Tom Rosenthal - Morning Lyrics

It's nice in the morning, it's nice in the morning.
I've got butter on my bread
I've got thoughts in my head.

Its nice in the morning, it's nice in the morning
I got the sun on my toast,
I got the sun on my toast.

It's nice in the morning.
It's nice in the morning.
The Quiet is the king,
the breeze it does sing.

You're nice in the morning
You're nice in the morning
You gaze into your brew
Oh the morning was built for you.

Its nice in the morning,
Its nice in the morning
I got my butter on my face
She's got smiles on her face
We got morning all over place

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Tom Rosenthal Morning Comments
  1. Emelia Söderlund

    One of my favourite songs
    Love how it captures the present morning feeling
    Community videos are cool

  2. Laura._.

    Wer kommt noch von „Druck“?🙋🏼‍♀️

  3. madsie

    Not sure why this makes me feel like crying. It's just,, so nice.

  4. Vivian Hls

    Druck- Mia and Alex❤️

  5. Tonia Czopowicz

    This is like the most beautiful song I have ever heard!💜

  6. fer campxs

    Druck 💛

  7. Sidney

    *Who else is coming from germanys "Druck" Episode 15?*

    Elene Kachkachishvili


  8. partha sarathi mishra

    I m not a morning person but this may change my mind once and for all

  9. Frency

    Thank you for using my clip!!

  10. Sara AlSuwaidi

    My favorite song 😭💗💗👏🏼

  11. Lili Vargas

    2:35 I miss doing that

  12. Grace Clinton

    I was watching this and was thinking how much this was edited like a Tim Kellner video.
    And what do ya know!?

  13. Laura Poole

    Amazing xx

  14. Jazmyn Love

    I listen to this every school morning and still love it each day

  15. Mikołaj Kałużny

    This song really made me, happy 😌

  16. Naomi S

    I love the calm beauty of this video and song! All the love people and animals make my heart so happy!

  17. Shane Samaranayake

    Holy fuck. Beautiful human beings.

  18. rrr rrr

    My lovely alarm clock song!

  19. Shane Kunz

    I think Z-Sides is my favorite album of 2018. This song, Morning O, is a truly epic conclusion to that album. It's a glorious morning after an emotional roller coaster of a night.

  20. Splashgun TV

    I Love that Song ❤️❤️😍😍

  21. Lisa Drottar

    This is amazing. Love your creativity!

  22. sofija mšvć

    It seems sometimes we forget what mornings can feel and be like. Thank you for the reminder.

  23. Rory Jaden

    This makes me feel strangely excited/motivated to get up in the morning thank you for this

  24. Anahit Martirosyan

    I love all your songs and videos ❤️))) You are amazing, thank you 🙏

  25. rappa ____

    Officially the song that I’m gonna hear every morning from now and on 👌😍✨

  26. Riana M.

    wake up with view and with this song as accompany

  27. I breathe depression

    This smells like the air after a big storm. Cold and fresh. Love it

  28. adrian eylers

    My clip made it into a Tom Rosenthal music video! Now I can die happy :D

  29. Thir is

    To many o in my mudafckng meal

  30. a m

    everyone w their aesthetic ass morning rituals and then there's me, oversleeps alarm, sprints out of bed, swallows brekkie, out the door, still not awake..

    Who even knows??

    And sleeps in the car (I don't drive)

  31. SuperDuperMan96

    Beautiful video, teeth look great @matthew

  32. Ary Halstead

    Thank you. This was very nice to watch. So many different faces and routines ❤

  33. Autumn Berthold

    I love this! Thank you so much 🖤 (also I gasped when I saw my video of the Bart at the end)

  34. Charles Coulter

    Yeah I need to learn to play this song.

  35. Eatyourself

    I miss summer 😢

  36. Joshua Benson

    fucking beautiful


    fuckin amazing

  37. IzzyIzzy Chalkley

    You never fail to astound me


    same i was astounded

  38. AshFig

    this is adorable also so are the guys at 1:59

  39. Selina L.

    Your songs give me chills ❤️

  40. Christian

    i love this so much, the variety and simplicity, it feels like bits of the world moving together.

  41. BarrySTFUSrsly

    Never stop making music, Tom!

  42. Jurek Obr

    Good job :D

  43. thousand men

    this is beautiful.

  44. Elizabeth Lott

    Love you, Tom!! :)

  45. Ali'

    11th november. 10:49 am. Best morning ever. ❤🎵

  46. TheSeashellable

    I love these clips; it turned out beautifully. I made a few attempts at a video submission but the perfectionist in me got the better of me at the time. Seeing all these scenes makes me cherish those little habits we all have that makes us unique. Also...I am a bit jealous of the amazing views people have from their windows and balconies-wow!

