Tony Bennett - This Is All I Ask Lyrics

As I approach the prime of my life
I find I have the time of my life
Learning to enjoy at my leasure
All the simple pleasure
And so I happily concede

That this is all I ask
This is all I need

Beautiful girl, walk a little slower when you walk by me
Lingering sunset, stay a little longer with the lonely sea
Children everywhere, when you shoot at bad men, shoot at me
Take me to that strange enchanted land
Grownups seldom understand

Wandering rainbows, leave a bit of color for my heart to own
Stars in the sky, make my wish come true
Before the night has flown
And let the music play as long as there's a song to sing
And I will stay younger than spring

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Tony Bennett This Is All I Ask Comments
  1. Esclarmonde 102

    Tony Bennett is the ultimate singer, no one comes close to his perfection.

  2. Wania Alves

    Belíssimo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Laura Fortini

    Bella...Bella--Interpretazione stupenda...Orchestrazione meravigliosa...Ho suonato questo brano, non so
    quante volte con il mio quintetto- (all'armonica il grande Alberto Borsari).

  4. Laura Fortini


  5. Hugh MacKinnon

    This duet is a treasure and a pleasure. Two different generations connecting on so many different levels = beautiful!!

  6. Cindy Jones

    Two amazing singers this so romantic

  7. Barbara Brennan

    One line of that song bothers me. In this day and age singing...AND WHEN YOU SHOOT AT BAD MEN, SHOOT AT ME...could that be changed?

    Barbara Brennan

    Other than that the blending of Grobans voice with Tony brings tears to my eyes. I picture my grandaughter all grown up...finding love and dancing to this song. My professor used to say PLUSPLUS.

  8. Techno Percy

    So Relaxing..

  9. David John Barnett


  10. Andy Ola

    So beautiful!!! I love this Magic ...this music makes me sweet dreams comes to my heart ...thanks to you great artists for sharing such wonderful talents with the world 😍🤩🤗

  11. Shaheed Turner

    This is a great classic song by the legendary singer Tony Bennett This Is All I Ask with Josh Groban wonderful remake songs!!!!! I love Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Perry Como and many great singers too!!!! The best thanks for posting this video!!!! I love it!!!!

  12. William Holden

    Wonderful.Transports you to places and people you love and miss.

  13. bsc nyc

    Awesome duet&songs!!! Thank you. MAny thanks this boy!!!😍❤️❤️❤️

  14. T TW A

    Wonderful --Great 2 of Musics finest

  15. hilda busciglio

    que maravilla en este dueto josh groban tengo el d.v.d.

  16. Soledad Lorenzo Alonso

    Tony Bennett talento y clase al máximo maravilloso siempre

  17. Vickie Neuman

    One of the most beautiful songs: lyric and melody.

  18. Brotherb Video

    When you get that call to sing with Mr. Bennett, you’ve arrived!

  19. Lynne Mills

    Stunningly good. Two favorites team up.

  20. Ada Esther Quintana

    Dueto de grandes! Gracias!

  21. kelly russell

    I’m sure the loveliness of this song is lost on social justice warriors. Too bad.

  22. Ernie Martinelli Iii

    so awsome

  23. Shaye Martin Scherf

    We talk about how Prince and David Bowie knew how to reinvent themselves and stay relevant. Maybe they learned from Tony Bennett!

  24. Sharon Levin

    Magnificent Josh, adore this younger Tony Bennett album. Tears.

  25. Ricardo Azen

    magical duet, two generation, a emotion song, marvelous

  26. Juancarlos Justo

    a very best singers

  27. John Palazzini

    Gordon Jenkins' greatest creation !

  28. Thomas Leary

    What an amazing voice young Mr. Groban has. Before the video started, I was asking who is Josh Groban. Now I'm asking, how can I hear more of him!

    Ana Martins

    Thomas Leary All his songs are on YouTube. Check it out!

  29. Juan Enrique Sile

    When i saw Josh in the album i was like no waaaaaaaaaaay this is too awesome. Keep up Tony and Josh.

  30. albionplace

    Have a listen to Josh Groban singing " Smile" on youtube. Beautiful.

