Townsend, Devin - Cry Forever Lyrics

So try out the ways to make amend
You hide away from lies
So you walked away, so you've made amends
You fly away

Only you will want to know your truth (and the lies)

Ooh, such triumphant ways to make the ends
Come together now
Yes we walked away, yes we made amends
But you'll never fly again

So you cry for all to see
So your heart's on fire
So you cry for all to see
You lie
Cry forever

So you cry for all to see
So your heart's on fire
So you cry for all to see
So your heart's on fire
So you cry for all to see
You lie
Cry forever
You lie
Cry forever

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Townsend, Devin Cry Forever Comments
  1. Ronaldo Thomé Júnior

    If Tony Martin had used gutural in Black Sabbath, this could be the result. Congrats, Devin, you're in the same level than Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins!

  2. Painkiller488 X

    btw...this is obviously 7 string Drop A tuning!!! dont lie!

  3. Painkiller488 X


  4. Rob Oosterom

    why did they remove epiclouder from spotify???

  5. Richard Foff

    the name of this song is very cringey..

  6. ganondorfchampin

    Shame this song was only a demo as it was the hardest rocking track from the album.

  7. Michael Bosse

    Where is "EPICLOUD" actually? It's the last song on the vinyl (and it's fanfanfantastic though).

    Matt Cooke

    I got it off some sketchy Russian/Eastern Euro site. It's the only place I found the track, which is just a really low quality MP3.

    Epicloud isn't as good as the rest of the album, or even similar. It's more like Devlab meets Casualties. It's nice to have for completion but I could do without it.

  8. spagetti001

    lol it really does sound like nightwish with marco singing

  9. Ziltoid TheOmniscient

    This reminds me a lot of later Norther actually. Those synths in the beginning probably put that thought in my head.

  10. J An

    This one reminds me of the song called "Fallout" on the upcoming Z2 record ! You can hear him sing some of that song on his official YouTube page

  11. Biyul


  12. metaleer1979x

    I don't have this on my Epicloud-er. :(


    It was an iTunes-exclusive track, sadly

  13. Asad Mohammed Fifa_Gamer101


  14. mudshark jones

    i can hear dio .

  15. ReptillianHighPriest

    This song made my dick rock solid.

  16. Almost Again

    That it is.

  17. gnoochie 666

    genius!!!! one person suck!

  18. I like v

    So true! :)

  19. ropcia

    Sound like Nightwish but I love it

  20. Pati Filth

    Fucking amazing!!!

  21. Mjolnirnephilim

    the first riff sound a little bit like "pursuit of vikings"

  22. Jaromir Bracki

    And even albums!

  23. AyZeD

    Agreed 100%, fuck apple, never owned iTunes, an ipod or an iphone. Gimme the Samsung galaxy, CDs, and a normal MP3 player anyday.

  24. Matt Booth

    I bought a physical album already... And I refuse to patron anything Apple

  25. Melchior

    Who said "a second time"? ôo

  26. Matt Booth

    A second time? From iTunes? No.

  27. Iflyjets


  28. mudshark jones

    amazing song .thanks

  29. Melchior

    Then buy this album! ;)

  30. Lynchpin2010

    Awesome song!

  31. DinosaurCoolguns


    This song is AWESOME! im sad i dont have it