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Toto Can You Hear What I'm Saying Comments
  1. santodeathena21

    He buscado esta canción por años

  2. Isaque Bezerra

    musica bem trabalhada !!! Baixista é o melhor o arranjo da introdução e os slaps ficaram legal !!! instrumental bem trabalhado !!! toto uma das melhores bandas dos anos 80 !!!

  3. the lion of Judah

    excellent musicienship

  4. Resty Concepcion Jr.

    Jean is I think the rightful frontman for Toto. So what if he dances, Robert Plant and Mick Jagger dance much more haha. Like if you agree

  5. nick samardge

    Always liked this song even though it wasn't done by Williams or Kimball. "Out of Love " was another one by Byron. Just shows the transformation Toto went through over the years.

  6. Dark Kevin Du 69

    This beginning with Jeff octobans and Mike Porcaro... 👏

  7. catherine nasic

    Oui.. Zénith Paris 18 décembre 1990 bien sur que j 'y était... Je te très triste!!!! et un peux contente... Je désiré juste montre à mon EX époux, de la bonne musique ... Il était dengue quant il à entendu, la perfection de Jeff...Lucke Mike Dev... Et moi je était ravi q'enfin il a admis que il à fait la connaissances des meilleur, musiciens de l'univers....!!!!! Quant à moi, je pas vraiment trouve, les Guys on très bon accord..... # je senti que manque de la chaleur dans le GROUP'S....!!!!

  8. imweb

    The songs on Past To Present, not a disappointment at all! Luke sounding awesome.

  9. Diego Russy

    Who's that vocalist ?


    His name is Jean-Michel Byron

  10. erfin triharkatani

    i wannna lirics

  11. Melanie L.

    As shit as Byron was, Mike and Jeff laid down a grove for the ages with Page doing some keyboard lines and Luke showing how great he was, that song with a sober Joseph would've been amazing

  12. Darren Conrad

    Lukather absolutely despised this guy. Read his book, "The Gospel According to Luke".

  13. Oswaldo Escobedo

    Que. Cancion. Mas. Aburrida

  14. Dark MII

    This song is Bad

  15. Flora May Padogdog - Alfanta

    SEPTEMBER 10, 2019? :D


    bon titre

  17. Marie Christine GLaunec

    Love TOTO Forever 💕💖😎👍

  18. Adriən Evangelista

    M I C H A E L P O R C A R O ! ! !

  19. Google Google

    Very gay.....the world is beschissen, Elvis the pelvis! Fun for the insane amis! Off limits! Only!

  20. Cesar López

    TOTO... 👌😎🇲🇽🎶

  21. Rahmat Hidayat

    very good bass



  23. Eduardo García

    esta canción es mi droga tiene un ritmo muy adictivo tenia que ser una de la mejores bandas de rock " toto" ;)

  24. thisisdaniel2000

    Rock and roll Hall of Fame NOW!

  25. Stefan Ossenkop

    Would like to hear it live again - it´s a good song!

  26. Marc B. *

    I love Steve’s singing at 3:36 before the outro guitar solo....👍

  27. Ignacio Campero

    Dislike Byron - like Toto

  28. Luh Gomes

    Sou apaixonada por esse cabelo,essa voz❤️😏 Love You Toto

  29. Jon Dowling

    He looks like a milli vanilli lookalike!

  30. Dody Widodo

    Why is this song removed from spotify ? It’s so depressing

  31. lorella Ferrarese

    Unforgettable love....

  32. Fabio Sun

    Byron was really an amazing showman, i've never understanded why Lukather hated him so much..

  33. Judith Johnson

    This is a beautiful song! I am grateful to hear it for the first time! Thank you!! Love to the Earth!

  34. eat all now save none 4 later

    Just found this video, but loved the song for years! Love the bass in this song!!! One of my favorite blue eyed soul bands.

  35. Hartaty Sirait

    The dance is so awful, but the best thing about this MV is the music just so awesome. And while y'all guys were talking about the backup singer, I just want to say Jeff is so freaking sexy here and Steve is as adorable as a puppy. 😅

  36. jenny Jenny

    💎Shit that Bass..💎the💎 Beat💎 is so African. 💎Soukous💎...💎Toto Forever🎉MaMaMaYo💎

  37. Andréa Bodart

    Jean Michel Byron is a sexy man!

    beaky 317

    Andréa Bodart Steve Lukather is sexier ... 🔥😆

  38. maggy vargas

    Jeff I love you 😪

  39. Kashenor

    Look at the technique play of Lukather! His right hand is very loose, his wrist don't put on the body of guitar. That's why this music has so energy. The strings are struck with high power. Nice!