  31. Pam Hospodarsky

    Comparable to I Wish I Was Eighteen Again - George Burns.  This song is given great credence to life...

  32. Joyce Deschamps

    Knocked out flat.

  33. Kelly Siah

    lovely, lovely things :')

  34. Bonnie Logan

    Absolutely outstanding! Two fabulous voices...two fantastic musicians! Glorious!

  35. Cris María Hernandez


  36. edelweiss surerus

    i am so emotioned! this is so beautiful, so wonderful that i think i am dreaming!

  37. Like so done

    Oh the joy. The jooooyyy 🍃🍁😌

  38. Meriame Gonzales


  39. Michael Mcnaughton

    This song always tears at me. Makes me feel emotional.

  40. GingerNinja

    I'd never heard of Josh before seeing this duet.  Cried my eyes out, it's lovely.  Seen Tony Bennett twice live and had a ticket for the Albert Hall to see him sing with Lady Ga Ga but that was the night it was cancelled due to his illness :(  Now want to see Josh sing live!  :D

    Mark Jefferson

    Pheebs im telling you beautiful voice

    Mark Jefferson

    Pheebs tony bennett is a legend , one of the best of all time. But JOSH ! Dude is on real , this is coming from a black guy


    Have you seen him yet? What did you think?! I ♡ Josh!


    Pheebs Listen to his signature song “You Raised Me Up” a simply heartfelt & beautiful performance.


    @Bookworm4764 've seeh him at the O2 and at the Albert Hall :D

  41. Keith Turner

    fabulous, fabulous, fabulous !

    Christine Smith

    Keith Turner a

  42. diana swan

    Beautiful and sad song

  43. Andrew Fahlevi Wong

    It‘s what song mean to be

  44. Gloria Law

    Outstanding duet by Tony Bennett & Josh Groban quite amazing so awesome, famous, popular around the World. I'm so proud of them. :)

  45. danceman52

    My husband is crying.....

  46. Laura Romo Acedo


  47. Ntch Pt1

    to think josh is young enough to be his grandchild!

  48. Priscilla Abbott

    Two of my favorite singers. Beautiful.

  49. James Dunn

    My god i miss my papa johnny b 1# dad nyc4 life

  50. Allan Murillo

    One of the best lyrics i've ever heard

  51. Peter Toal

    Tony Bennett, the ultimate professional. Josh has a wonderful voice but Tony adds the colour.  So much feeling in his voice. Thanks for posting. 

  52. Amelia Ugarte

    Wonderful !!  Music really make our lives worth living.  Through tears and laughter, music is the expression of our very soul. Thank you, Mr. Tony Bennett, for living on this earth.  Thank you Mr. Josh Groban, you bring tears of joy to everyone.  

  53. Ula2021

    Rozpływam się gdy słyszę Josha w tej piosence

    specialgifts LA

    Ula2021 I don't know what you wrote but heck...this is beautiful. Love them singing together...It's so peaceful and dreamy. Liah x

  54. JMarkus777


  55. Kayla Dahl

    I love these two! Oh my gosh!

  56. adriana mueller

    Amazing. What a treat. I'm loving this. Isn't it magical how music can make us feel?

  57. Odyssey Mosaic

    Funny thing is, I like only a few of those old standard songs done by Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, et al., but this is so nicely done you can't help but think of it long after. lol.

  58. Love.Infinently

    Amazing! and so cute that Josh is wearing his glasses in this video!

  59. Marta Koziej

    Wonderful duet :two generations. Two perfectionists.They sound beautiful together. More please.

  60. Steven Dunn

    They sound great together!!

  61. pat caley

    absolute majic

  62. Paola Sofia Rodriguez Diaz

    Hermosa cancion

  63. dianavictoria Aljadeff

    Marveleus duet between two generations of singers Tony Bennett(87) and Josh Groban(32)I loved it

  64. luvlygirl1000

    Cutest thing ever!

  65. Caroline Fernandes

    Tony Bennett's voice is so soothing

  66. SandraMaraCarvalhode Melo


  67. sealforvr

    Josh's voice just gets better as he ages. David Foster's guidance, his work with some of the top orchestras and Broadway stars have all given him a good stretch that his voice has grown into. He's a prodigy that's grown into a genius.

