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Toto Love Has The Power Comments
  1. Jell Jochu

    Spreuken 18:10; Psalm 61:3

  2. Jimmy Gross

    I do have the Past To Present 1977-1990 album on CD

    80s Guy

    I have it on cassette ;-)

  3. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    This is a great song that I always loved. Very strong soul feeling and some smooth funk/rock in here too. I didn't know who the singer was it was Jean Michel Byron Toto's least popular lead singer.

  4. Euan o'Connor

    It's a shame Jean was such a dick head !! He caused so much shit

  5. Evonne77

    Ick. I don't like the song or this guy singing.

    Tran Flaske

    Then why are you here? It's like racists walking towards the race they don't like and say they don't like them

  6. myp0nytail

    a cool SONG to REMEMBER the PAST BANDS MATES OF....!! ............of TOTO

  7. Orddima Diaz

    Esta banda cuenta con grandes músicos y todos los vocalistas son sorprendentes.

  8. fredo72

    Great song

  9. César C.T.

    You can clearly hear how Toto were Michael Jackson's session musicians on the Thriller album.

    Jimmy Gross

    Steve Lukather did say that you can't pick up an album from the 1980's and find members of Toto on them

  10. Yudho Pe

    d'apres moi, il reste que le son de Toto, particulierement sa musique...

  11. Dave Mercado

    This is that transition between great groups and the industry telling them that they had to go with the new sound. The early 80's into the mid to late 80's. after 83' mostly trash. It's too bad because these groups didn't need to change anything. But, they all did.

    Cool Cat

    I disagree. I don't think there's anything trashy about this or anything else Toto did after '83. As a matter of fact, some of their very best songs/albums were post Toto 4.

    Dave Mercado

    You cannot deny that great bands like Toto and so many others were pressed by the industry to update their sound and move towards the new technology movement. There is a sweet spot as the early 80's slowly crept into this sound. I didn't like it then and looking back and listening now it is obvious. Horrible. I'm saying I wish they didn't do it. I'm not saying lyrically or vocally mostly the music production. It's gross. Hall & Oats great group, crap mid 80's music. Heart, Journey, EW&F, Chicago. All the electronic drums and keyboards! uugh!! Sorry not sorry.

    Cool Cat

    I'm sure their record companies sometimes did pressure them but i'm also pretty sure that these groups were smart enuff to realize that they had to change with the times or they would all be left behind. As good as Toto or Hall & Oates are, they would've never had the kind of staying power that they've had unless they had adapted their technology & sound. I'm not saying it always works but many times it does. It certanly did with those 2 groups as most of their best & successful work was done during the 80's. Having said that, it really comes down to personal taste & what era you grew up in. If you are middle aged or older, you're probably gonna prefer their 70's material. But, if you're in your 40's (like me) or younger, you'll likely prefer the 80's. One man's horrible music is another man's treasure.

    Mr. Bonkles

    Dave I agree. I think the stuff between 85 and 90 sounds flat and washed-out. Overly processed and lacking warmth.

    John Coctostan

    This is actually a good and catchy song. But, man, it's not Toto.

  12. Eric Ravn-Fischer

    Toto is best



  14. Ampoly

    It's a cool song, but doesn't sound like Toto at all...

    The Serious Thomas Collector

    Hearing this live is more like Toto then listing to this song on the album.


    5:53 Starts to sound like Toto at this point

    Snezana Jovovoc

    Ampoly because of the lead vocalist...not a Toto sound...

    Rich Gonzales

    The beauty and brains of Toto is that their sound, like their talent, is all over the map!!
    They are a musician’s band and it’s difficult for the untrained ear to even begin to understand their depth and creativity. The average, casual listener is at a total loss when it comes to appreciating both the complexity and the simplicity of their musical chemistry. That said, I would encourage anyone to listen and become acquainted with the diversity of their music and talent; especially their albums from Fahrenheit through Toto XIV. You may be very surprised at what you’ve been missing.

    Cody Jackson

    Ampoly defanatly sounds like jeff on drums and steve on gat..

  15. Ralf Rosin

    Toto ist einfach nur gut. Schade das die Herren und Damen schon älter sind. Hoffe die spielen noch lange.

  16. Svelte Craft

    Who says Rock is dead? No-one in this morgue, that's for sure!

  17. promisedeyes

    It's too bad that Jean Michel Byron was such a diva and jerk to the other band members, because as a singer and songwriter he was just fine. In some parallel universe, he could have remained as a co-vocalist for years alongside Steve Lukather.

    Vandie Kosik

    JMB was mediocre. Steve should have always been lead vocalist. He had the talent, he had the voice.

    Cool Cat

    Nah. I disagree. Steve is a fine singer but he's not a true lead vocalist like Bobby, Joseph & the late Fergie were. So i'm glad they hired a dedicated singer.

    Sean F. Merrigan

    JMB was more fit for this type of r n b track; he almost sounds like Babyface here..clearly Like couldn't argue that..and I suspect maybe even some envy or threat Luke felt at that time.

    John Cougar

    promisedeyes Ha! Jerk to the other guys? I just read it was the other way 'round! Reading "The Gospel According To Luke" ...

  18. myp0nytail we go baby!!!   turn it LOUD!!!.......................lets dance!!!

    Svelte Craft

    @myp0nytail Plug in an HDMI cable into your computer and into your T.V.... FULL BLAST BABY!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

  19. Yudho Pe

    a good song.. but Jean Michel Byron in vocal was not good enough I think..


    nah he decided that TOTO was going tobe backing him up ,that finished him

    R S

    Byron was good on his songs (his way of singing was like Georges Michael). But Byron sucks on the rock songs of TOTO !

  20. CloudsBeyond

    Rubbish cheesy song compare to Toto's best work. 

  21. bentley585

    very, very good

  22. Sharon Townsend

    big fan of toto

  23. Nico Contreras

    MOney has the power, specially in dollars, you can buy more than aaa heart ....Yeeseeeeeeeesss!

  24. Johnny Nielsen

    Love Has The Power ????

    Snezana Jovovoc

    Johnny Nielsen weak.... IMO.. doesn't do much for me..

  25. Jeff Krong

    This song is totally underrated and I love it. It's simple, but it has hidden magic in it and every refrain sounds significantly different.

  26. Tiza

    Love has the power, Animal and Can you hear what I'm saying are the only few reasons to buy the Past to Present compilation... In fact, i bought it just for those songs (and because it was the only album of Toto being sold in my city...)

  27. Viola Salao

    really love this song, and i never get tired listening to it repeatedly....

  28. Takako Marr

    I missed listening to TOTO!

  29. Robi

    Toto <3