Toni Gonzaga - It Had To Be You Lyrics

We started as friends
But the feeling has grown stronger
Afraid to let it flow
Can't fight it any longer
How can I let you know
When someone else won't let you go
I'll even be glad
Just to be sad
Thinking of you

How do you stop the rain from falling?
How do you stop the sun to shine?
And how can I stop myself
From loving you?
Why does it have to be?
It had to be you?

How can I erase a beautiful rainbow?
And how can I resist seeing you tomorrow?
When this love has nowhere to go?
When your heart belongs to someone I know?
I'll even be glad
Just to be sad
Thinking of you

[Repeat chorus]

Words cannot express how much
I need you
When I found someone true
But why am I blue?
It just had to be you, you

[Repeat chorus]


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Toni Gonzaga It Had To Be You Comments
  1. Theresa Motilla


  2. 陳仁秀

    very nice song and sang beautifully..

  3. Shine Favila

    nice song.. d ako mkrelate hahaha

  4. ellobosolitario19

    Namimiss kita Karenita :(

  5. celio musico

    agora que estou separando reconhecendo as pessoas amiga voçe e uma delas gosto muito de sua bondade do seu modo de ser me comove voçe me faz derramar lagrima com lindas musica

  6. juliana manuel

    The best i remember my best friend....

  7. Michelle Dauz

    i love the lyrics of the song...

  8. may jane decipulo

    i really can relate to this song...i know its very wrong to love him but i love him..i dont how this hapens..he's already taken and im already taken also...i know he loves me too...sooo hard for us...

  9. lightedmarlboro

    Ang hirap pigilang ngumiti everytime I see you... Ang hirap hindi mangarap na sana tayo nalang... At ang pinakamahirap ang mag-move at mag-let go when in the first place you were never mine... We're JUST Friends... And that's all we'll ever be... Kasi mahal na mahal mo pa rin sya...

  10. jasmine enriquez

    love it.

  11. misa jenelyn

    did you really give up?why did you not fight about your feelings?you have to take the risk..granted that you give up your feelings...where you happy after you made such decisions?

  12. misa jenelyn

    I really love Toni gonzaga's it!!

  13. misa jenelyn

    I always remember my first love every time I heard this song. I just don't know why...maybe the fact still remain that I still love him(ASURADAS).,my mind says "GIVE UP" but my heart says "Don't"...hmmm

    Memories of the past keep on hunting me...he hurt me so damn right...

  14. Lovely 1115

    I wish I could turn back the hands of time. Back when we were still friends. If I only knew that things will never be the same again, I would have chosen not to go beyond that friendship. I miss the old YOU, I miss the old ME, but most of all I miss the old US.

  15. jea ponce

    hAzt kakamiss nAman..Lalo na pAg nAriniG mO tOng sOng nA to..Lonely ever..gOOoosh..

  16. jea ponce

    i love this song .. i dont know how can i forget him

  17. Robin

    @742lonesome I hear you! I'm going through the same thing.