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Tommy Lee Sparta No Enemy Comments
  1. Athena sam

    Tommy lee behave yourself

  2. Lowkey Gaza

    You should re-release this


    Mi just remember this tune,every day this make me remember Gaza had soul abs back in prison dem tune make man go maddddddd

  4. Black Melosh

    Gaza sparta 💪❤

  5. YuhBaby Dadi

    still be rocking in 2018 big up tommy lee

  6. Gaza king

    love this song bad no enemy.

  7. mark suiss


  8. trending topic Gaza latest

    Sparta side me deh yah man thing loud!!!!!!!

  9. Stinga mi name nuh chat

    Bloodcaart nuh Tommy lee tell them mi ghost evil mads

  10. carlos janniere


  11. Ahmad Azeez


  12. Shan Ferguson

    tommy lee the best d greatest nobdy ready fi d man....he badda dan everybdy...bigg up yuhself sparta.......bella sparta [email protected] osorto(fb name)a.k.a sparta......bless

  13. Iasiah Whinfield

    come sting Tom Lee is ready for a clash

  14. Iasiah Whinfield

    Tom Lee beat gage any time

  15. shortstack

    i like every song by this guy!


    What country are u from ....??? I also like him

    Kassy K

    +shortstack The same and I from France

    Abina harriette

    shortstack is me to get money 💵 fi your family 👪

  16. chrys fotoryba

    Love it. Fresh tune

  17. Essentral Jackson

    if alkaline come out pan sting mi blv him we kill tommy lee or gage cause dem man yah no bad lke him to mi 
    no get mi wrong mi no rate Alkaline to dat

  18. Shiloh Thomas



    #TRU DAT

  19. Daneisha Brathwaite

    Tommy Lee ; Yaa Mawd !

  20. Kerocenemusic

    tell alkaline fi try this no lol tommy lee yuh thing up and it a stay up

  21. iSmoQzh

    This Tune is so mad..please do a Video on it!! Everyboy Try dis dem a enemy!

  22. 876 Neeek

    Radio station dem need first play more Tommy...tune ere slap weh

  23. Harry Makaveli

    IT Zinggg Weh Eno... Blacka Smoke!!

  24. travdan3

    Dah chune yah slap weh!!!!!!!!

  25. Justin Cunningblam


  26. Andres Ortega

    I Hope in Panama on November 4 #MaddChune #Sickkkk @Tommy Lee Sparta 

    tony el yeyo


  27. kiedon patrick

    hard track

  28. 56 NIGHTS

    Calm and deadly!

  29. Xhoi Gite

    Gaza mi seh awohh

  30. Xhoi Gite

    Gaza mi seh awohhh

  31. Mr green

    tttttuuuunnnnnneeeeee for days tommy lee is the  king 

  32. Stephen Brown

    Maaddddd rasss @Tommy Lee Sparta

  33. Shehnaz Shaffi

    Love it

  34. Gtowner166


  35. Owen Stacey

    Mad Move Tommy Big Up Yuh Dyammm Self.. We Run Di Place Like Water Yoooo Tun Up Still...

  36. Xhoi Gite

    Gaza mi seh awohhh

  37. Xhoi Gite

    #Gaza #Sparta

  38. Heather Russell

    Big up to tommy and thank you for the music you share that impacts us

  39. Heather Russell

    I love tommy lee sparta

  40. Heather Russell

    Wow I love this song tommy. Your voice is my meditation.

  41. freshalliance876ent

    Sting look Shelly #sparta song sick nuh fuck

  42. Kean Rodney

    Different style enuh, tell them doh thief dah style deh...Sparta!!!

  43. Brainz Storm G

    Yow dah song yah tun ova tommy it a shot,,,,,,,,a it

  44. cassassin13

    Bad man ting dawgs

  45. lacia gibbs

    Up up bumboclaat it shot. Loveee you tommy lee

  46. King Riches

    Mad rass chune keep up the good work sparta boss #hell

  47. chloe Alexis

    Love it

  48. JJMH11

    The song sounds great, real nice

  49. Landean Malcolm

    Who Neva know know now! #gaza/$parta/mobay😈😈😈😈😈

  50. steven caal

    Make wah video cause this song mad

  51. Mista BloodTV

    @Tommy Lee Sparta no enemy no enemy always knocking up enemy

  52. Mesado Fitness

    do a video fa dis plz ah g
    hit me boss

  53. Wa Wa

    In times like these the angels cries bu'du'dup!!!! Sparta !!!!!!!


    Uncle demon well dark


    A mad thing