Tori Amos - Father's Son Lyrics

Steady girl on your feet
You and your wonderings
Bread can feed a few
So can some cartoons

So it ends so it begins
I'm my father's son
Plant another seed of hate
In a trusting virgin gun

Steady girl for the show
God versus God ringside
Littered with corpses
Neither God can forgive

So the desert blooms
Strawberry cactus
Can you blame nature
If she's had enough of us

So it ends so it begins
I'm my father's son
Plant another seed of hate
In a trusting virgin gun

Stead boy watch them pray
To you I suspect
If you keep my flesh firm
I'll ready those sacraments

So it ends
So it begins
I'm my father's son
So it ends
So it begins

I'm my father's son
Plant another seed of hate
In another father's son

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Tori Amos Father's Son Comments
  1. Tara's Tarot

    I LOVE Tori. But don’t change your natural beauty, anyone!!!

  2. Fab A.D

    C'est tellement magnifique !!!!!! J crois que ce sera mon morceau préféré de Tori Amos !!!Merci du fond du coeur ..........

  3. Jai Guru

    Mozart,Beethoven,Chopin...well for me they're alright! Nevertheless TORI AMOS IS A LIVING LEGEND WHO WILL NEVER DIE AND HER MUSIC WILL LIVE FOR FUCKING CENTURIES TO COME,JUST LIKE JOHN LENNON'S TORI GOD BLESS YOU,YOU FUCKING ROCK GIRL!God I bet that Elvis,Lennon and Buddy are sitting on the cloud thinking GOD that girl is real something!oh yes she is she's real something that girl is!God bless your soul Tori dont ever stop what your doing my dear as youre doing it so damn well😁xxxxx

  4. Tina Stanley

    I came her to say I miss those amazing rabbit vampire teeth. and I see I'm not alone.

  5. Jess Witherspoon

    Man I miss those teeth too! So much character. Beautiful rendition.

    Suzanne McGowan

    Aye why change them? oh well he's the Godess

    Suzanne Jane

    @Suzanne McGowan she!

  6. Martin Kingston

    Why she ever felt the need to go under the knife is beyond me. What a stunningly beautiful woman on so many levels.

  7. Terran Pettis

    What is 10+12? I will give you a hint. Your looking at the answer now.

  8. L'Interdit

    I cannot stop watching this version of this song. I'm haunted. Profound. Subtle. Beautiful.

  9. L'Interdit

    Nearly perfect.  God absolutely.

  10. L'Interdit

    Nearly perfect.  God absolutely.

  11. Carol Hartung


  12. Gregory Navarro

    Absolutely wonderful voice and performance!

  13. Tim Verhaal

    Yes it sure is, especially in this song!

  14. ninosl2001

    Just get a life. Why would you waste you time writing all those nonsense. We get it. you probably don't like anything in life. Just go away!!

  15. Piscean Age

    Oh! I've been looking for's so unique to have this frontal view. I hope Beauty of Speed is around here somewhere too

  16. Miggy Duuu

    i really don't know how she does that piano thing she does. she just keeps on pressing keys with both her hands, and the notes don't collide with each other. is that counterpoint?

    Tara's Tarot

    Miggy Duuu I’ve been trying
    to figure out the same thing for over ten years now...
    Why does she sound how she does?? It’s heaven.

  17. ninosl2001

    When she sings like this, she makes me love every woman in the world.

  18. SoulmateDie

    thank you for this! beautiful, really...