Townsend, Devin - Lady Helen Lyrics

I awoke Iapetus
Sing for a while
All the roads reach out to you
Stay for a while
Now I breathe on
Save the work for the afternoon
It's true
I'll be there for the baby
I am

Now I have lost the appetite
Staying for a lie
All the roads that once were right
Stay the way
They are

Save the work till the afternoon
It's true
I'll be there for the baby
It's true
It's you
I'll always side with you

Till I fall

Eyes forward
Eyes forward
Eyes forward
Eyes forward
Eyes forward
Eyes forward
Eyes forward
Eyes forward

I awoke Iapetus
Saying you're alive
All the roads lead after you
Saying you're alive
Now I breathe on
Save the work till the afternoon
It's true
I'll be there for the baby

Eyes forward
Eyes forward
Eyes forward
Eyes forward

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Townsend, Devin Lady Helen Comments
  1. Julian Hansen

    Dave Young works as the perfect muse for Devin in this song and on this record, it was after all Dave Young who wrote the guitar theme of Terminal plus he plays all of this amazing organ/piano!

  2. DxtEppieDoe

    I hate how the song gets significantly louder after a cartain part. Since other video's of this song have the same thing, im guessing Devin did this on purpose. But its still kinda annoying

    Richard Marcum

    It's called dynamics. It is an artistic choice, and usually perceived as a good thing. Unfortunately, it is something often lost in the music of recent years.


    Richard Marcum
    I gathered as much. But the volume change is just too noticable. I have to actually lower the volume everytime I listen to the song which, changes my mood and is unfortunate for such a good song


    Which part exactly bothers you? Please provide a timestamp where it's most noticeable for you. I will compress the song for you give a download link for a "fixed" copy.

  3. MrAphex117

    One of his best tunes

  4. WeWantYouToStay

    Devin's most beautiful song for me

  5. meshugeah

    Dave Young´s piano on this one

    Robert Percy

    +meshugeah According to Dev's commentary the piano was actually owned by the person the song is named after, he wanted to have that piano on the recording for sentimental reasons.

    Fruitless Worship

    +Robert Percy I think he meant the playing but that's a very interesting tidbit of info thank you friend

  6. AsTheSeasonsGray

    the outro though...

  7. Iceland Fisher

    dream awayyyyyyyyyy...

  8. hrothgar64

    For my mother in law, Helen, who's dangerously ill in hospital. Get well soon, dear lady xxx



    How is she?


    Sadly, she passed away a week or so later. Thank you for asking.

    Stevie Wolfe

    My condolences :(

  9. Kevin Glaz

    Time will tell on that but hopefully if it happens it'll be while he's alive so he can bask in it. It seems the majority of people aren't, I don't know, intrapersonally diverse (and open) enough to really get or embrace (i.e. resonate with) the Devster - that's my biased take on it.

  10. Popcorn

    Devin's grandma's name was Helen.

  11. Daniel Mann

    Devin for life! He is the God of Sound :-)

  12. ILuvMacNchEeSe

    i'm so honored that i've been able to see him perform a few times. a true genius.

  13. Cole N.A.

    unfortunately, hes so underground in the music world i dont think he'll ever get famous, even after death :(

    Stevie Wolfe

    Honestly that sort of makes his music a little more purer than his more mainstream counterparts I feel.


    What do you mean? He's super famous... He doesn't air on the radio or on T.V. but most good music doesn't anyway... He is known all around the world and respected by a lot of musiciens. What more can one hope for?


    5 years later, i think he's done well so far. Transcendence really got him and the DTP cohorts noticed.

  14. Drummie365

    this comment right here applies to a shit ton of bands for me. I've realized i can't hate on the artists in the Top 40 charts there just lucky but more so the industry itself which is being run by a bunch of greedy and narrow minded bastards who only see dollar signs when they are looking for an artist to promote and shove down the general public's throats.

  15. Marco GM

    this guy is such a talented musician.. very underrated


    He's probably the most talented musician alive.

    Shark S.

    @alphaenemy I second that <3

  16. abdulla alkhodari

    So true...Almost cried.

  17. BorisVonMayra

    Yes, appealing to a larger audience than what you say "core" audience, might ruin a bands awesome sound by trying to change to something that they might not be familiar and comfortable with. But I guess elitists like their rare treats. :) My music preferences come from what sounds good, not what's popular and what is not.

    When you're making music the most important thing in my opinion is that you like what you produce and it's just bonus if someone else likes too.

  18. BorisVonMayra

    So if someone is popular it makes him/her less or more enjoyable. Popularity doesn't equal sucky music, it just sometimes makes weak people to do stuff that appeals more to the masses than what they're known to do. If Devin Townsend was more mainstream it wouldn't change a thing for me. The music he has done would still be the same awesome stuff it was before.

  19. fataxel

    devin for life

  20. darkbarrage99

    @tomatooverlord thats what I meant to say >.<

  21. Kurtis Bagley

    For all those who are wondering, the answer is yes. Devin Townsend is infact a God.

  22. TheOvermaster

    @saiben09 unfortunately - you almost need a good sound system to enjoy Devy in the highest regard - just so you can hear the different layers.

  23. Ben Saint-Onge

    You can have as many speakers as you want: 7.1, 13.3, subwoofers all over the room. Give me one decent speaker and a Devy album and I'll be the happiest man in the fucking world.

  24. Jake Gordy

    @darkbarrage99 wrong, open C ohmygodthsicommentisfromayearago

  25. aaronzvz

    Yeah, It's to bad the music world has been gotten so bland. Most bands out there are just parrot's copying the bands that get succsesful trying to make a buck. To many forget this is art not a means of making capitol. Devin is among the few musicians that do it for the art... Also check out WEEN!!!!

  26. Merry Waugh

    Pure excellence. Devin, you inspire me to do more than play fast and play heavy. Thanks for making me a better musician, and giving me something with heart AND musicianship to listen to.

  27. Jibb's Compilations

    My fav song on this cd

  28. darkbarrage99

    tune your guitar to c standard. tadaaaa

  29. Fenril99

    Asong that could get on the Ocean Machin's album. I think it speaks for itself.

  30. vonPickles

    this song gives me shivers

  31. Lorne Russell

    Devin Townsend reassures me that there are still incredibly talented musicians out in the world. The fact that this song is seamlessly followed by Ki makes it even more beautiful.

  32. Miloš Šikić

    A beautiful song indeed.

  33. Teutone must be from yesterday, the album's only been out for a couple of months

  34. casse72

    His music contains so many layers. I keep hearing more details everytime I listen to this number

    Simply amazing...

  35. Iflyjets

    that he doesnt have anymore :(

  36. Joel Kamps

    Great song. Great Album. Love ya Dev.