  68. Laurendoll1

    so cool these two

  69. Ken Shields

    I may be wrong, but I believe the original version was sung by Jimmy Durante, but I have
    not been able to find it on UTube....


    Ken Shields You are correct Durante did sing it as did Nat King Cole & others. Lucky for us its available on Utube.

  70. michael carlin

    hearing two masters from different decades blend, work and respect each other to produce this is fantastic :)

  71. Johan Borg

    Johan Borg - This sounds good but I still like the original.

  72. brigidpower22

    Lost count of the many times I've played this number - it must be one of the loveliest melodies ever and this duet is fantastic.

  73. DebsLuvsMusic

    Literally...a lump in my throat ...absolutely beautiful ♥♥♥

  74. brigidpower22

    This must be about the umpteenth time I've played this track and it still gives me goose bumps, well Josh does because he has such a bell like voice. Also it's a very lovely number.

  75. brigidpower22

    This was the first time I heard Josh Groban and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. What a terrific sound. Tony Bennett is very good, but the tone of Josh's voice is out of this world. Then did not see or hear of him again until last night when he sang on the Graham Norton show. How do we get more exposure of this artist on our TVs?

    Ana Martins

    brigidpower22 Tony was 87 and I think that his voice was very nice at that time. Today his voice is shaking a bit, but he is 91! He is great! I looove Josh and I hope that if he lives at this age he will sing so well as Tony! If you like his voice that much (yes, another Grobanite!) check out here on YouTube: all of his songs are here. He released 7 albums and the next will be released in september! You can google and check out his discography! 😊

  76. Mikhail Russ

    Fantastic performance !!!!!!!!!

  77. Withme Whostoned

    not so long ago I wouldn't relate to the song, now I can.

  78. A 680

    oh gosh, this is so overwhelmingly beautiful! Tony and Josh, what great artists!

  79. Vic Lirios

    This is one of my very favourite classic songs . Nice to reminisce. Thank you. I agree that age is not a factor for a song of beautiful melody.

  80. hussain miah

    Almost a uear and barely any views it's a disgrace

  81. Ruth Rivera

    I don't get it that you have to be older to sing this kind of music. I always say that if you are good on anything then go for it. It all takes practice and dedication. Josh can do any thing if he tries. No one is to old or young to sing ballads.

  82. Clau Palacios

    Groban, marry me! Bennet, what a singer you are!!! I adore this video.

  83. Issac Burgess

    Man it sucks, Tony Bennet is 86. Why must he have to die?!

  84. Nubia Teran

    Dueto de grandes de la música un genero tan bello y sublime merece voces de primera , me encantan ambos SON ÚNICOS!!

  85. jannnyyy1

    made a mistake here the dog saught my attebtion first!!Whoops!!

  86. jannnyyy1

    I totally agree!!!!!

  87. jannnyyy1

    I totally agree!

  88. irakey

    it's so Beautiful.. Tony and Josh .You are great guys ...

  89. AlmostFamous173

    We can't stop Bieber fans from coming here after all.

  90. Caroline Fernandes

    Now thts call music..Its so emotional and soothing both at the same time.....

  91. freim93

    Beautiful duet!! Josh's voice in this is sublime!!

  92. Indie2D

    1 dislike? really?

  93. kinguther0

    Great voices. This video derserves millions of views.

  94. AlmostFamous173

    Josh Groban does *not* have an operatic voice. He has a solid, full tone for musical theatre. This is not a criticism--he is very good at what he does.

    Jazz works for a wide variety of voices, of vastly different tone qualities. I sing opera as a hobby, and I can pull off jazz.

    My one criticism for Josh Groban (in this case), is that him and I are both way too young to sing this song, considering what this song is about. This is a song for someone 45 and up :-)

  95. joker6374


  96. Hilde Myran

    When Tony sings everything is magic. He "tells" a story while he sing. I LOVE that!
    Josh got a fantastic voice too! Love this!

  97. lucettchen

    Quel duo, j'en ai la chair de poule. Magnifique.