  47. Victoria Winters

    It's very nice♥️

  48. Amanda Brindle

    I can’t believe I made it into a Tom Rosenthal music video!

  49. Jannis Bierschenk

    the girl at 2:24 :D haha


    That was cute. Very honest of her to submit her blooper haha

    Jannis Bierschenk

    TheSeashellable yes!

  50. darling c

    que hermoso!

  51. Júlia Garcia Tronco

    wow, what a beautiful video! Greetings and love from Brasil <3

  52. Anas Mohamed

    Thank you Tom for this song, really i need like this song's.

  53. dj cheesecake

    Good morning, everyone :)

  54. dj cheesecake

    Ahh I just woke up, and this is so pleasant to listen to :)

  55. Melanie Anne Ahern

    makes me wanna wake up and get sh*t done

  56. All Things Fairy

    Goodness, this is on my playlist for mornings now! Thank you!

  57. Grace Stacy

    Ugh this video makes me want to wake up before the sunrise, go for a light jog, drink a smoothie with fruits and greens, and then settle down to read a book while I bask in the glow of the rising sun 🥰

  58. Maja J

    Getting out of the bed in the morning hurts less with this song ❤️

  59. JayCreates☮

    Beautiful works as always my friend 💥

  60. Thepurplekatana

    I’ve been playing this song to wake up recently

  61. Happy lara

    Already love this song <3

  62. Mysterious_ K

    The final clip, ugh my whole body just relaxed, thanks Tom ❤️

  63. Greer The Compass Girl

    Lovely song, and all of Tom's videos which use footage sent in by people make me cry, and make me fall in love with humanity all over again

  64. Nic MM

    I’ve found my new alarm clock song!

    Dreirad Kecks

    Nonono dont do that! After one week you will regret choosing this beautiful song as your alarm clock! You wont be able to listen to this song ever again

  65. Maria Wójcik

    Excellent work Tom, i love it 💕 with every next song my respect to you is growing up and up

  66. Janusz Andrzej

    Good work ^^

  67. Zoe Scott

    This is so beautiful in all the ways 💛

  68. JOANNÉ

    So perfect!!!! I Wake up right now listing this Song. So much love from Brazil 💛💚💛💚💛💚💛

  69. Clémence Sauvaget


  70. racsubscidal

    it's so adorable i'm gonna cry

  71. Blue River

    Absolutely beautiful

  72. Sarah DS

    This album is truly the embodiment of serenity. In a world filled with stress, deadlines and hurrying, it stands out in its simplicity and calms me down so much.

  73. Miłka Polak

    b e a u t i f u l

  74. Jazmyn Love

    What an amazing thing to wake up to x

  75. Anna Butler

    2:10 I love the subtle video of Bess and Fenn 😂 ❣️


    That was one of my favorite parts! It's adorable how they look at each other then did a little shrug and smiled on afterwards 😊

  76. Daenerys Targaryen

    I want to live in the house at 0:42

    Zeynep H.

    Imagine the bugs and the night

  77. Matthew Rutten

    I'm a Thumbnail!!!

    Bridget Kennedy


    random earthling


  78. Charlie Geddes

    Tom Rosenthal, you never fail to leave me speechless. Every piece of your music is a work of art, please never stop. ✨✨

  79. Kayla Slattery

    Cutest video ever!

  80. Fifirobsonponte

    Thank You Tom for releasing this on my country Poland 100th Anniversary of Independence

  81. Bálint Anna

    I love itx the video the song, awesome😊

  82. dani hydrant

    0:57 THAT'S MY DOGGO!!!


    dani hydrant arf

  83. Ajju jan


  84. Asuna W

    This is the real Tom Rosenthal ^^

  85. PleasingPiano Man

    Well Goodmorming indeed!

  86. Blue Ghoul

    Omg it's amazing. I have morning now xdd

  87. Azechio Kenfack Ronald

    Tom your the best

  88. Lilla Komáromi

    It just makes me wanna get out of bed in the morning :)


    i agree!!

  89. Eden Olivier

    Love this so much

  90. Myles Vice

    You're always good for a smile <3

  91. Dana Sadek

    The ultimate morning song 🙌

  92. Marta Wis

    Tom, your creations are pure magic <3

  93. Sgt Lynx

    Yeah, this is cool

  94. Phoenix Léa

    Fell in love with morning :')