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Toto Hash Pipe Comments
  1. sd1333

    I don't understand. What band is performing?

  2. George Gilbeau

    I was there, what a great night!

  3. Sick Boy

    As a fan of Weezer, Toto did a great job covering this song!

  4. I Dunno

    awesome . . love the screams at the end

  5. Jakob Nowell

    Jamás me lo imaginé de estos caballeros.👏👏👏

    Jhonathan Morales

    Pedazos de musicos estos señores 👌🏼

  6. Storm bare

    wow very well done parody and the singer is rigt we were smoking hash before they were born and l do like weezer seether korn etc... plus my era l'm 67 and still playing the c....

  7. D Aiken

    I know that Joe kinda blew his vocals out around the late 80s, but good God, Joseph is back and it's so great to hear him!! As much as you have to love the foundation of TOTO, Joe was the coolest lead!

  8. RazberX

    Wow this sounds better than the original !!

  9. Jeffrey Jones

    Mad fucking props to Joseph Williams for taking this song and going to 11 with it.

  10. Matt Goodwin

    This kicks ASS

  11. Lisa Jennings

    This is the second best day in Weezer's life

  12. paulerxx

    This was great!

  13. bigdaddy496

    This has to be the coolest thing I have seen

  14. James C

    Is that Bobby Kimball on vocals?

  15. 420protoman

    smokin hash before they were born lol nice one

  16. Sturmtruppen_Bob

    "We were smoking has before these kids were born." Yea dude Rivers is like only 10nyears you ger than you lmao

  17. fabio dominguez schubert

    Toteezer is real

  18. Mark Grinshpun

    Is Bobby Kimball doing lead vocals?

  19. Michael Smith

    This is EPIC

  20. yoshiaki tamura


  21. Lincoln Osiris

    Love it. Yes, a Weezer/Toto tour would be great.

  22. Carmelo Porfiri

    Where is David?


    What a disappointment. I thought I was going to hear Hash Pipe in the classic style of Toto. This crap here is more like watching a cheap cover band.

  24. Jordi Danen

    Perfectly balanced, like all things should be

  25. Matt Blatchley

    a little prog-flavored hash pipe, nice...

  26. Alva Stewart

    What happened to David Paitch?

  27. Jonathan2342

    I feel this song wasn’t given half the attention it deserved.

  28. Joseph Lo

    Lukather's solo. And just tone in general - wow.

  29. Ethan Lowry

    Anyone smoking hash while listening to that

  30. James Scobie

    Oh my dear Lukather - that lick from 2:55 to 2:58. I don't even know what to say. That's just... agh, words fail

  31. Alar1115

    Haha they did great! Shout outs to Toto and Weezer!

  32. Jeffrey Ocaya

    Now I've seen everything!

  33. mike coy

    Better than weezer!

  34. Ant Smash

    holy shit first time seeing this, toto kills it in this version!

    I still bless the rains down in Africa tho...

  35. Brian Turnbough

    Didn't know I needed this.

  36. The jerky shack

    toto hash pipe 90000000000 times better than weezer africa and i love weezer

  37. James Bond

    this actually sounds pretty damn good !!!!!!!! better than weezer ruining classic toto songs.

  38. Michael Mireles

    Well played, well played...

  39. Chris Cornelius

    They are so tight and I don't mean that in a slang way. Their performance is nearly spot on, with nuances of Toto while covering a great song.

  40. Wagner

    sensacional .

  41. Josh Nathanson

    To me this sounds a bit too professional and polished. I like the slight sloppiness of Weezer for this song.

  42. come as you are

    wow! this is an awesome cover!

  43. heorldofrock

    I was not expecting this at all and didnt even know Toto was still touring but hot damn this is a good cover, its weird hearing Toto do some heavy, if you can consider Weezer heavy, shit and pull it off.

  44. Luke Starkiller

    Whoever is mixing front of house is incredible.

  45. MrErichonda30

    Should teach memes in school

  46. Bryan Austin


  47. Kent Houseman

    I like both bands and liked both covers but prefer the original of each. The days of fans having rock bands compete should be over.

    There are fewer and fewer rock bands as time goes by. if the form is to remain alive then listen and explore the bands.

    If rock had a renaissance and dominated the air waves again, ok have it. But until then, rock fans need to stick together.

  48. Andy Santandreu

    they sound 30 years younger

  49. Road Dog

    Good to see professionals do it right after watching a junior high band train wreck Africa.

  50. legasiguy

    Toto, should have done a formal video for this! lolol

  51. Ar Con

    I fucking love this. Well done!

  52. Rider of A Pale Horse

    I like this... Is it on Napster?

  53. Gilberto Colafabio

    David paich. ?

