Tori Amos - Miracle Lyrics

Okay what if I could hold on, but then
Would nightmares turn back into dreams once again?
Would Lady Luck say this game has no end?
But dawn does not rise to darkness
Hold on, break your fall

I cry, "Miracle, Miracle"
But she's run from all the judges in her favourite dress
I cry, "Miracle, Miracle"
I could have used one today
"No, Miracle, Miracle"
God, I hope she's not gone far
'Cause, boys, not many D.J.s can make you a star

I look to the children, they shrug, "Don't ask us
Hope was yours to protect till we grow up"
I asked a cowboy, "Can you save the day?"
He said, "If I had me a few braves as I'm too late"

I cry, "Miracle, Miracle"
But she's run from all the judges in her favourite dress
I cry, "Miracle, Miracle"
I could have used one today
I cry, "Miracle, Miracle"
But she's run from all the judges in her favourite dress
I cry, "Miracle, Miracle"
I could have used one today
"No, Miracle, Miracle"
God, I hope she's not gone far
'Cause, boys, not many D.J.s can make, make, make you a star

I hear Miracle
I hear Miracle
I hear

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Tori Amos Miracle Comments
  1. Arturo Chapa

    Been jamming out to this since I was 17 in 2007!!! American Doll Posse was my favorite album my junior year of HS.

  2. Husteen

    I always thought she said "but she's run from all the *judges* in her favorite dress" but it just occured to me, she's saying *churches* like in Violet's Eyes...right?

  3. Arturo Chapa

    Love this song 11 years later!!! To be 17 with Tori painting my skyline! Precocious Child

  4. Cornholio

    Sounds 90s as shit

  5. S. Lufenian

    If she tours with the band again, then I hope she brings this one out. It's so fun.

  6. Arturo Chapa

    We need a miracle now more than ever, T. My♡is broken. America elected a sexual predator over the First Woman president and the most qualified person for the job. I remember singing this song in 2007, when I was 18 nearing the end of my formative years under Bush. Never thought a situation immeasurably more horrific was on the horizon. Keep your eyes on, her horizon... Oh Virginia, you can't remember your name... :*(

  7. spacedoginnebraska

    oh heck yes!

  8. Pandora Lapin

    Love this one. Tori being The Boss. <3

  9. Griffin Mathers

    The thing about Tori that should be timeless is that we who have loved her since 1991 (and no, i don't do that "I was a fan first" BS. ALL are welcome and it's wonderful that more people have gotten to hear her, But the point is that all opinions are welcome. Whatever it means to you, as long as it's honest. And respect for everyone.

  10. Joseph_66

    I just can't get over how awesome this track is.  Sounds a bit dated but that's the charming thing about it...


    It's sounds kinda 90s

  11. Joseph_66

    great song!!

  12. Arturo Chapa

    This song takes me back to a Texas summer of 2007. Blazin, out of school, carefree with my witch sistahs. Summer before senior year, and my ideas and articulation of politics were shapeshifting, emerging and forming; this song helped push me further forward. It is a wild ride.

  13. John Nolans

    i love the original - "violets eyes"
    no matter what she does she will always be my sweet

  14. John Nolans

    she grows on ya dont she ; )

  15. T Costa

    Violet's Eyes is way better!!!


    totally agree...Violet's Eyes is far better...

  16. janotosinnumeros

    @Aerialgrrl I can't tell if you've been ironic or not

  17. janotosinnumeros

    @spanishclashstream74 pff, you have a long way to go (that I guess you've already gone through, since your comment was last year xD ;)

  18. Belmont Wii

    love this song - wish it would have been included on the album.

  19. Yeti

    I don't care cheesy this is. It's amazing. This is Tori's mature cheese :D

  20. paysagebleu

    violet's eyes is so much better than this : /

  21. Tori Amos Songs

    Violet's eyes FTW!

  22. inexcelsis17

    This was scrapped for "Posse Bonus"??? Unbelievable... Much prefer the demo version, too.

  23. janknuckey

    Wow! I've listened to Violet's Eyes and now them both. It's like some days you want sorbet and some days you want lobster, to quote the lady herself

  24. vins_vins

    Guys!!! Pls check 'Violet's Eye', the demo of the 'primitive' version of 'Miracle': it's a wonderful song!

  25. janknuckey

    I agree!!! An absolute classic and should have gone on the album. I know she bangs on and on about Honey not getting on UTP but this is just as big a crime....should have gone on ADP.

  26. Reaver4k

    @fecalfoetus I'd say it's worth going to a show. It can never be the same as 15 years ago or 10 years but it's still great. Especially to hear her play some favourites live.

  27. Lafko

    just another pop song, nothing special. What happend to old good Tori?

