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Toro Y Moi Good Hold Comments
  1. Adam Marquez

    This song is beautiful and sad 😢


    this whole album is very genuine

    Adam Marquez

    Genuine and honest
    Down to earth 🌍

  3. Holland Ali

    Sounds like he's summoning some bloodbourne demons

  4. Cameron Troupe

    That effect from channel to channel, it feels like the music is inside me, crawling down my back. At one point I feel that same feeling when a rollercoaster suddenly descends or accelerates. But in my lower left back and I've never experienced anything like that from any other song. I wish more artist toyed with these kinds of effects and if anyone knows anyone who does please point me in the right direction.

  5. Jonatan Ayala


  6. Racso Hurnandez

    This song requires headphones.. Only then, will you feel the full effect.

    Patrick T

    I just came here to say that. What an experience. Whatever he did there towards the middle-end of the song is masterful.

  7. zachary leuschner

    it's Eno's 'On Some Faraway Beach' + Seger's 'Still the Same' coming thru on the keys

    Adam Marquez

    What do I mean

  8. Kurse Bludwulf

    This song tickles my ears.

  9. nicksly.

    shit reminds me of high school graduation

  10. Nick Romero

    What genre of music would this be considered as?


    Maybe Indie Pop ?

    Elias Rosales


  11. Juno Callow

    Anyone else get ASMR?

  12. MrTohkyo

    Definitely listening to this while on shrooms


    Man... A lot of cool shit happened with Toro y Moi playing in the background. And those times are gone... Good times are killing me.

    Jade Ashley

    Feel you man.

  14. na0mid0gg

    the first time I heard this song I was reading a book and wearing headphones.  had to stop mid sentence to take in this how it flows from earbud to earbud. 

    eric drewes

    i thought i was having a stroke


    music induced stroke. I mean that in the best possible way.

    eric drewes

    totally!  loved it

    Ryan Ayers

    Holy shit. That is literally just the experience I had just now. wow. Glad someone can relate to how awesome of an experience that was

  15. Daniel Edwards

    shit is so fucking trippy,  i love it

  16. AeonAway

    oh the pain from the left... interesting

  17. WhosTomLe


  18. v pang

    so trippy

  19. Stephen Adkisson

    tyler the creator brought me here...

  20. roshistarpupil

    my ears came

  21. Led Pencil

    finger bangin music.

  22. Ben Dover

    zoot music

  23. M3TR01D58

    Can somebody please give me a link to where I can find the piano music sheet? I can't find it ...

  24. M3TR01D58

    You should do it while you can, don't let it go, don't let it go, you should hold her while you can, don't let her go, don't her go.....

  25. Trip Pony


  26. sfdsdfdfs

    The first time I heard that bit near the end.. I smiled so big. The feeling is unreal.

  27. Nicole Dunlap

    this has to be one of the most beautiful things i've ever heard in my life. i need names of songs that sound like this... close to this at least.

  28. Fèlix

    The world is an odd place, see the irony in that lololol

  29. nick ramirez

    what is that sound effect called at like 1:34???

  30. M Brown

    @jamesmilne420 I love that feeling when bands and artist do that, damn, it got me hooked!

  31. katinkers

    @villarealian its funny because that's the people that listen to this.. & that's what they say..

  32. breekwhal

    the beginning. artistry, dudes.

  33. Fèlix

    @villarealian NO LIFE? BAHAHAA Seriously? lmao Bro you're too chill let me add you on facebook lol

  34. James Milne

    From 1:37 to 1:54 made me feel like my ears were plugged...

  35. Kev

    I seriously freaked out at ~1:34

  36. GrizzlyFist

    was cool.

  37. retartist medication comics

    yea hes part filipino

  38. KereSerene

    @chuuxorz black sounding muisc huh... your a dumbass


    favorite song from the album.

  40. unknowndoko

    I thought that a black person would make black-sounding music. I swear the dude was white.

  41. banjojamur

    I think I just got sucked into my speakers, seriously redonk w/ head phones. Eargasm.