Townsend, Devin - Epicloud Lyrics

Go and know the waterfall of time
Take a minute of your precious time
Glowing in radiant lines
Oceans of radiant lives, but you're mine
You're mine!

All the world is rolling on in time
Takes a toll on all our waiting minds
Go away until the planets are aligned?
Just go and take your moment till your fine
In time... it time!

Don't speak a word
Remember what you've heard
And all our life
All our life
Don't speak a word
Remember what you've heard and all

Go now with your falling crumbling vine
See now how the righteous closes open minds
Ah now, fall with them!
Because heaven know you'll try until you win

But try!
You might find

Heaven is the madness in our minds
Cause heaven isn't silent all the time

I'll be there waiting in line!

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Townsend, Devin Epicloud Comments
  1. Matthew Mitchell

    Shit just keeps kicking ass man

  2. Andreas De Jong

    Last year I saw a clip from a Dutch TV show called Beste Zangers on Youtube. A show where singers cover well-known or lesser known songs for the artist in the hotseat. Davina Michelle covered the song Duurt Te Lang (By Glen Faria) and made it to the top of the Dutch hitlists. I loved it.
    A couple of weeks ago I was reading the newspapers and saw that another Beste Zangers cover was trending. Henk Poort - Sound of Silence. I always loved the original Simon and Garfunkel song, and I knew that Henk Poort is an opera singer so my interest was piqued. I searched "Beste Zangers 2019" on Youtube, expecting to find Sound of Silence on top. To my surprise though it was a different (female) singer and her cover that was suggested to me first. I asked myself: "Who the hell is Floor Jansen?", but clicked it anyway. She sang so beautifully that I just had to hear more from her.
    I saw a comment on one of the video's that Floor Jansen, together with Sharon den Adel, Simone Simons and Anneke van Giersbergen are the "golden grail" of Dutch female singers. I knew Sharon den Adel as I always liked Within Temptation. I have a friend who is a Simone Simons fan, but I wasn't sure if Anneke van Giersbergen was from The Gathering or not.
    A simple Anneke van Giersbergen search command later I knew the answer, yes! I also saw some new work from her and man, for some reason I couldnt stop listening to her voice. I never knew she was such a great singer. Then I clicked a video called something like : "vocal coach reacts to Devin Townsend and Anneke van Giersbergen .....".

    Now I am here getting eargasms :-)

    Thank you Youtube!

    P.S. I asked one of my metalhead friends for some recommendations, but he told me that he doesn't listen to Devin Townsend as it is too "poppy" for his taste. He expects that I'd like the band Animals As Leaders though, so I will watch that as soon as I got my fill here hehe.

  3. simon larner

    Christ I love this album,,,,,,,,how on earth can anyone give it a thumbs down?? It's a slice of musical genius

  4. Евгений Заруднев

    Самый любимый альбом Дэвина!

  5. Edu M.

    Amazing album. It uplifts the fuck up of me. Is there any name for this style of music? It has so many different elements, from melodic metal to ghospel, wow.

  6. Raphael Ranieri

    Life Metal, bros and sis!

  7. Cynthia Morris

    I'm always excited by Devy's music!! Each movement is like a trip through a better time, sometimes just a different time, but time for this genius to be given more credit for his accomplishments all these years!!! Amazed every time I truly am. Thx Devin!!

  8. KG Games

    Best album in the universe

  9. Apathetic Apparition

    am i listening to the whole thing in one sitting?


    Brédier Guillaume

    there is no other way to enjoy a masterpiece ! I listen to this album like normies watch a movie haha

  10. teknical100

    Voted down by people with no sound on their computers.
    Or no ears.

    The Radium

    Or no computer

  11. Jason Hawken

    Started listening to this album right when my son was born. The beginning of True North (I love you, I need you, I've always been around you) brings chills every time and brings me right back to that crazy happy time.

  12. Swamper60

    This man never fails to amaze me....

  13. Vecxio

    For Cell Phone Users:

    01. Effervescent! 00:00
    02. True North 00:43
    03. Lucky Animals 04:36
    04. Liberation 07:57
    05. Where We Belong 11:17
    06. Save Our Now 15:50
    07. Kingdom 19:51
    08. Divine 25:20
    09. Grace 28:37
    10. More! 34:45
    11. Lessons 38:49
    12. Hold On 39:55
    13. Angel 45:55

    (This is a masterpiece)

    lucas santos

    not all hero wears a cloak

  14. Michael Textor

    Ein Wahnsinn, dieses Album. Die Musik ist genial. Ich liebe Devin...

  15. Cesar Urbani

    my god...i just finished listening to it for the very 1st time...what a record...Why devin isn't like the best rock artist of all time? such a great singer/composer/guitarist. Love from Argentina Devin!! please come some time.


