Tori Amos - Almost Rosey Lyrics

Just a minute of your time
Yes I've been known to delude myself
So let me put those rose
Colored glasses to the test

Now is this real enough for you
'cause blondes here don't jump out of cakes
If that never impressed you much

Come board this lunatic express

Just why do they say
Have a nice day anyway
We both know they wouldn't mind

If I just curled up and died
Let's not give that one a try
Chin up put on a pair of these roseys
Raise those blinds
Chin up a happy mask was never
Your best disguise
Chin up put on a pair of these roseys
In no time you will feel almost fine

Almost rosey

Now some girls here will huddle with
No not footballers that are rich
But will confide in small white sticks
He bats as The Virginian Slim

Then I tried once to comply
With an authority that would
Subsidize my wild side
But at this altar was sacrificed

Yes you can laugh a femme fatale
In a bride's dress now married to
The effortlessness of the cracks
That lie now in between the facts

Now about when violet died
The cause still unidentified
She thought her love would be enough
But you can't seduce seduction

Her tentacles of endless want
Reach through my corridors
And tempt me to taste of her power
I sober with the witching hour

And when I hear of one more bomb
Yes we have all been robbed of song
And nightingales who throw their arms up
When is enough enough?

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Tori Amos Almost Rosey Comments
  1. Jaroslav Barus

    Hlas a piano to je Tori Amos.

  2. Наталья Н


  3. Nick Knight

    Beyond wonderful.

  4. Tory Punk

    6 douches who hate the pure talent Tori Amos gives us.

  5. Thiago J

    This is so beautiful...

  6. Jonah Michea Judy

    I miss her original face. I can't relate now.

  7. Memory Flowers

    This is what I come back to when I need reminding that Tori still had magic post Choirgirl.

  8. Chuckwagon


  9. Renato Costa

    So powerfull!!! Love U, tori!

  10. Gypsy Dreamer

    This song saved me. Thank you.

  11. Guido Campbell

    hi beautiful

  12. ANB Aaron Newland-Bentley

    Getting so many Joni and Fleetwood Mac Vibes, absolutely stunning song and performance of Tori, can't wait to see her in October

  13. Sara Phelps

    Wow- I hadn't seen this before. Very glad to have come across it! 🙏😍

  14. Dulce Desazón.

    Really Tori, you´re unique among the uniques. And I´m not saying cause I´m fan. It´s beause you´re pure uniqueness. One in a billion.


    There are seven other Tori Amos'??? Where?

  15. Eva Isabella

    I will always come back to Tori Amos. Goddess.

  16. Kena Alvarez

    in love of Tori

  17. Dartagnan Ferrer dos Santos

    The greatest. 4ever.


    Nothing like Tori live...........mesmerizing <3

  19. Mary Beth


  20. Francesco Bianchi

    There's Beauty of Speed studio version too, share it!

  21. james-ryan Lundy

    tori you are the best! i can't even describe to you the feeling i get from your vocals. i will always hold you as my favorite female vocalist. your lyrics move mountains, and awake emotions in my soul! 

  22. vydmal


  23. Renualdo

    Tori´s voice and her piano, nothing artificial here, just her magic.

  24. webnet15

    Awesome power yet soft............

  25. lofi man


  26. itisthefear

    Such a nice version of the song :) im glad Vevo uploads some of her earlier work so that people who dont know her well can find out more about her 

  27. BobRenoir

    Love it!

  28. 100% MUSIClove VEVO

    Tori Amos - Almost Rosey  ( live  Video Premiere )

  29. Alan Villela Barroso

    Essa voz dela <3

  30. Paul Walsh

    love u tori