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Tonex Seasons Comments
  1. The Real Johntá

    Yvette killed the ending..

  2. Nelly D

    This guy right here!!!! So much sauce in this song!

  3. Aavale' Storm

    I think he songs this song alone.

  4. Aavale' Storm

    This is my song.

  5. Bring It Dancing Dolls

    Is that Karen Clark Sheard at the end

    Candace Hazzard

    His ex wife Yvette.

  6. Cornelius Hobbs

    I like this song . It's a hit

  7. Judah Lashad

    Forever in my heart 💙💙

  8. marvin devon

    I love this song, it brings back so many memories. I bought this CD when it first came out. My heart aches for this brother. God Is Beyond Able to turn any situation around and He's still in the Healing and Deliverance Business!!!

    Anitra Mathis

    marvin devon amen!!

  9. Josh

    please upload the "Pronounced Toe Nay" album!

  10. Anitra Mathis

    Love this song..


    This is still one of my favorite Tones songs..2017