Tom Waits - The Part You Throw Away Lyrics

You dance real slow
You wreck it down
You walk away, then you
Turn around
What did that old blonde
Gal say?
That is the part...
You throw away

I want that beggars eyes
A winning horse
A tidy Mexican divorce
St. Mary's prayers
Houdini's Hands
And a Barman who always

Will you loose the flowers
Hold on to the vase
Will you wipe all those teardrops
Away from your face
I can't help thinking
As I close the door
I have done all of this
Many times before

The bone must go
The wish can stay
The kiss don't know
What the lips will say
Forget I've hurt you
Put stones in your bed
And remember to never
Mind instead

Well all of your letters
Burned up in the fire
Time is just memory
Mixed in with Desire
That's not the road it is
Only the map...I say
Gone just like matches
From a closed down cabaret

In a Portuguese Saloon
A fly is circling around
The room
You'll soon forget the
Tune that you play
For that is the part
You throw away
Oh, that is the part
You throw away

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Tom Waits The Part You Throw Away Comments
  1. Joanna Franklin Bell

    Great song, too many misspellings in these lyrics though. You should clean it up

  2. Theresia Maria Weber

    Wenn Küsse nicht wissen was Lippen sagen wollen mit begnadeten Händen Herz
    Mund uns ratlos zusehen
    mit Freude!

  3. Theresia Maria Weber

    Absolut klasse: wenn Texte nicht wissen was. Lippen uns küssen uns sagen uns Briefe im Feuer brennen wie profane Stubenfliegen sich wiedergeben

  4. Rei Ghob


  5. Vincent Jansen

    a beautiful song with deep wisdom

  6. Sagar Sagar

    I discovered Tom in 2019 n m fan of him now..

    Paul R

    Enjoy the journey!

  7. TheDenny2

    It's lose, not loose, you threw away the wrong part....

  8. K R ¡ S

    Damn... gorgeous.

  9. ana barkaia

    his music always touches your soul

  10. HoldTheEarth

    I’m imagining me and Jennifer Lawrence listening together to this song...

    lion dream

    Why Jennifer Lawrnce?

  11. Dubravka Pavlic

    I'm overwhelmed and mesmerised .

  12. Laura S.

    My God, music doesn't get any better then Waits. He has the most incredible voice this world will ever know. There isn't a better song writer in history. No one will ever compare to Waits, and I mean ever. He makes every other musician look mediocre.

  13. Adolf Hitler

    This is remind me.......who the f*ck is Bob Dylan ! ?

  14. one H

    personally I don'T throw stuff away ...

  15. marcos

    I feel it deep inside

  16. discordantmonkey

    time is just memory mixed with desire...

  17. Truth Seeker

    Wow just wow 😮 heartbreaking song

  18. C.A. Savage

    Am I the only one to notice that he quotes T.S. Eliot "time is just memory mixed with desire"?? Most beautiful song.

  19. Blues Rain

    The Part You Throw Away.............

  20. Vasoula Tsiminaki

    forever touched by this song (and by this artist) .

  21. Tasha Vladimiroff


  22. OscarWilde66


  23. OscarWilde66

    Lose isn't spelled "loose". Have you heard of question marks??? This is replete with spelling errors, absence of several commas, and apparently a fear or hatred of capitalization at the outset of each sentence, as well. Amurrikans are slowly, but surely, descending into intellectual quicksand. The advent of the internet has hastened the blossoming of mediocrity.

    Dominic the Defiant

    Geneva1968 😂 Is that all you have? Really? You have absolutely zero creativity or innovation.

    No, no, you're right. How about little bitch? Yeah, that suits you better.

    Dominic the Defiant

    Geneva1968 You're also assuming I'm conservative? Stop pulling things out of your ass. You have more grammatical errors in that paragraph than the number of your IQ.


    Dominic the Defiant
    You're less educated than I thought! Pleazzze continue, o' vacuous one. This is great entertainment!

    Dominic the Defiant

    Geneva1968 Nah, I've just been sitting here fucking with you for the last half an hour. You get so offended. It's fun.

    Dominic the Defiant

    Anyways, now I'm bored because you're just getting annoying. I won't indulge your arrogant narcissism anymore.