  40. Fernando Lopez

    Que delicia de tema ese de TOTO de la bandas mas grandes del Rock and Roll !

  41. Jimmy Gross

    I'm glad I have the Past To Present 1977-1990 album on CD

  42. HagbardCeline42

    My favorite of the "Byron" songs.

  43. Jaime Castro

    Las últimas palabras de la letra...!

  44. yani cromwell

    Mike my man

  45. Jorge Rodriguez

    Don't get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE Toto, but did anyone else think Milli Vanilli guy ? 🤔

  46. Hervé 76

    I understand why this singer was fired...

  47. Raúl Gómez

    No hay como ToTo anterior al 90 creo que despues la muerte del baterista se acabo la magia nunca más se crearon temas clásicos.

    Gaspar Martin

    De acuedo con tu comentario. Jeff porcaro marcaba la diferencia

    Antonio B.

    Philips fue un gran sucesor, pero la magia de Paich y Jeff era única, hicieron grandes composiciones

  48. daniel mandacan

    Can u hear 2019

  49. patrick abalos

    What's the singer name?

    Valeria Mora

    Jean-Michel Byron

  50. J Rush

    Toto should re-record this with Joseph Williams now, would love to see how it would turn out.

    Carlos Cornejo

    J Rush Imposible, are you sure want to hear this song with out Porcaro brothers?

  51. john seven


  52. Raytwo Alam


  53. Jose Muala

    one of my best songs by Toto. the truth we live.

  54. Robert Sánchez

    Esta canción es magia pura

  55. megadezzies cat cat

    Feb. 2019!!! ✌

  56. mauser 66

    Toto at their finest.

  57. Fernando Sanchez

    Si tocaran y cantarán para Dios...sería perfectos. Saludos a todos los que gozan con estos maravillosos músicos, a los que están y a los que están por allá". Toto lo mejor de lo mejor!!

  58. Dmitri Smirnov

    Very beautiful song, I love it. The best vocalist / singer in the history of TOTO was Bobby Kimball without a doubt !!!!!Muy bella cancion, me encanta. El mejor vocalista/cantante de la historia de TOTO fue Bobby Kimball sin ninguna duda!!!!!

    Antonio B.

    I agree
    Estoy de acuerdo

  59. mark vitreras vitreras

    Who in 2019?????

  60. Muhammad Indra

    Legend...i love this song.....

  61. Joi Williams

    Yesssss.Toto eany of my favorite bands..

  62. Luca Salo

    Byron reminds me Michael Jackson

  63. Anna Magaña


  64. yoshimitsu72

    Mike, you are in my heart....

  65. Luh Gomes


  66. patrick abalos

    😍😍 2018 nov

  67. Loreleii Sherriie Elliiott

    Donde quiera que esten Jeff & Mike, dejaron un legado imborrable y magico; siempre se les extrañara y siempre estarán en nuestros corazones 💋😘❤

    Carlos Cornejo

    Loreleii Sherriie Elliiott hermoso comentario. El nacimiento bandas con personas tan virtuosos solo ocurre una vez en la vida, solo queda agradecerles eternamente por su música!!!

    Loreleii Sherriie Elliiott

    @Carlos Cornejo Claro que si, al final solo nos queda recordarlos y seguir disfrutando su musica; asi nunca moriran ❤


    ¡Tengo serios problemas!. Escucho a gente muerta. Toto super genios de la música

  68. Luke 77

    Geez Toto pumped out a lot of shit! I used to really love this band, but as my taste broaden, I’ve learnt that Toto’ despite top class studio kudos, their biggest problem was; no good frontmen, shithouse song writers and they became far too boring!

  69. Carmen Cañete


  70. タカノブスタンダードピアノ弾き語り歌手

    Great Song.

  71. Dave Moishe

    Good lead singer, but not for toto. He is no way a rock singer.

