Toni Gonzaga - Way Back Into Love Lyrics

I've been living with a shadow overhead,
I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed,
I've been lonely for so long,
Trapped in the past,
I just can't seem to move on!

I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away,
Just in case I ever need 'em again someday,
I've been setting aside time,
To clear a little space in the corners of my mind!

All I wanna do is find a way back into love.
I can't make it through without a way back into love.
Ooo hooow

I've been watching but the stars refuse to shine,
I've been searching but I just don't see the signs,
I know that it's out there,
There's gotta be something for my soul somewhere!

I've been looking for someone to she'd some light,
Not somebody just to get me through the night,
I could use some direction,
And I'm open to your suggestions.

All I wanna do is find a way back into love.
I can't make it through without a way back into love.
And if I open my heart again,
I guess I'm hoping you'll be there for me in the end!

There are moments when I don't know if it's real
Or if anybody feels the way I feel
I need inspiration
Not just another negotiation

All I wanna do is find a way back into love,
I can't make it through without a way back into love,
And if I open my heart to you,
I'm hoping you'll show me what to do,
And if you help me to start again,
You know that I'll be there for you in the end!

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Toni Gonzaga Way Back Into Love Comments
  1. Khris Fowler

    Bud Brothers! 10 years ago aww yung kila Jake and Christine iconic pa din

  2. Maricar C.

    2019! namiss ko bigla e fav mariel and rafael hahaha


    2019 na guys

  4. Jerome Garcia

    HighSchool days, miss ko nato☺☺☺☺

  5. Jennelyn Loquisan

    Sana ibalik yung way back into love

  6. Kailee Zyla Formosa

    grew up with this teleserye 💖

  7. iluvMaroon

    Still watching in 2018!
    When I hear this song this always reminds me of first PHR aired on TV, I was ongoing 1st year HS way back 2009 when I watched the series. I was in Manila back then. So nostalgic 😍

    ken doll

    Same here.

    Catherine Lirios

    ano po title ng serye nila?

  8. Karina Aguirre

    sana ibalik ang precious heart romances nakakakilig


    Araw Gabi? Los Bastardos?

  9. Jocelyn Abellanoza

    the best tlga ci sam gnda boses ilove u sam and toni

  10. Ren Garcia

    Was this the song in Precious Hearts Romance? This is the version that I've been looking (the original version wasn't, the one from the movie Song and Lyrics)

    Ren Garcia

    lol. I see it is PHR..

  11. Chique Torbizo


    lorenzo aloc

    i know all of them i was addicted to this they tell a crazy story that is amazing and you fell that you can be in love . all story are based on the pocket book that i was crazy before i read all of them but i don't remember all the story yeah.

  12. Jamella Orillo

    super ganda

  13. Janica Barrios

    I'm in love D's song

  14. Jinielyn Reyes

    I'm missing them all :( Magkaka-reunion kaya sila?

  15. Belle Suduki

    Nkka miss ung buds brother

  16. Emma Ruth Maribao

    I Love there team song of the Bud Brother in The Precious Heart Romance

  17. Joyane Delgado

    ganda ng song👍anong year nga pala lumabas ang precious heart romance?

    Daren Henson

    2009 po.

    Joyane Delgado

    +Ayen Henson thank you👍

  18. Erica Dolor

    martha cecilia....!!!..kristine series....heartheartheart...

  19. Erica Dolor

    sana mabalik ang precious heart romances presents....waaahhh...o kahit ung your song....

  20. Russel Rafanot

    sana marami pa silang ilabas na series ng precious hearts. andaming magagandang kwento. d2 sa bud brothers d ako mka getover sa loveteam nila cristine & jake. 😘

    aileen delos santos

    Russel Rafanot yes yung stupid cupids :)

  21. katherina Teguihanon

    i love this song so much 💞💞💞

  22. Luis & Aries


  23. lorenzo aloc

    yeah I m on it by this past few days yeah hope it last .

  24. Junior Ynot

    ang sarap talaga paking gan na alalako tol ang cruhs ko???

  25. Rona de Peralta

    Wow ganda talga.♡

  26. Catherine Gonzales

    Nice song:)))

  27. Rian Reyes

    Awww, Bud Brothers!!!... I wish they complete the series  =/ .. But still marami paring maganda sa series na itech! Okay na ren bitin lang.

  28. Rubby Ann Corton

    Bagay si Jake at Christine

  29. Rubby Ann Corton

    I like this

  30. Bebelyn Luzong

    I love it . hmmmmmmmm

  31. mitch albrando

    i love the voice,song and the singer

  32. Michelle arquero

    So very beatyful!!
    Campus royalties theme song!
    ( way back into love )

  33. Michelle arquero

    So very beatyful!!
    Campus royalties theme song!
    ( way back into love )

  34. darreenjoy

    kinda sweet voice that makes me blown away.... 

  35. gerald mayerhofer

    traumhafter song. i will always listen the song. nice, one of the best Songs of Pop. the best philippino song for me.

  36. Michaela Alferez

    When I was 5 years old I was paracitice the song way back into love then 10 na ako na inforgetable ako na song na yan

  37. Myra Santizo

    ThrowbackThursday...Love it well done Sam...:)

  38. Jasmine Nicole Agmata

    Nice song love it xD

  39. Anne Clemente

    i love this song..super love it

  40. Sabrina Hikariy

    Love This

  41. Amy Escuro Huang

    Sam Milby the BEST! :D LOVE lots! <3 :*

  42. Evelyn Suarez

    I love this song!

