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  1. nemzeti érzelmű fiatal

    So they wish for someone's death just because he has different views?

    bull dozer

    No, because he was a horrid, hateful man


    someone with a palestinian flag as his own avatar, should understand this kind of thing....

    Greg Valdez

    @vastowildbrothers yeah I was surprised

  2. xkumanekox

    so glad that old bigoted cunt has finally kicked the bucket.

  3. Mangotropolis

    Your prayers have been answered :P

  4. FxtDef7


  5. Gus Reyes

    DEAD. "we'd love to see you in the ground"

  6. chrissy_t


  7. Corina28

    i thiiink it's their old drummer, jeremy z

  8. VVORMWOOD____

    who does guest vocals? :(

  9. Dystopian Outlook

    completely disagree. nice try hipster.

  10. Tyler Gregory

    Hello dude from the past! I checked it and it's shit about oral sex or something like that. xD

  11. Brianna Dahl

    Fuck WBBC!

  12. MattInFullColour

    @NickKentucky You claim that you want hate destroyed in your original comment and then go on to say there are things worthy of it. I'm not saying this to try and question your intelligence I believe you are a smart guy but I'm confused on what I felt your original arguement was (getting rid of hate and ignorance) to where I feel it is now (science over religion, which I find true) but hating them for thinking differently just mirrors what they do to the scientific community.

  13. MattInFullColour

    @NickKentucky I'm not a religious person; however, hate is hate regardless of the direction. I'm a biology major I very much back science, logic, and reason, but those things don't give me the right to hate someone because they don't. Being open minded is more than rejecting the, for Americans, norms. It's about saying I wholeheartedly disagree with what you just said; but I respect your decision to feel that way. The only real downside of it is not letting their kids formulate an opinion,

  14. MattInFullColour

    @NickKentucky I read the lyrics to this song before hearing it and I have to agree that it is slightly more generic sounding than I had hoped for. And ignorance and hate need to be destroyed, not religion. Understanding is living together if someone believes in god that's their issue if you don't thats perfectly fine but if you put them down for it it's no different than them putting an agnostic or aethiest down for not believing.

  15. Robert

    @hunta99 very very generic, but then again who am i to say? i used to old school 90's hardcore

  16. Ryan Congilaro

    fuck religious institutions

  17. Andy Pandy858

    @StopSomething Stray from the Path - Damien
    It's not directly aimed towards them, though. More like aimed at anybody who takes religion this seriously.

  18. corporate_swine

    @lustxxlove What other bands have written about wbc?

    Greg Valdez

    BETWEEN THE Buried and me - The arsonist

  19. StopSomething

    @lustxxlove Gonna have to agree with you that this song's nothin too special, what are some of the other songs about the WBC though?

    Kevin O'Brien

    The Wonder Years - Dynamite Shovel