Tommy James - Hanky Panky Lyrics

My baby does the hanky panky
Yeah, my baby does the hanky panky
My baby does the hanky panky
My baby does the hanky panky
Hey, my baby does the hanky panky

My baby does the hanky panky (yeah)
Yeah, my baby does the hanky panky
Hey, my baby does the hanky panky
My baby does the hanky panky
My baby does the hanky panky

I saw her walking on down the line (yeah)
You know I saw her for the very first time
A pretty little girl standing all alone
Hey baby, baby, can I take you home?
I never saw her, never really saw her (oh, yeah)

My baby does the hanky panky
Yeah, my baby does the hanky panky
My baby does the hanky panky
My baby does the hanky panky
My baby does the hanky panky

Ah, let's move it out
Let's go!

Oh, yeah!

I saw her walking on down the line (yeah)
You know I saw her for the very first time
A pretty little girl standing all alone
Hey baby, baby, can I take you home?
I never saw her, never really saw her

Okay, we're low on time, hold on

Yeah, my baby does the hanky panky
Hey, my baby does the hanky panky
My baby does the hanky panky
My baby does the hanky panky
My baby does the hanky panky

Let's knock em dead one time, let's go

Yeah, my baby does the hanky panky
My baby does the hanky panky
Yeah, my baby does the hanky panky

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Tommy James Hanky Panky Comments
  1. RyanJamesMusic UK

    Garage at its best

  2. dega723

    I'm going to Vietnam Jenny....

  3. 668040 yyiprp






  6. Nikos and Alla Fakaro

    My baby does the Hanky Panky ... YEAAAAAHHHH !
    * Classic *

  7. Ronald Charles Epstein

    The fun side of Tommy James & The Shondells.

  8. Richard Tipton

    Wtf is a hanky panky

  9. Martin Bachleda

    See what, think what remember what? Feel Like what but some tytoń. Never ending kill you idę nad stupid rockin Life end

  10. Martin Bachleda

    Its all The house or some porn dealer stuff. Nice north to a monster ,they did anyway. This place is tuning ulgę it was always igły.

  11. Martin Bachleda

    What would be nice ! Fuck it this place just what ? Maybe something will come a Long I Kunów that everything Chance! Maybe we & this place van think of something for The rest of live in The near futura. Live Like dziadek talk about some serio pain.

  12. Martin Bachleda

    It hit!

  13. Martin Bachleda

    Martin, noah, gospodynią, I van pilot care nad The rest are suffering because god don't letthen do anything! Aż far as i'm Conference god is dead! The big bang hot destroyed! Mark will getwhat nad as things are not he will do it. I Wonder it this place will Stach Mark! Whayne nad hot right. No Dudek its this whole venture things boeing nad learning.

  14. Martin Bachleda

    Whats in space ? Borivki.

  15. Martin Bachleda

    My móm is pregnant?

  16. Martin Bachleda

    Stach Then touch that what it night be probably not touch yourself. Last thought could kill you.

  17. Martin Bachleda

    This place sheer physics are phil.

  18. Martin Bachleda

    There is still something where body it.

  19. Martin Bachleda

    Yup The Sun Has a solar flare powiat porn horror nad całego dnia music.

  20. Martin Bachleda

    Fuck The, nuclear war because I got my mom pregnant.

  21. Martin Bachleda

    Life will end ? Live Forever? Guess. God would take all The pain? No hot would be Great

  22. Martin Bachleda

    Play somesilly gamę in another dimentional galaxy.

  23. Martin Bachleda

    Just one more. Psychologia damage if you hang out with this place!

  24. Martin Bachleda

    There People will Play Like lane Stanley & they think they will to to another galaxy to do what obey Like jesus nad to do w eter he diet on The cross.

  25. Martin Bachleda

    March The outside with The Phone!

    Quentin Fifield

    Martin Bachleda could you please exsplain what this means

  26. Martin Bachleda

    They song what?

  27. Martin Bachleda

    Emptyness nad a could room with nothing

  28. Martin Bachleda

    They się this!?

    Hot Stove

    Martin do you have any friends?

  29. Martin Bachleda

    Something Like it is still thriving & it could to somewhere leżę.

  30. Martin Bachleda

    God is dead? God is hurt realny nad lot me Tell you.

  31. Martin Bachleda

    The Sun nad sky are saint nad its still Life Like The smoke!

  32. Martin Bachleda

    This place is dead & People are tryong to live or evolve or maybe something else.

  33. Martin Bachleda

    Life goes on , what Life?

  34. Martin Bachleda

    Thats what There childish monday thought of in School hell.

  35. Martin Bachleda

    They all known The big bang nuclear holocaust.

  36. Martin Bachleda

    Broken I selen it Orange flare Like The house.

  37. Martin Bachleda

    Right Play attention to Edition.

  38. Martin Bachleda

    Ivan is all pisze because this Wojtek fucked tom up.

  39. Martin Bachleda

    Real cool Kids still smoking! No cool cuc outside @ The Store!

  40. Martin Bachleda

    What is Life The end of The Sun!?!

  41. Martin Bachleda

    Whats everbody doping this christmas? Going to another galaxy or hitting Ready to get spanie by god.

  42. Martin Bachleda

    Rider The porn nad crazy! Too much porn, i'm going in. Komentarzy lepsze od dead on?

  43. Martin Bachleda

    Rider what by myself?

  44. Martin Bachleda

    The what in my Head?

  45. dat boi

    Beauty in simplicity

  46. Lothar Ohlendorf Deutschland

    bei diesen lied sind wir ddr kinder total aus uns gegangen.

  47. Michael Cilia

    Wonder if anybody can dance the “cool jerk” to a damn good country song like this one.

  48. Rico T

    America's top song of July 1966, 2 weeks at #1 in July '66 and as a result this was America's No.19 of 1966.

