Townsend, Devin - Disruptr Lyrics

I'm tired of waiting
I'm tired of fading
I'm sick of being depressed
Through all the failling
I'm synchopating
At least it's off my chest
You're kind of fading
Don't be a baby
I'm sick of being obsessed
Through all the mating
Master debating
God knows I'd settle for less

I come from the
Center of the universe
And I have no time time for these



Somebody get me alone
I need to feel it at home
I need a brain massage
Somebody get me a doctor, I ain't feeling ill
But I ain't feeling this at all... no...
I come from the
Center of the universe
And I have no time for these
Symptoms of your universe
I come from the
Master of the universe
And I have no time for these

So here's what it means to be, be a man about it
You don't forget the family, be a man
And so what if it kills you, oh be a man about it
Be a goddamn man, boy

Oh, be a man about it all

Let's go down to the beach
We'll see the moon

I come for thee, "master of the universe"
And I have no time for these
Symptoms of your universe
I come for thee, "center of the universe"
And I have no time for these
Symptoms of your universe
I come for the center of the universe
And I have no time for these distractions!

Slaving the way for the darks sons of the ion
The world... the world isn't safe... shut it

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Townsend, Devin Disruptr Comments
  1. Ketsa Official

    I got chills at the end when he broke into that opera type shit.

  2. Shit Multiverse

    Wait, i'm just thinking
    Can master debating be a pun for masturbating?


    10 years later!

  4. Megafayce


  5. Daniel Verberne

    Can anyone shed light on the meaning of the lyrics, if there is one?

    Shit Multiverse

    I thing it's about sex/masturbation addiction, at least in part


    @Shit Multiverse Nah, it's clearly about depression. You focused in on two lines, but the whole song quite clearly talks about depression. "I aint feeling ill, but I'm just not feeling this at all". What does that sound like? And please don't tell me you think it's about beating your meat so hard it goes numb

  6. The Acid Drip

    This is literally stand from Deconrstuction!

    Mitchel den Hartog

    Hahaha a bit more held back than Stand...maybe it should be called Sit.


    You know, I opened the comments at the beginning of the video, and was like "eh, not really but i see what you mean". But later, the "man, boy" verse reminded me in multiple ways at the same time. The lyrics definitely cannot be a coincidence, the rhythm and feel are very similar to certain sections, and the whole 0 to 100 buildup... Yeah, he definitely was referencing this song in Stand. Just like he referenced Numbered in Mighty Masturbator by straightup copying a whole verse. I feel like the entire Deconstruction album is an amalgamation of all his previous work, just to highlight its chaotic nature.

    Bakalaudia DL

    @LRed13 that's the point my friend! You get it

  7. Geddy Lees' Nose

    Kinda got a Melvins vibe

  8. ulfingvar1

    Sound like Porcupine Tree, and from me that's a complimemt, as I consider PT and Devin T to belong to a higher division of musical talent than virtually everybody else..


    Sounds a bit like Mike Patton - Faith No More - as the comment above to me. And I like Porcupine Tree and Faith No More. Would definitely include Mike Patton in that list. And certainly John Frusciante. And perhaps Todd Smith (of Dog Fashion Disco etc.). And DJ Krush. And System of a Down.

  9. Marcin N.

    This is so FNM-y.

  10. Ash Green

    As a metalhead with depression this song speaks to me <3


    No kidding, you nailed it why I searched out this track... I could put on some happy stuff but when I'm depressed I flat out don't wanna hear it. Ki as an album is mental medication, and this song is just abrasive enough to where it connects with me but it doesn't drive the negative emotions any deeper. Without it & a couple of the other early heavier tracks, the rest of the album wouldn't stick like it does.

  11. sugimura135

    The atmosphere is great in this tune

  12. AndroxineVortex


  13. darksorcerermusic

    sounds like Devy attempting to do a Mike Patten style intro vocals.

    Joseph Bastidas

    Both are vocal gods

  14. QuesoCFH

    Months ago I played this song on the touchtones jukebox at a bar when out with a group of people from work. For the first minute or so I heard a bunch of "is this the type of weird shit you really listen to?" type comments, midway through people started nodding their heads to the music, then by the end of the song they were asking me who the artist, song, and album are.

    So to those that say the song is boring or too long, I would never tell you your opinion is wrong, I just want to point out that the song (and album) are built in a purposeful and deliberate way to lead to a stronger climax. If it's not for you I understand, but to me the song is anything but boring. It's like sitting inside the eye of a storm watching all hell break loose around you and eventually consuming you.


    @QuesoCFH I enjoy the weird/different sound of this album. I normally like skipping ahead to interesting parts of songs but i actually enjoy listening to all of this song.

  15. Marc

    It's quite boring..he could easily have cut 2 and a half mins from this shit.


    @Marc Congratulations. You did something easy.


    @Marc Oh, you're a troll. I saw thekangarooboxer's comment, thinking it was just you two, but then I see that you're really just kinda fucking with more than one person.
    If that's how you get your kicks, who am I to judge?


    Anytime Bro!! :-)

    Mark W

    get a life loser

    Jorge Dibildox

    You just don’t get it, it’s ok kid.

  16. EisenhornM41

    In a word? HEAVY. God I love Devin.

  17. Diego H

    freaking awesome

  18. lkeaboy

    fits perfectly to me. Incredible track.

  19. MrLomasdezamora

    great lyric!!!