Tom Rosenthal - Ian Lyrics

Oh Ian, the life the life
The dusty old books
Port on the carpet
The stains the stains

Oh Ian, the face the face
The sense of a lifetime
Snap of the old light
The room the room

Oh Ian I'll bring the old box
Where the quiet lies and the time died
Oh Ian I'll bring it all for you to see

Oh Ian, the words the words
Valiant moments
Sewed from the old hope
The life the life

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Tom Rosenthal Ian Comments
  1. Sean L

    This is the first song of yours I ever listened to about 6 or 7 years ago. Your'e still one of my absolute favorite artists.

  2. melancholia 728

    the best song ever! I am in love

  3. Mia Gwynedd

    This song deserves so much more recognition than it has

  4. Janek Skiba

    "I'll bring the old box, where the quiet lies and the time died"
    There's just something about this... I don't know what to say

  5. Aziza Saidova


  6. aylie

    Oh, this is wonderful ❤️

  7. bag

    Such grand one.

  8. Aoife Ní Eireamhóin

    My boy Tommy out here making art in 2013

  9. AlAssad Watson

    There's a hair on the upper right corner at 1:45... use a clean water next time :D

  10. Mackai

    Bless jake chudnow jesus

  11. Kelly Wilsey

    For my son Ian who is with God ♡ I love you so much♡ can't wait to see you mommy loves you♡ 12/18/01-11/28/16

  12. Oleg Krishcko

    anybody know the meaning or inspiration for this song?

  13. Maria P

    I don´t know how you do it tom you're an amazing artist in every sense of the word aaaaa

  14. Gracie Noel

    This song and safe and sound by Taylor swift would mash well lol I love it

  15. T0mat0S0up

    I'm blinded by the light of this

  16. ChillySunny

    Thanks to Jake Chudnow who remixed this song. This way I found this amazing musician that I was never heard of :)

  17. H M

    The scent of memory.

  18. NatteaGreen

    My favourite thing about this world is your brain :-)

  19. Franky H.

    underrated song

  20. AbbeyGenevieve

    My precious kitty, Stewie, had to be put to sleep yesterday, and this song has gained so much meaning for me. I believe it's about reflecting on one's life and cherishing the good before things worsened. I bought this song and have been listening to it for hours straight. I absolutely love your heartfelt work, Tom.

  21. katuroo

    makes me think of Nick Drake

  22. Brid O Donnell

    reminds me of my ex

  23. Adam Ksiazek

    Dear Tom, thank you i found the piece of my soul.

  24. nuée

    This music is amazing, and anyone unlike it's IMPOSSIBLE. U're the best man. Good luck :)

  25. confused hedgehog

    Thank you Tom for making beautiful music that makes me and everybody so happy

  26. Kawaii-Potato

    This song is so precious to best friend was named Ian... :) 

  27. Ericka Janes

    Oh, Tom.
    Your songs make me wanna do something super-creative and different 

    And your music makes everything better.  

    Chez - Shire

    +Ericka Janes I totaly agree with that ! it makes you feel bad to procrastinate and you want to do something revolucionary (I don't know if we can say that haha, I'm french and I hope my english is too bad). You want to do something creative yes !

  28. Ara Pehlivanian

    Oh my aching heart.

  29. Bridget Docherty

    My little dog, whom has been my best pal since I was 2 just passed - this song felt relevant (if I change 'Ian' to my dogs name) <3

  30. ShaolinMonkster

    Brought by Jakechudnow
    That was brought to me by Vsauce!

    eiee aie

    From which episode??


    Me too, saw his remix have been hooked ever since

  31. just listened to jake chudnows homage to your song. both are amazing. what is it about?


    if you listen to the hotline miami soundtracks we probably have the same exact taste in music lol

  32. Elizabeth Gillen

    Does anybody have the piano chords for this?

  33. Booger Goblin

    I've listened to it about 17 times in a row now. It's safe to say that you're one of my favorite artists now. Wish this one was bit longer tho. I love it!


    check out Jake chudnows remix of this song, I think it's pretty good, it's how I found him

  34. Parker Staff

    ugh i love this so much, wish there was a way to buy sheet music

  35. Pharozos

    I might be wrong but ... Is this song about a passed pet? thinking this I nearly cried.

  36. claritsa zambrano

    I've neverr herd such a distinct voice like your!! I lovvvvve it!

  37. ArianExtist

    That... wow.

  38. Autumn Shade

    Oh your voice... amazing

  39. mirha


  40. a. h. s.

    every time

  41. Archie W

    Just as good (maybe even better in some cases) as top 20 chart artists but no where near as popular. Why?

  42. ani

    thank u tom rosenthal

  43. Ben Faulkner

    Ok so this music is literally amazing

  44. Archie W

    Thank you so much @JackVsLife for bringing me here. It's immense. Good luck with your road trip. :)

  45. K A

    Beautiful and lovely as always x

  46. Chunky M

    I can't tell you how much I love your music :)

  47. Lucy Axton

    This is simply beautiful, you are so talented.

  48. katinka

    love the video. love the song. love u

  49. Jack Burke

    This is so good...insanely good! Thanks for making my day even better

  50. Matsudaissmex

    I'm in love

  51. VCedraz Ribeiro

    "Valiant moments
    Sewed from the old hope "

  52. Thunder Suckle Fuzz Canyon

    Superb! Please come to Electric Picnic next year?

  53. Tina N

    Your voice... It's magical.

  54. lilitifrock

    It's gorgeous. I don't know why, but I'm crying.

  55. Lukas Kapelke

    Pure art. I love it!

  56. Bethany Rush

    it's just so lovely; he does it every time!

  57. vijaypunjabiable

    Tom rosenthal is a little genius whom I love very dearly

  58. b s


  59. xxchappell

    it's very therapeutic :)

  60. feavs s.a.


  61. C Earner


  62. Hannah Holmes

    I love it the animation is amazingly timed with the music it's beautiful :)

  63. settingnoahfree

    oh tom. thank you.

  64. Finn Hambly

    That was beautiful once again