  49. ELMER Pacheco


  50. skylark1z

    Mom wouldn't allow us to listen to this song ahahahahahahaha early 70's

  51. Paul Bengle

    Really great lead guitar in this song

  52. R Schro

    Sounds like 'Bee Bop A Lula She's My Baby'

  53. The Enigma

    Great song!

  54. mark elkin

    Tommy James should be in the hall

  55. Q.H.S

    The Evolution of songs about Girls is so intresting. It's changed from, "Secret admirer" songs, "Semi creepy followers", back to "secret love interests" and now it's mostly just "I WANNA SMASH YO GURL"

  56. Ellen Dolber

    Doesn't it take two ?

  57. DAC80

    This is a song about a fast and loose girl.

    Ellen Dolber

    Yeah, and what's wrong with that .? I LOVE IT.

  58. todd windyhill

    '66....17....Boston....Tooling to school and work in my '51 Vietnam, a great time for fun and AM-Top 40 music....memories for life.

  59. Ronnie Sorter

    She's a slut!! She's probably a weed snorter too!! 😂😂😂

  60. Boaz Unk

    Sylvan Esso sings it better :$

  61. 内山潤


  62. WhereDaHottiesAt

    I only found this cause of the movie May XD

    Samantha Wroblewski

    I knew it before “May”, but can no longer listen to it without thinking of it. Great movie.


    Samantha Wroblewski Yeah I just saw it the other day, I didn’t know how much I needed it in my life!

  63. Hank Dagmar

    Is this the White Stripes?

  64. 1rewd1

    My baby's got a stanky panky.

  65. Patty Graham

    this brought memories  I won a dance contest to this song !!   won tickets to go see the Four Seasons in concert   thanks for posting this

  66. Connie Paterson

    Oh the memories.... pool party song... those were the good days.

    Peet Viljoen

    Those were the the days

  67. Gnostic atheist

    Who else is here from that making sense of the sixties documentary

    Gnostic atheist

    @Peet Viljoen hey are you also South African

  68. Barbara Hakimian

    I love this song. but it also reminds me I am now 63 years old!!

  69. Kara 9859

    Love this song

  70. Elly Winterquist

    I think about Paul all the time...🤔

  71. MattDsellsKzoo

    Who's listening in 2019?

    Dan Zafar

    there was an allusion to this song from Sylva Esso's song Coffee (

    dude im baaaked

    @Leese Burger yeaaaaaaaah..... Fuck off. Woooooo u fuckin.... Big fart havin ass niggaz

    dude im baaaked

    Lets gets WEEEEEIRD!!!!!!8======D---(0;)

    John sarab

    Older guy who knows good music. Excuse me while get down and move!

  72. Elly Winterquist

    Love this song, good dancin music and good memories...

  73. Future Trunks

    First time I heard this song was from the movie May!

  74. Megan Weeks

    One of the best songs to clean to

  75. Jeremy Hunt

    my dad brought a 69 road runner when he got home from Vietnam . the least he deserved serving 2 tours as a US MARINE deep in the bush then up in KHE SAHN .Here is to all specially INDIA COMPANY!

  76. Queen Lynette 50

    My birthday today. This was number one the day I was born...

  77. Kayel Kimble

    19 years old, what it dooooo babeeeeey

  78. bob gunter

    While I love old classics like this it was the horror film
    May that brought it back to mind

  79. Top Turn

    wallstreet brought me

  80. Miguel Puente

    Forest Gump Brought me here ... lol by the looks of it I’m the youngest one here

    Leese Burger



    Thats no doubt the biggest squarest jaw I've ever seen in my life

    Mike Haze

    hahaha Right??? wth??? Love TJ's music though haha


    That just made me laugh so hard !


    Some quagmire action

  82. Paquito Ignacio

    this one of my favorite song of the shondells.

  83. George Thomas Davis III

    Anyone who lives in the state of Indiana there's a radio station, 103.7 plays music like this. Happy I found it!

  84. knox2613


  85. 762 Goat

    repetitive but better than 95% of the current pollution.

  86. dogcop Weg

    Coming back off 2 month patrol, we were signing this over the radio. Every time the word hanky panky were said we would neutral steer the tanks. We did not know the CO was standing on the hill watching. Biggest ass chewing we ever got. CO was laughing as he walked away. so worth it

  87. Tanganykia Dudley

    My mother name is Pankey Camble. Sunrise December 1936 Sunset April 2019. She play this song when we were kids. I think that where the name came from. :)

  88. Andreia Reminiec

    Mirage is my favorite Tommy James and the shondells song

  89. Евгений Фролов

    А мы постоянно крутили эту песню по радио, когда занимались на детской железной дороге, только в исполнении венгра.

  90. Floyd PattersonII

    im a black man and still find my head bobbin to this groove.... in '66 i was 6...


    So you are the Devil

    Mark Eaton

    On the transistor radio.

  91. JasonThe13th

    Always thought the lyrics were, "My baby does like it fancy"

  92. Barlaham Aguirre

    We used to make covers from the shondells in the late 60's...what a great times un the garage...

  93. David Diaz Lopez

    nada en español.......

  94. Julie Robinson

    I remember dancing “The jerk” to this song.

  95. Bill ankrom

    My wife left me around 30 days ago and she ripped me for over 17k in 8 months , We will survive!

  96. despotzapper

    I did not realize the 50's style hung in there so long. I picked this song on one karaoke bar night ,thinking it was done about 1958 ,59 !!

  97. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Izzy love's rock 🎸 💘 Enjoy 1966.

  98. Summer Breeze

    Great Throwback from back in the day. Played on the radio all the time before I started first grade. Wonderful memories....

  99. A S

    The "Gucci Gang" or "Work" of it's time...