    Have a good night. Try not to hurt yourself by thinking too hard, little boy ;)

  24. DND 98

    I want houdinis hands too man

  25. Lisa

    gänsehaut pur 🖤

  26. Jessica Rabbit

    Danny Bond, I think you know more than you realise.

  27. Squeezie Bee

    Been listening to Tom Waits for 6-7 years now, still keep discovering amazing songs, still catching up...

    Kevin Hallisey

    Samira Friis wow, I'm jealous. You have SO MUCH to discover. Buckle up and enjoy the ride

  28. Edward Lee

    I love this beautiful sad song !  He sounds somewhat like Leonard Cohen.

    Matti Hiivala

    Yes VCohen, but I think more Brel ...

  29. Sasy Lasy

    He still alive???I hope So.

    Megan P.

    Sasy Lasy Yep! I may be wrong but I think he's 64 now.

    Sasy Lasy

    Thank you dear Franky p.

    Sasy Lasy

    I really love he's voice 😍😘

    Megan P.

    Sasy Lasy You're absolutely welcome. I do too! Have a wonderful day! c:

    Sasy Lasy

    Same to you too as well dear Franky p.😘

  30. Esajuhani EeJii Seppänen

    Throud to The Highways and roads which lead ya nowhere...

  31. Ines A


  32. Google Music Channel

    Tom Waits - The Part You Throw Away

  33. Danny Bond

    I Fear the day I get memory loss if ever and forget Tom's wonderfully strange music... I'm not going to try figuring out what I like about Tom because the mystery of why I'm a massive fan at the age of 18 is what makes it more enjoyable to me. A few of his songs I can some what relate to but I guess when I'm older and have been through more things in life more and more of his magnificent songs will speak to me in different ways :) thank you Tom for some true music


    Danny Bond if you do get memory loss and forget strangely wonderful sounds you'll have the good fortune of rediscovering music you never knew you loved. My mother has dementia


    My goodness, the way these songs stick in memory. I wish I could hear it for the first time. This old crooner conjures up emotion in a way that only scent can compare to.

    Anna Horváth

    Danny Bond in my experience the last thing you want to listen to is Tom Waits when all of a sudden your life turns into a Tom Waits  song. It's too painful.

    Guillaume de Bassompierre

    Discovered Tom Waits when I was 18 and he's accompanied every single high and low since (I'm 46)... My experience has also been different than Anna Horvath here below. It's when I'm at my most melancholic and blue that Tom Waits truly reveals himself to me. Fight fire with fire!

  34. Seleucus Nicator

    does anyone have an idea what instruments are used in this song? and of course tom waits voice is as godly as always, cheers to him

    Seleucus Nicator

    @Danny Bond thanks mate, appreciate it

    icegirl 75

    Grand Poobah Of Penis I know one of things is a banjo

    Profound Studio

    Accordian, Violin (plucked/pizzicato), clarinet & guitar

    Yuri Danylko

    Clarinet, banjo played very mutely, guitar being played very mutely, some type of bass guitar

    Fin's Contingency Plan

    mandolinda6 you are correct, there is an upright bass being plucked. I think it maybe a viola being plucked and not a cello but I might be wrong.

  35. Sasa Simonovic

    Jedna od meni najomiljenijih.....

    Danijel Milosavljevic

    da se naježiš

    Goran Djeric

    I meni! Potresno!

  36. SlatkoLjutoKiselo

    Forget I've hurt you
    Put stones in our bed
    And remember to never
    Mind instead

  37. nina '

    all I hear is Castiel

  38. Elham M


  39. Kathleen Engblom


  40. Bruno Ribeiro

    Portuguese is spelled with an U.

  41. Mark8395217

    I believe this... and I believe it strongly. No matter how much you and I like his writings and his music. His writings are not for us. Even though I'm his biggest fan (next to you of course), I believe Mr Waits has given the most enduring gift of all time... Real music for my Grandchildren to listen to and learn from. Mr Waits, I am forever in your debt.

