Townsend, Devin - Infinite Ocean Lyrics

You must be god embodied, stand tall

Stand tall

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Townsend, Devin Infinite Ocean Comments
  1. idream toomuch

    So so so beautiful. Thank you Devin Townsend

  2. Enzo Galli

    FANTASTICA.....BELLISSIMA!!! tenera, malinconica, soave e profondamente dentro l'anima.... dannatamente sublime!!!

    Giacomo Gatti

    Che bello... non sono l'unico italiano a conoscere e amare questa meraviglia

  3. destroyer of stupid

    Perfect meditation song. Or makes me feel like my soul has taken a shower

  4. dex1lsp

    The best anti-stress remedy ever created, hands down. Works incredibly well.

  5. kuningaskosmos

    Pure bliss.

  6. arithmeticum

    I gonna need a link to that image !!!

    All Beyond Epic

    Unfortunately we can't find the original artist. We hope someone will find this out soon! Here is the youtubelink to the image if you're interested in that:


    It's done by muddymelly dot deviantart dot com (should appear right on the first page), you'd be able to see her/his watermark if the image here wasn't cropped.

  7. kingLorshi

    This is a lovely song, so peaceful and calming.

    I'd love any link (course, so long as it's safe) for that picture. I think it doesn't fit as well as it could, but that's just me, it's still lovely.

  8. All Beyond Epic

    Woops, fixed now

  9. Fwingfwong

    Hate to be that guy, but the song is actually titled 'Infinite Ocean'

  10. All Beyond Epic

    You're welcome mate, spread the word!

  11. Goldroman22

    this is easily one of the best you ever put up....thankYOU!!!