..

    mudshark jones

    @Ostravia idiot just saying.

  22. teknical100

    Devin would make a great Bond Villain.

  23. JdS

    God this guy is good

  24. diowk

    i hate metal. this is awesome though

  25. The Fruit Barsket

    2:26 HOW?

  26. Mick Holohan

    I really love this man. Ticket 4 Dublin in dec. Yusssss!

  27. bnoise siska

    I prefer SYL but this riff is as dope as simple

  28. Robyn


  29. RPM Nutrition

    Fucking filthy

  30. S3rj


  31. Angry Boris

    ou.. it reminds me old Static X . (:
    U are new Wayne for me (us) :D

  32. Daiki Mizu

    0:11 But then he switched to Fishman humbuckers...

  33. Painkiller488 X

    3:45 the fucking breakdown, MY NECK HURTS

  34. Painkiller488 X

    i will need a colaboration between him and Matt Bellamy

  35. Lewis Griffiths

    I don't think I'll ever sing again. Except for right now...


    Frontman and a half. \M/

  36. Scott DesRosiers

    Is this Queens of the Stone Age?

  37. Marshall 94

    GREAT !

  38. Kyle Koschalk

    I keep coming back to hear MORE of this

  39. Keith McCrary

    this must be the only heavy metal song that mentions property lines

  40. Russ

    The fucking mad scientist of Metal

  41. Timothy Mueller

    His face the entire performance. It never gets old watching this and seeing how much he puts into it. 🤘

  42. Mario Bargonetti

    This guy is my hero.

  43. John Rayner

    Devin is an Absolute Genius, Poet and Bard,not withstanding Visionary. Thanks for the Trandsdermal Celebrations Devin, You Rock

  44. jaxfrank

    He has the Mandelbrot set on his guitar. That is awesome

  45. A. V. F.


  46. Sound Logic

    This dude is incredible.

  47. CammedFox

    Please another Vai and Devy record with dueling guitars and even dueling vocals (Stevie can sing). I would sell every soul on Earth for it

  48. Avarice

    I don't think I know of any other performer and musician more entertaining than Devin Townsend. And then you have the fact he's SO FUCKING GOOD, technically, and creatively. he doesn't get 1/10th of the actual credit he deserves.

  49. Mister Sixtynine

    I know nothing of guitars, but christ that looks awesome (and really expensive)

  50. Nahuel Gomez

    Deadpool of metal

  51. Sean Smith

    This dude rips. I love his attitude.

  52. Lucifer

    Anyone found that he sounded like Hetfield during the first verse?

  53. Dan Windingstad

    I want MORE of that outtro riff, Maybe on a loop.... For 10 hours

  54. Артем Терещенко

    OMG!!! He is so PRO. This vocal is perfect!

  55. G'morkins

    Always loved the breakdown at the end of this song. Reminds me of something Amon Amarth would write haha.

  56. AwieKK80 cAwie

    Great!Salute!from KK Sabah,Malaysia🇲🇾🤘🏼🇲🇾

  57. Azer

    i wana take u to a GAY CLUB GAY CLUB GAY CLUB

  58. Mister Sixtynine

    If Static X and Slayer had a little prog metal baby...who grew to rock the balls off the entire world

  59. Meh Sugaaar

    super easy, barely an inconvenience

  60. psychotictactoe

    Kanye West "Im the best..." Devin "Hold my fucking beer loser....."

  61. Metathronos


  62. Captain Black

    Outstanding as always :)

  63. Rich Rich

    And ....without efects??

  64. Mattycakes

    What a absolute stud Devin Townsend is, Love this dude! Those screams though!!

  65. ulfingvar1

    Give this man a HUGE mug of the most perfect coffee the universe can conjure up. He deserves it..

  66. gggfx

    Sounds absolutely huge; you'd believe he was at a 100k venue concert haha Such a bold performance

  67. Janis Schmidt

    I dont know that Lord Voldemord plays metal 🤔😁 he rocks🤘

  68. ArkhOn

    He's Dev

  69. JerkFace FuckasaurusRex

    Dude, Devin Townsend told me I sounded awesome. I did it momma! 😭

  70. Liz

    Nothing like watching GOD doing what HE does best 🤘🖤🤘

  71. Ivan Švenobir

    Root of all evil + Now you ve got somethin to die for + vocals

  72. chris parker

    more like devin godsend

  73. Michel Nadim Doueihi Amasella

    Devin Enviapueblo hahahaha

  74. Homer Simpson

    Lamb of God outro!!!

  75. Captain Pie Fox

    3:02 devin becomes the chocolate guy from Spongebob.

    drew pearson


  76. C0RKY

    sooo.. if I was totally clueless but I had some songs and I wanted to play it with a setup like this (just me with a mic and a guitar), how does one play with the recording minus my mic and guitar? I guess you could render a version of each song without the vocals and guitar tracks?? I have no idea how people do it haha. Please help :D!

  77. John Stitt

    The intro 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. Focused on Song

    Why my pants is wet ?

  79. simo

    The opening Riff sounds like blood too hot by the scorpions

  80. Arne Korpen

    OMG, he's a fucking asshole.

  81. Ian


  82. Chris R

    Jesus isn't coming and he wants more!

  83. Skred 679

    I find Devin very inspiring because he's doing it solo dolo and sounds like a full band. I know he has great equipment but he's still killing it.


    Очень классно

  85. Martin Mowbray

    Why have I never heard of this guy until very recently ???? About 3 weeks ago actually. Since then have downloaded his albums and bought a few of his vinyl albums. Yes I am now a fan ..

  86. Keilan Hickson

    eat shit!! haha

  87. umbraheart1

    Well I guess saitama started a metal band....

  88. Um Homem Zangado

    I am very gay for this man.

  89. Rayne

    For the longest time I thought it was “Jesus is a cunt and he wants more”

  90. t00by00zer

    Fuckin awesome! Thanks Devy. That was heavy.

  91. Sir Wilhelm Steinway

    Loved the wanker sign after the solo lol

  92. The Dongers

    when they ask me if i want to supersize that 2:25

  93. Guitar Lessons LA


  94. Owen Edwards

    Come on EMGtv more Devin! 😀 get him back, Higher would be amazing to do.

  95. An drés

    0:12 new meme