  54. Yamada-san

    I thought for sure they were going to cover Island in the Sun or Undone when I heard about this cover swap between Toto and Weezer. Bold choice picking Hashpipe and they they did a good job with it. Likewise Weezer did a good job with Africa as well.

  55. Gilberto Colafabio

    Incredibile la più grande band al mondo li ho visti dal vivo almeno 10 volte e l'anno prossimo se dio vuole tornerò a vederli ho visto molti live gruppi internazionali dal vivo Genesis yes roger Waters vi assicuro che tecnicamente i toto dal vivo sono qualcosa di incredibile

  56. Omar Muñoz Castorena

    but Why? i don´t have an idea why these bands know each other. This is more random than my grandma´s surprise weeding from last year

  57. Michael Baptista

    I just came here to say that Pinkerton is The Truth.

  58. Nathan Lott

    I really like the change up they did for the solo part

  59. Sophie T

    I've got a fever and the only cure is more Yankovic.
    Let's see Toto make a video of this with Al!

  60. John Doe

    Wow!!! Really, really good!

  61. Andrew Smith

    Huh... Not bad. Seriously.. Never watched a toto video. These guys seem pretty talented though. Nice job fellas!


    So talented Andrew. The most killer rock show you will see. Check 'em out!

  62. TheOnlyRealJohn

    This was actually amazing.

  63. snowe


  64. D P

    I’m liking this trend of bands covering each others hits.......really cool. Different.

  65. The Norchos

    separated..... only at birth

  66. Ryder Eckhardt

    Pretty good, but needs a little more Weird Al.

  67. TheDefeatest

    You have to grunt in the beginning!

  68. stuntwill

    They KILLED it with their own version of the bridge of the song. Awesome work, Toto.

  69. edjo487



    Holy shit this is great

  71. Mrr1111

    David Paich sit this show out?

  72. Simon Davidson

    Where's the big guy who sings Africa?

  73. Samsonite

    That's Bobby Kimball on vocals!.


    Joe Williams.

  74. Taryn Morvillo

    I LOVE that they picked Hash Pipe... That crunchy guitar riff and the oh so 90s references to big jeans it's fukkin awesomeness. Make this the next trend in music... Please...

  75. LostMyBoner

    Gotta dis Weezer before playing, ok geeezers.

  76. Sports Fab

    Good sports

  77. scottbaylo

    Wow, that’s really awesome! It sounds better than weezer doing it... please don’t hurt me.

  78. John LaFrance

    Wrong key.

  79. StLMoWeathershare

    Weezer covered Toto. Toto covered Weezer. They should combine both bands and do a tour. They could call it "Tweezer".

  80. Kurtis Van Dieen


  81. RangerHunter

    Just think that if it wasn't for that fan who kept tweeting to Weezer to cover Africa we wouldn't have Toto's cover of Hash Pipe. I'm actually jelious of that fan now.

  82. Richard Sabo

    This is a new way to apply an old music industry formula. Toto and Weezer have found the sweet spot!

  83. Chuck M

    Sounds tight!

  84. f4ll3ns3r4ph1m

    Toto please do a cover of Island in the Sun!

  85. Victor DeMarco

    At least Weezer did a respectable cover, this isn't good at all.

  86. OldSamVimes

    MRC Was here! MRC FOREVER YO!!!!!

  87. IABI TV

    While Weezer were busy blessing the rains down in Africa, Toto meanwhile got themselves a hash pipe <3

    Ah, what a glorious payback. I wish more bands did this!

  88. ZIG4ZAG20

    If either one of them do anything by Rush, and it’s as good as their covers of each other, I’ll be sure to get tickets for each ones show when they come around!🤘🖖👍👌🎸🥁🎼🎧🎤🎺🎷🎻🎹🍻🥂🍾

  89. enigmamz

    Eh. Acceptable. I would like to hear what they came up with working out of a studio.


    It's on youtube too.

  90. Chris Wright

    which venue is this -- The Vogue?

    edit: 1850-seat The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts, designed by Moshe Safdie (who also created the Vancouver Public Library that sits across the street) was built by Live Entertainment of Canada Inc. (Livent) in 1995 at a cost of about $27 million and opened with much fanfare with Show Boat. 777 Homer Street, a quarter-mile northwest of BC Place. Usually houses the Westside Church.

  91. Xander The Gamer

    "I've got my ass wide!!"

  92. the grapist

    i like the arrangement, i actually prefer the song in this key to the original, kind of gives it a darker atmosphere, given the song's lyrical nature, it fits right in.

  93. Jimmy Lewis

    This version kicks ASS!!!!

  94. Vince Giambattista

    love the arrangement change up's...they actually made it more musical sounding..props!

  95. 15inchenergy

    the circle of life

  96. Smatt78

    This one isn’t as good because they didn’t have Weird Al.