    It is pretty great. I love all of Devins work, from DTP, to Strapping Young Lad. Ziltoid, Epicloud, The New Black. it's all good. Doesn't matter if he's being serious, silly, heartfelt, or just nerdy. He can make some epic music.

  16. Firwy

    "My child tells me we are the fallen men"

  17. Paul Galdi

    I wonder if his music has ever gotten mistaken for christian rock.

    alick swiden

    not if they've heard Juular!

    Ran Tan Toon

    and a lot of others as well. But I think he knew people would make that mistake with this one as he made a point to write that the music has no religious affiliation, which I was relieved to read. Damn is he good though. Pushes all the right buttons.

    E M

    I discovered him today and was JUST wondering that before I read this comment lol

  18. thefumigator

    22:38 best part

  19. Ricardo Paiva

    Anneke voice its just amazing !!
    This music give me joy and make me smile!!

  20. Eduardo Alejandro Nieto Márquez

    Can't hear Lucky Animals without thinking of this video

  21. Dave K

    How about Anneke? Wow, an Angel. These two pair perfectly on vocals, like the Angel and the Devil on Devy's Great music, still has its heavy moments and the insights of a madman are still being explored. This man basicall has shown us every facet of the human psych from a 1st person point of view over the years. The emotions, the anxieties, the excitement, the chaos, and his huge heart right out in the open for all to see and hear. Always made me feel not so alone listening to Devin. Thanks for upload.

  22. gastonjabaly

    Eww devin


    Shh bitch

  23. Sphynx 90

    This album has a very divine feeling to it. I love it

  24. Boris The Slav

    **I love you, I need you...** Not feeling that sad for a moment here

    Andras Braten

    I am, Anneke van Giersbergen will never tell that to me and mean it

    Boris The Slav

    I think that you have to take it realistically there even if it hurts... because really, there is a small chance of you two getting together... (Even though I would be happy for you l, if it ever happened ) And thinking realistically the other way, there are more of these girls here, dont be sad and keep your eyes open. I wish you the best dude.

    Fernando Artacho

    @Boris The Slav same feeling. This album is a masterpiece.

  25. George Clinton

    I used to listen to 'Liberation', 'Where We Belong', and 'Save Our Now' every night to start my walk home from work; then I'd skip to 'Grace' and 'More'. Perfect to completely forget all the frustrations.

    Bjorn Lakenstrazen skipped KINGDOM??

  26. spagetti001

    yes it's cheesy as fuck but it helps with my depression so shut the fuck up.

    Riccardo Wright

    as long as you go to therapy, perfect! If you don't, don't wait, seek help.
    but most of all remember this: they say that depression is merely biological, a malfunction of the brain. tha's not true. this reductionist approach will only make you feel chained to your brain, when you, like everyone, are more than that. depression has got its roots in the enviroment, in one's life and existence. we have te "luck" to live in the most toxic enviroment of the whole history. you can not live without going insane or surrender to being a soulless object - and THAT is insane. but also depression and aguish means that you not something wrong, but something DEEPLY and terribly right. Existence is nonsensical. nonetheless, as Nietzsche woul say, you need to learn to cry, to mourn, and to transform your cry in a song. stay strong

  27. Bryan Wadleigh Official

    Kinda reminds me if queen a bit

  28. Josh Stamper


  29. Mitter Nacht

    One of Devin's best overall albums.

    Bernardo Monteiro

    well, comparing it with the albuns that dev made before, Epicloud is weak. synchestra and the 4 dtp masterpieces (ki, deconstruction, addicted and ghost) are much better albuns then this. the irony is that even it´s worse than the others, still being epic as fuck


    @Bernardo Monteiro hehehe Deconstruction used to be my favorite Devin album but when I got into a long distance relationship this one became my favorite lol


    It's funny, because he was kind of worried about it as it was his first album after getting clean and it was nothing like what he'd made before. The man is no fraud musician. He can make excellent music out of anything.

  30. chris parker

    im typing for attention

    Amanda Laggan

    Here you go!

    Christian Koch

    I'm answering out of bordom.

    Dimo Markov

    don't forget to relax and hydrate

    A Kvam

    Im responding for attention

  31. Ilgaz Durukal

    Save our now and Kingdom one after the other is just pure magic

    neil macdonald

    Canada is the north America of Scotland aka they fear nothing like we do lol
    and yes I mean guns they for your dafties fight like a real man and carry some metal u weirdois ! now!!

    R'lyeh the Dead

    I know dude my friend. Pretty heavy hitters in this album

  32. Andrew G.

    This music just makes me happy. Really therapeutic to listen to. Such great atmosphere and energy. Just awesome.

    Der Antikrist Seelen Mord

    Just Dev :)

  33. hmmmmmmmmmmmism


  34. Mark Wildt

    Been looking for this album on here for over a year... Thanks for the upload!