Tom Waits - She Stole The Blush Lyrics

A window left open
and the pillow is soaking wet
who says love, ever comes without tolls
she sends no kindness
no words of regret
when she put the fork in the road
there's a ring with a diamond missing
it was lost in the backseat of a car
there's a dollar on the floor in the kitchen
christmas lights blinking on a long dead
tree in the parlour
cheaters never prosper
cheaters never win
long hair big eyes
and she always needs money
did I find her?
or was she the one who chose?
I wanna drown
like a fly in the honey
and she stole the blush
from the rose
long hair big eyes and she always needs money
did i find her
or was she the one who chose
i wanna drown
like a fly in the honey
because she stole the blush
from the rose

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Tom Waits She Stole The Blush Comments
  1. Gary Anderson

    Waits does nothing for me anymore far more entertaining musicians out there in the world today who have for the most part never heard of waits which is cool in many regards. Plus many of the younger musicians are keeping there political parties to themselves. Entertainers so just entertain not preach to us.

  2. тристан робертсон

    deep respect to him!

  3. Дима Дима

    спасибо, Том. за юность и за зрелость , спасибо за все !

    Paata Chakhnashvili

    Bravo Dima!

  4. Наталья Валиева

    Чикаго.! Да ладно

    Chakhnashvili Paata

    do you know another name for this song?

    Наталья Валиева

    @Chakhnashvili Paata не-а а вы?

  5. тот который

    70 лет сегодня !! Крут!

  6. São de Lucia

    Oh yeah

  7. yummyjackalmeat

    RIP Larry Taylor

  8. Bo Hu

    A true artist.

  9. phil melton


  10. E. R. Bowles

    R.I.P. Larry Taylor. One of of the greatest bassists ever. And he could sing and play lead guitar and slide guitar.

    Chakhnashvili Paata

    Unfortunately he died on August 19, 2019

  11. falconflight98

    You know your dam good when you got Orson Wells on guitar

  12. Logan's Hot Rod & 4X4

    Played that shit more than 5 years ago & the world still not ready for it. Tom Waits is the MAN!!!😎

  13. Arg Etect

    Didn't realize Louis CK played pianner.

  14. falconflight98

    Maybe, just maybe things will be better... in Chicago

  15. wood jackson

    Fucking cool man.

  16. bone ck

    @3:21 Beefheart lives

  17. falconflight98

    Try Chocolate Jesus

  18. falconflight98

    The mad hatter strikes

  19. Jose Daluz

    Never enough to say that i am so happy Tom Waits is still around.

  20. Trey Lepper

    Joey Diaz was one of the 52 dislikes.

  21. Marc De Douvan

    That "bad thing" is called "swing".

  22. AmodinAM

    This guy can sing.

  23. skipper birdwood

    I like Tom Waits but whenever I hear him I'm reminded of what an original talent Captain Beefheart was

  24. Barry Warne KJX

    what a band ... isn't that David Hidalgo on guitar?

  25. Jaimeluis Organic

    A immm chicaguu shuuuu, great Tom Waits ever

  26. RAB

    He never had a bad Letterman performance.

  27. Robin Moody

    Goosebumps everyone I watch and hear this!

  28. Clint Clower

    Born white ....soul is black....gotta b .....white people ain't got that much soul

  29. R. K.

    Muddy Water's son (Big Bill Morganfield) on the red guitar there...

  30. Sarah

    Is the drummer in the maroo cap his son or a relative????

  31. Alan Nolan

    Brilliant all that was missing was some one playing the harmonica it would have added another dimension to an already cool bluesy song

  32. андрей кольский

    мазафака, еть его в срⱯку, красавец...

  33. Anthony White

    I love Tom Waits

  34. Glen Ackerman

    bassist rocking the Ray Brown right hand

  35. vukovicrados

    Tom Waits has the coolest cats in the band.