  72. Reitia

    reminds me the good nights with rock tv.

  73. alexandre do Nacimento

    ghj fi hoy

  74. Jessica Alejandra Soto Bolivar

    Los Toto son maravillosos todos en especial Steve lukather los amo a todos son lo mejor 🇨🇱😀😀😀😀😀

  75. Indra Budiman

    Demen sajan nok

  76. f688xt6

    Jean-Michel Byron had a decent voice, but was not a good fit for the band. After reading Steve Lukather's book, it seems to make more sense even watching this video.


    yeah, he was a real tool
    on a side note, love that fucking book, definitely gonna re-read it over the summer

  77. the lion of Judah

    such a awesome rhythm and melody …..

  78. Magaly Tinoco

    Lovely song, I love this harmony and chords sequence, thanks David Paich.

  79. João Paulo

    Essa musica é linda sempre escuto ela! E eu gosto de ver o clipe pelas 2 gatinhas que aparece nas imagens!!!

  80. Alejandro Rodriguez Gutierrez

    He could be the best singer

  81. Emil Ramirez

    One of the three songs recorded with Jean Michel Byron...not much but great songs anyway. He was great, just not the one for Toto after Bobby Kimbal and Joseph Williams.

  82. breezinbyyou2

    I remember going to different studios as a musician and seeing Jean-Michel's signature and then Jean-Marie. Back then women couldn't get him to stick around, but he fell hard for her. This woman was a world class beauty. So many musicians fell for her, even wanted to marry her, but she wasn't one you could keep around long. I saw them both at that club at the end of Sunset, and that actor Ese Morales was in awe of her. I saw him just staring at her, and I thought dude, forget it. She'd walk into Record One and everyone would go quiet because aside from her beauty, she had something that silenced people. She made rooms go quiet. Back to this Jean-Michel Byron, he's talented, with a great voice, but he's just so wrong for Toto. Toto is a band, a BAND, not a voice. Nothing against him.


    Very true. He was a great singer, but a bad choice for them. Lukather talks about the ordeal in great detail in his book

    john seven

    sorry, but who is jean-marie??

    J Rush

    Jean marie I think was the name of the blonde backup singer.

  83. BloodStained Floor

    Jesus I'm glad they fired this flaming singer idiot. Jesus Christ gimme Bobby Kimball!!!

    yani cromwell

    He is not man enough for Toto

  84. Rebecca T.

    They fired Williams for THIS?

  85. Maiara Santos

    Groove master Mike Porcaro 💙

    alexandre do Nacimento

    Maiara Santos oi

    Maiara Santos

    @alexandre do Nacimento Olá

  86. Aprilliza Chaniago

    finally , i found this vidio. i remember when i was kid, i saw this vidio on tv. i remembering a man with curly hair and dancing so energic 😀... thank u for apload this video...

  87. faisal yahya

    masterpiece of pop..

  88. Carmen Blachere


  89. Valentena Upton

    Kickin' baseline

  90. Carlos

    It's mindblowing how a band can be so consistently good. I'm a newcomer to their music but I'm grateful for finding them, better late than never. It's unfair to other bands, though. 'Cause they set the bar so high!

  91. Geoff Dodd

    Mike Porcaro's bass line and 'slap' style in this track? What do you fellow muso's reckon?? Delicious bass styles...... Wow!!

  92. James Leasure

    Does anyone know if that is Jeff Porcaro (Beat Master/ Beat of The 80's) on the drums?

  93. Fabrizio Fantin

    Il basso e' bellissimo, la voce e la chitarra alla fine urla

  94. Luis Feliciano

    something's wrong with that video. That song was recorded by Joseph Williams. From the album "The Seventh One"

  95. Kathryn Clarke

    Umm y’all need to put this song back on Spotify lol

  96. Marco Mazzucco

    jmb and Toto - a pitty that this constallation didn't work. He's a great Singer anyway and they had some good Songs with him. He wasn't Lukather's Choice I heard - Donno what the other members thought 'bout him. I think he wasn't so much a mistake but a try to change Face and sound opening to the 90's - but I didn't liked his Style and movings so much. Thought he could be a little sister of Tia Careere (sorry that was evil hahaha) lol :-)

  97. ghettoqueenpapaya

    Jeff is so sexy there... God i miss him.