  43. john vincent calizon


  44. mark justin almendras

    wayn and betchay....favorite ko tlga....tuwing hapon basta marinig ko yung intro (instrument) takbo na ako agad sa taas.. kasi manonood na ako,,,,

  45. sheylim

    vince and georgina <3 betchay and wayne :))

  46. Shauna Meryll Aduca

    Wayne <3 Betchay. I love this song. naaalala ko sila pag i-play ko to. nasa ipod ko na :)

  47. jomhel abaya

    this song for my gf hahah lol. xD..

  48. Camille Chen

    thank you :)

  49. Janver Ignacio

    Ever since I love this song :-) #BoomSuperLike ;)

  50. Mariella Minas

    saan ko ba puwedeng panuoring ang precious hearts romances: somewhere in my heart?pls

  51. Mariella Minas

    @mhylls IKR, prang bula bigla nlng nawala sila Cristine and Jake. maganda pa nmn ung knila kya lng nkakabitin

  52. zaru1313


  53. ZaaZg

    @FrancheskaReed10 you can watch the Bud Brothers series on with english subs! yay! also, check out the man who loved me and you're mine, only mine. those are really good romantic pinoy dramas:)

  54. Camille Chen

    @FrancheskaReed10 That's the theme of the story and the series which aired on ABS-CBN last 2009. The show was based from the novel series "Precious Hearts Romances : Bud Brothers"

  55. Kim Seokjin's Wifeu

    @FrancheskaReed10 they are the owner of bud brother's flower shop

  56. Jordan Wong

    If i get 100+ likes, I WILL ask the girl i likeo n a date! WITH this song playing =)

    Please and Thank You! - Jordan

  57. Rosa Sanchez

    thank you, love it.

  58. mancoco

    Gusto Ko ang kanta ito

  59. Camille Chen

    @theyukito18 Thank You! :)

  60. catherine daguplo

    bakit nandito si roxanne sa video nato ??

  61. PYourSong

    this is way better than the original version, maganda kasi ang blending ng boses ni toni at sam dito


    i love Sam's voice! and also toni! love Sam M. so much!

  63. Kharen Parcon

    haist kakamis ang episode nato.....ang ganda ksi lalo na ung episode nla rafael at mariel nkakatuwa tlga

  64. johnraven22

    @thecondring english version? baket tagalog b 2??

  65. johnraven22

    @thecondring english version? baket tagalog ba to?

  66. FELY ROSE Campanilla

    mas mganda pa rin ung english version

  67. Demonyita Gat

    qandaah nila n cute tlqa ng mga boix... weeeew ka fwix kh8 na mlamiq oh...haha..toni kip up ur qood voice..sam qo2x uaq fatlo kai toni.. haha)))lolx...

  68. Ernilyn Balame

    mariel is prettier than all of them.

  69. Happy Joy13

    way back into love..

  70. Thelma M

    i hate the song ..who dedicated to my gf...

  71. RowanBerry

    cute nila

  72. MrTaang

    @xtaylenaxforeverxox ive been thinking of that too XD :db

  73. Miyu Yachiyo

    Ba't wala si Coco?

  74. viem2x

    i like it because i remember my lovelife

  75. viem2x

    i like it

  76. rgbondoc1

    i love ds song

  77. owngoal89

    Really good cover, though I missed the emotions of the original a bit

  78. crizzy sugabo

    i was a solid fan of this show u rafael hahaha

  79. zanne smith

    i really miz joris....... i love mch..


    when i was hear ds song,i'll remember the past,,,,

  81. Maria Lopez

    The guy sings bad

  82. Trisha Nolasco

    ung plbas n prats?

  83. Trisha Nolasco

    lam nyo vah lge aq nong nanu2od ng princess heart romance . . .

  84. Trisha Nolasco

    i lyk 8 tlga !lge qng nala2 ung bf q . . i luv him so much . . .

  85. Trisha Nolasco

    diz s my favorite song,olwiez q 2ng tinu2g2 sa youtube . . . .

  86. Chii Tseng

    Ganda ng pagkakarevive nung song. :)

  87. cielo shinjo

    thanks for posting this video...gustong-gusto ng baby ko....tahimik lang sya,everytime he hears the song....thanks ulet!GOD bless!

  88. Mady See

    hehe im sooo happy i have tfc so i can replay every part of phr episodes.
    my favourites are my cheating heart and you're mine, only mine. :)

  89. luke garcia

    wooooooot i like this song so much

  90. 3ni6ma

    i love it

  91. susuke0

    This song is perfect for me and my angel eyes

  92. Ian Garcia

    db c kaye dpat eun??ndi c rOxanne?

  93. Ging Santos

    nicE onE!!!

  94. Ging Santos

    gAnda nga eehh!!!
    anu guzt0 moh?!!

    tunog adik!!!

    kung ayaw moh wak ka makinig!!!
    ang cute nga eEeeh!!!

    bakit maganda bah boses moh?!!
    singer kAh bAh?!!!

  95. gester100

    tang inang kanta yan tunog pang sanggol -_-

  96. Charisma Iman

    Aww this is such a cute song
    Nd ur pic ur soooo cute