  36. Rolf Krayer

    what an efing genius

  37. Валерий Лебедь

    ,.. >the ETERNAL in the ETERNITY=the ETERNITY in the ETERNAL> ......,

  38. m3a3z3e

    The world doesn't deserve dogs and Tom Waits.

  39. Steve Sheldon

    Fantastic. The groove was so deep I for once wasn't wanting a guitar solo because it didn't need one. Not that David Hidalgo wouldn't have come up with something perfect.

    Steve Sheldon

    This groove is so deep Chinese rice farmers are shaking their asses.

    Barry Warne KJX

    @Steve Sheldon jeeesus ... not sure whether to cringe or keep grinnin' ... I salute you, you magnificent bastard

  40. LouMarBow LouMarBow

    Tom is The Man. Is he left-handed?

  41. Femi Williams


  42. michel Charbonneau

    I wish i could meet Tom W. In person one day...he is amazing!



  44. Patricio Fernandez

    I want to live inside this song

  45. Richard Chapman

    "Hunhggghhh" - David Letterman 2012

  46. nuno oliveira

    Fabuleux .

  47. Matthew R

    Anyone else wonder what his voice was like as a kid?

  48. The Real Si-B

    This just rocks

  49. Fred Muller

    He gives 💯

  50. Antony Irvine

    No one does Tom Waits like Tom Waits

  51. Talkin Bout Nawlins

    Cool! David from Los Lobos on guitar.Mr Waits is a bad mfer!

  52. kiwimike31

    The concentration on those musoes is intents.

  53. Jean-pierre VIENNE

    je connaissais la voix de Joe Coecker mais pas celle de Tom Waits... belle découverte!

  54. maría andrea lópez toache

    David Hidalgo from Los Lobos at the guitar

    Muhammad Smith

    maría andrea lópez toache along with Larry Taylor from canned heat and the monkees, Augie Meyers from Sir douglas quartet, muddy waters son, tom waits son, and a preservation hall jazz band saxaphonist. what a lineup!

    brad trimble

    @Muhammad Smith Wow!

  55. Roman S

    Poet and one of a kind.

  56. Carlos Mondragon

    I'm speechless, pure genius. I am forever a Tom waits fan

  57. phil melton

    Thank God for Tom Waits.

  58. Гадский Папа

    уейтс супер

  59. Marcin Olszewski

    It's amazing. About 40 years and still not a single bad, average, or "just good" song. Every single one is a unique masterpiece.

    mark wakephord

    Can anyone out there just imagine TW and Screamin Jay on stage together? WOW!!!

  60. Robin Moody

    Dang, that Band! That Man Tom Waits...time for LIVE 2018!

  61. David Moulton

    is that Tom junior on drums?

    Andy Seven

    Casey Waits

  62. Josh Levinsky

    "You know where I can be found
    Where the rainbow hits the ground
    I’m not alone
    I’m not afraid
    This bird has flown from his cage
    There’s so much magic we have known
    On this sapphire we call home"


  63. Tim Maloney

    great tune with David Hidalgo..

  64. mike hoage

    nice man

  65. K T

    I'd wait to hear Waits, no matter how long it takes. :) Seriously.

  66. Colin Hamilton

    One cool dude ,great performance !

  67. Priscila França Ramos

    Man... What a voice

  68. Phuong Weary

    Jesus gave tom his voice


    The futility of all this shit just bugs me out.

  70. adogchasingcars

    How can someone NOT love TW?

  71. Ray Peralta

    a los lobo on guitar?

  72. J M

    Strange HALF swing feel going on here...

  73. Jeff Rafferty

    a genius in action, these musicians sit on their arses 364 times a year, he extended fully extended them on this one evening, they got better as the song went on, he dragged them into action, a fckg great clip, great clip, fckg great clip. he is a fcker.

  74. Raffaela Scintu

    fucking genious.İ love you !!!!!

  75. B B

    The 25 people who gave this a "thumbs down" need to give their heads a shake


    find me in nakano in tokyo;.....