  42. ezcat106

    Listen to Rain Dogs.... a the boys just dive into the streets and a thousand pigeons die at her feet , or Xmas card from a hooker in Minneappls , or Rubys Arms if that doesn't break your heart... listen to Time Time Time ...... Napoleons Saloon , On The Nickel . lots and lots more too. i'm a fan since early 70's ... both Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen

    Mary Midwestill

    The voices...the poetry (& prose).  I was thinking of Leonard C. just now, while smushed in the heart by this song of Tom's. Thank you for the recommendations.

  43. tunretni

    I say PROUDLY, I discovered Tom just after Small Change came out. I heard Tom Traubert's Blues on the radio and called the station to find out who sang this song. A very friendly Helen Leight at WIOQ helped me figure it out.

    I've loved him ever since.

  44. Harry Vsingersongwriter

    All the more incredible he never had a hit in his life but all the world knows who he is.

  45. Harry Vsingersongwriter

    It's a golden combination, Tom writes the music and his wife Kathleen Brennan writes most of the lyrics. You should know Sarah, girls do most things better than men :-))

  46. Dom Anderson

    Is he talking about a chicken bone? I jest of course!! Amazing!!

  47. Dom Anderson

    He's a Genius!!!!

  48. miraculous lee

    may i say congrats to those who enjoy his music, (everyone i know) would say what f**king shit are you listening to we have our own taste not every one elses :)

  49. miraculous lee

    im pretty sure hes just talking about himself prob lol .amazing addicted to this :)

  50. Judit Kamondi

    hagyjuk ezt - a fickó tökéletes

  51. Miguel Borges

    Portuguese saloon. PortUguese. From Portugal. E provavelmente com moscas, sim.

  52. bakikatana

    just a little pinch of never growing up

  53. AlmostOuttaHellview

    Humans don't. Tom Waits does. He was created in a lab. On another planet. In a different galaxy.

  54. Nobody4president

    a guitar and clarinet,
    a violin played pizzicato,
    a bass and cello,
    a string of pearls sung by the master
    if this was the only song he had ever written,
    he would still be great

  55. Nobody4president

    How indeed. I have been asking this question for over 30 years.
    With all due respect to his wife for her contributions as well.
    He was tremendous solo and stupendous since his wife/muse has joined him.

  56. Stephen Martinez

    This is magic.

  57. Kenneth Miller

    i agree, every peice of art i paint contains regret & loss without understanding.

  58. Filipa Ferreira

    Portoguese? You have offended me! Tom Waits is wonderfully singing and mentions my country and you kill it with grammar...

  59. Irene Aegerter

    Ich liebe ihn...

  60. Antonetta Stoops

    Love this song, cannot do it justice, but gave it a shot anyways in my own odd way.

  61. Carol O'Hagan

    as in all transcendent art, tom manages to touch something that is deeper than any verbal explanation could be, no need to explain or comprehend meaning, just listen to his soul speak of regret and loss.

  62. Jay Rash

    Hell no, my cigarettes smokes themselves listeninig Tom Waits.

  63. Sandono

    He has the voice of Father Time.

  64. EL Rayo

    Tom Waits isnt a human being. Hes a physical manefestation of a poetic soul


    EL Rayo
    There is no "soul", deluded child. Just our wee little minds.

  65. Anti1989Creative

    2AM and this song yawned me to ascend asleep towards the real world. What a cherished lullaby.

  66. DrNue

    can't explain but i understand every single line subconsciously

    Studio Maalstroom

    He talks in feelings as if they were paintings, each sentence framing another painting.

    Rosa Carne

    @Studio Maalstroom great metaphore! ;)

  67. streetspiritben's genius...

  68. I don't even care.

    not sure i completely understand the meaning of this song

  69. Ashraf Fayadh

    his voice is different in every song he sings, how does he do that ?!

  70. Legion Seven

    how does a human being have the ability to write like this...

  71. Kazzimirski

    @Theodus That was what I thouhgt too, when I saw this. This song, and the whole CD in fact, is so pure genious. Don't understand why it is not much better known...

  72. mrdjsplice

    lose, not loose

  73. Teratogenetics

    @TheZairae Our bodies understand more than our conscious minds.

  74. Devlin Baker

    This music makes my throat and chest tight, though I'm still not even sure how exactly to interpret the song. Waits is awesome.

  75. juve0nile

    A great man with a great voice.

  76. Scarlettredtea

    I love this song, it became one of my favortite TW songs!!