  28. LordRandal1990

    This is one of the best songs of the ADP era, really can't understand how it could have been put out of the album!!!! It's fantastic, far bettere than most of the cd's tracks!!!

  29. Mussad

    Tori's talent is alsmost unparalled & i've been listening to her since the very start of her career, all mastepieces upto Scarlet's Walk., there were some good songs on beekeeper, but it feels somethin is missing then on, n i don;t gove a hoot on her appearence changes as long as the music intoxicates, for me Boys for Pele is the favourite, though my wife says the last album is better than Amercian Doll, does she now perform live like before? i've not been fortunate to go a show

  30. vins_vins

    Wow guys, this song is so touching, the voice so delicate, the piano so crazy... I really don't understand why she didn't put it in the record... I simply love this song....

  31. Datura

    Nice!! :)

  32. goldtoof77

    all the b-sides can be foundon

  33. Dávid Bárány

    From the Wikipedia's Doll Posse article.

  34. Joe Stone

    How do I get this song? I love it! Can't find it on itunes or any singles for the ADP album. I look all the time. I also want 'Not David Bowie' but that song has been pulled from the piano collection. Why are the b-sides so hard to get now even on the web? By the way thank you for giving us this.

  35. Laura Dunstan

    i LOVE this song...

  36. Dávid Bárány

    My Posse can do - Santa
    Miracle - Tori and Clyde
    Drive all night - Santa and Isabel

  37. wyguy3

    i like this b-side, i enjoy "drive all night" a lot more, i wonder what posse sings what

  38. WickedLttleTown

    oh i definitely think there are some "WOW" songs on here. almost rosey, smokey joe, dragon, digital ghost all do it for me, among other. and i would not reduce smokey joe or code red to simply "nice" either

  39. WickedLttleTown

    i dont think the bonus songs have official doll assignments, but my guess for this one would be either santa or possibly isabel (but maybe im alone)

    santa does sing "my posse can do" a lot at the concerts tho

  40. vins_vins

    Fantastic song! I don't know why it's a B-side: it sounds so much better than many other songs in ADP. I agree with who claims this latest album is not as good as the previous ones. Many "nice" songs, but none of them is "WOW". And I really think that the "Beekeeper" is a misunderstood masterpiece: complex and metaphoric!

  41. carlos santana

    this album is fantastic, I have a feeling the beekeeper will make more sense in retrospect. She DID say she was going to do something shes never done before. Personally, after watching the aol sessions, I cant WAIT for the tour. She's written some really good songs this time and has put together another great album.

  42. carlos santana

    i find that making a playlist sepparating the songs by girls really brings out the difference in each and the similarities and relationships of some. You get to really hear some difference in the voice too, some girls have a slight accent it seems..

  43. carlos santana

    shes not vulnerable anymore...

  44. carlos santana

    she still makes great cds it would just be great for her to use another producer, once..specially with this album. I have my theories on how the concept of this album and the songs and everything thats been going on in her career since she started at epic and how it relates to "Tori Amos" I have a feeling we wont be seeing her anymore...but we may get a brunette named Myra..

  45. carlos santana

    ur missing the concept, this is all done on purpose, its part of the concept. shes not dumb, shes an artist and her craft is music. the lyrics have depth, there are things there you are missing, she's just been writitng differently for years and people cant seem to grasp that. She stopped being so so sooo deep when she dropped from atlantic.

  46. poesiemauw

    she used to sound vulnerable but now it sounds just plain to me

  47. poesiemauw

    i agree with you himh102 :]

  48. herein myhead

    But on anther note, Her piano playing has really become very fine tuned and her vocal control is beyond
    excellent. I Really prefer toris live shows compared to stupid recordings. Some ppl Make great studio cd's but suck live. tori makes pretty good studio cd's and Her live shows always gives 200%

  49. herein myhead

    I really do with tori was back to full force as i see it. Instead of making the music scene , she seems to be going more and more main stream with little hints of the old tori songsmith style. It truley has very little to do with the music. It has to do with the content of the song lyrics. adp is the best cd since SLG. Im just tryin to say i could do with some more depth to the songs and some of the passion from the early stuff wouldnt hurt either.

  50. Shaila Blackerby

    I'm sorry but you are really wrong about that. Her voice is so much better now. Her voice has more depth to it now. When she was younger she could break glass. LOL

  51. Shaila Blackerby

    This is not the 1990's anymore. This is good for the new Tori. Artists are not going to do the same thing over and over again that would make them a robot not a human being.

  52. herein myhead

    i miss the old tori with the release of adp. i can stay its been three cds in a row i have not liked, im not saying
    there are not good songs but few and far in between.
    what ever happened the pele and before tori where i liked almost every song. maybe im just old now. lol