  77. Николай Ильин

    Можно сказать, что нашёл.

  78. Amanda McBride

    FCKN DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....!

  79. Адвокат

    так себе

  80. Finnish Hippie

    muthafucking Muddy Water's son on guitar....


    and...David Hidalgo from Los Lobos on guitar..and Augie Meyers on the keys!! What a crew!!!

    Old Jon Heath

    yep, pretty much sitting here in awe

  81. sergio ialacci

    Un mito vivente!!!

  82. KMOV

    Thanks Tom, Chicago is better for your song

  83. lillyandruben

    This is good

  84. Willi Busch

    i love this oldschool hooligan!!! A LEGEND FOR ME AND A MUSICAL HERO WILLI

  85. RowdyMoon Magill

    Love Tom Waits...and even better is seeing Larry Taylor on Bass.!!

    Riqx Zyl Ragasa

    qchip j jn. n

  86. Brian Applebee

    Good lord...genius. Dave had Tom on from start...I miss Dave.

  87. rodsreel

    Old school blues keeping on the one chord for more than one phrase - keeps the tension going all the way - doesn't release it at all - great feel for music and drama in a song. Genius.

    Patricio Fernandez

    rodsreel It takes a brilliant musical mind to write a fantastic song like this one using just one chord. Composers will often stray from the main feeling of a song by modulating too much or adding flashy chord changes to disorient the listener, but what they do with 15 chords Tom can achieve with one or two of the most basic ones. This song is a prime example: uncomforting harmony, addictive groove.

    Kurt Stracener

    Yeah man these guys are floating on this groove so good!


    Patricio Fernandez Scelsi did an entire orchestral piece with just one note !

    axel fauves

    That's it Waits is kind of a genius. His always innovative rhythmic section, his rich vocabulary and deep wide range of his lyrics, his unique voice and the way he uses it, wow, Waits goes from jazz into blues and viceversa so nice and easily... Waits cooks and tastes and deliver us his own jewel songs in such a sophisticated style. No one as this fellow. Waits is a world apart. Have past hours and then days, hearing only Tom and not even then willing to quit his universe. And I keep entrying once and again in his universe. Think it is a music to hear alone, very often. So touching he can be. He makes you think and feel, at once, a lot. A great, excellent artist. 🎶💎💜👌

  88. ohanley100

    The Tom Waits Run....May 7th Tønsberg Norway.....All Aboard!!!!

  89. Talal Ahmed

    Rain Dog Jr's on drums

  90. Paul and Bernice Moore

    I love this guy. He is so interesting.

  91. Ulix Ulisse

    MOZART can understand !

  92. LilRoachZone

    bad as me....great album
    I love the track "hell broke luce" so expressionist and strong
    oh, I almost forgot...his voice....

  93. bergerfry

    Chuck Norris went to a Tom Waits concert once, he's still there.

  94. wood jackson

    "maybe things whu'hill be better in Chicago!" wow, that man!

  95. Stuart Livermore

    I wonder where he found a trucker that can play upright bass

    Tomas Gonzales

    this is the funniest comment ive seen on youtube.

    Beaver Lake Motorsports

    can you find a clean cut guy that can do the same?

    irvin davids

    That trucker is the legendary Larry Taylor from canned heat!!

    The Garage Doors

    That’s Larry “The Mole” Taylor. He’s played on a lot of Tom Wait’s records and is best known for being the longtime and founding bassist for Canned Heat.

    E. R. Bowles

    @Tomas Gonzales well it's one of the most clueless. That's Larry Taylor of Canned Heat. He played Monterey Pop, Woodstock.... He was the real bassist for the Monkees.

  96. wood jackson


  97. Andrew watson

    Pure class

  98. lolizorz

    I gotta learn the lyrics to this one.This is pretty fucking amazing!

  99. Vano Tsiklauri

    Really Great!!!