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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers You And Me Comments
  1. Василий Черток

    Спасибо Том! )

  2. valenius the kat

    I know what my next tattoo is

  3. steelyman08

    Thank you to Adria for putting this together for all of us to enjoy. ♥

  4. jay chase

    I will always and forever love Tom Petty...
    Crying like a baby

  5. evelyn baron

    What I love about the outpouring of grief is that it is coming from everyone, and no more poignant than guys who were somehow better humans having listened to the Heartbreakers, love you all. My husband was obviously not Tom Petty but resembled him physically, which was not important; it was his fellow feeling for dogs and small children so brilliant captured in this glorious home video that moves me. My husband born Dec 14 1950 died two months after Tom Petty of a completely unexpected heart attack; he was in great shape. My idea of Tom Petty is therefore inextribably (sp) mixed up with my feeling about my guy. There was a bleak period, and I'm so grateful for this music to make a kind of sense of life for me.

  6. Joyce S

    Thanks for this beautiful video! I'm one of those devoted fans, who's been there since the beginning of his fantastic career & his first amazing songs!!! It still hurts to know he's not with us but I love seeing all the happiness he had in his life! Tom Petty truly was "An American Treasure!!!!"...and forever loved & missed. We were so lucky to have him on the earth!!!

  7. Karen Stempkoski

    MR THOMAS EARL PETTY. NAtural. Pure. Not phony. Natural born entertainer . Talented. Sing. Song writer. Producer. leader. Love how he says. 1 2 3 4. Better than the beatles. Better than the stones. Rock on Tom.x

  8. Becky Wilson

    I can't stop watching this thank you for doing this for all of us fans who have loved you all these years

  9. Bernadette CHINCIO

    Happy Birthday Thomas thank you so much for your talent and music forever .

  10. Rocky Racoon

    His children are class acts to put this out there. How beautiful. Happy birthday today in heaven Tom Petty!

  11. Martin Dueñas

    Esta versión es increíble!!!!!!!.......T.P. 🙏

  12. Louis Fantini

    This song has such deep meaning at this point in our lives. Miss you Tom, thanks for the many memories your songs bring me

  13. Pamela

    Pass it down; RIP Tom thanks for the love <3

  14. Mike Santoro

    Is there a Clubhouse Version of this song that does not include the fan inserts/voice overs?

    Robert England

    Yup. Its a box set with alternate studio versions of several songs.

    Mike Santoro

    @Robert England Thanks Robert! From looking into that, it looks like its on the "An American Treasure" box set. Is that what you're referring to?

    Robert England

    @Mike Santoro That's the one! Well worth the money.

  15. Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    Well done Adria

  16. Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    When he passed it felt like I lost my best friend...I’ve always been a lone wolf, but always had Tom’s music....felt like I knew him better than most of my own family

  17. Mr.SmithGNR Smith


  18. wayne mullally

    Soon as I heard his voice the tears came. Every day, I now a little bit more how it feels

  19. C- M_n_y 2020 Woo!

    Happy Birthday to Ron Blair 9-16-48.

  20. Shane Berg


  21. Linda Dawson

    Why anyone would give a thumbs down is beyond...this is the BEST version of the song yet!

  22. Mark Shively

    Never manage to keep a dry eye watching this.

  23. Linda Bryant

    Now this man should have been cloned and a village where he is king

  24. Linda Bryant

    So down to earth real man. Tom Petty, has a room at the top of the world. He is so beautiful

  25. Pguilhaus

    A world without Tom Petty is definitely poorer. Terrible loss.

  26. Kato Yasu

    Tom's 12st acoustic guitar sound myfavorite👍️😆

  27. Sigurður H Sigurðsson

    What a "wonderful" man that thing is. Amazing

  28. Justin Goodlin

    "Nah, man... YOU'RE famous. " - Tom Petty

  29. Montravius Daniel

    This clubhouse version music reminds me of myself as a little kid watching old shows on Noggin which used to be on TV 📺.

  30. avtoclub3


  31. Jerikoh O'Cru

    There is something in him that reminds me Beegees.

  32. Just AGuy

    Never forget you buddy

  33. Richard Wrigley

    just so happy his music stands the test of time. just sad to know that no more new stuff to look forward to. rest in peace

  34. m patrick

    a beautiful song from a beautiful person. <3

  35. Phénix

    *Tom Petty is immortal. His legacy still lives on*

  36. Paula Botch

    I absolutely LOVE this. Still hard to remember Tom is gone -- when he's so alive here.

  37. Sandro Rafael da Silva

    Tom Petty, man... you will never forgotten.

  38. Lisa A

    Still heartbroken over the loss of this gifted man. The world got darker without his light.😞

  39. Bonnie Bucklaw

    That voice 😍🤣🔥

  40. steviefanforever

    Can we back up 40 years and do it all over again. If there ever was one musician I could bring back Tom you are the one. Tom you really broke my heart this time. For you and I we will meet again!!! RIP my friend

  41. E Harley Aguilar


  42. Joe Mauer

    Love you forever Tom and The Heartbreakers. So fine.

  43. Mike McArdle

    It doesn't get any better than that right there :-)

  44. The Nonsense Buffer

    This was beautiful. I got this album the other day. I really liked all the live stuff.

  45. allan olson

    Love love love 😀❤️🌞🎸🎸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  46. mike419100

    Thank you Tom Petty - God forever bless your heart

  47. bridget hubred

    Wisconsin loves you Tom

  48. greg fish

    Still don,t seem right.... miss you Tom.

  49. Kitty Terry

    You and me and the road ahead!!!!!!

  50. Kitty Terry

    Love all this so much! Love of!

  51. vrccb

    What a pretty song

  52. bryan findley

    such great stuff... thanx for the music & memories TOM

  53. Drew Anderson

    F'in Awesome. Make me cry

  54. grace brenneman

    This is so very nice, I , We miss this man...He has a room at the Top of the World

  55. Joaquin Shang


  56. friscofreeze

    If only he had taken care of that hip we would still have our Tom Petty

  57. Cheryl Simpson

    This is a wonderful song💞 thank you very much for the memories, You are now one of God's Angel's 👼, l will always miss you, thank you for loving all of us, and for all your gifts of your beautiful songs 💞

  58. robyn lefever

    I know this was written for dana, but it really sounds like he is talking to his fans for his last tour and untimely death. im still heart broken 18 months later. who in the music world I wouldn't trade for tom back

  59. Rob Sniffen

    So wish he didn't have to leave us so soon. The music of our lifetime. A man of substance and a great Floridian. God bless, Mad Hatter.

  60. Fred Mogers

    God bless you Tommy I love you and really miss you!

  61. Michele K.

    To the 112 people that disliked this video: you have no taste in music and you're probably an asshole anyway.

  62. Greg Voloshen

    greatly appreciated

  63. Michele C-F

    This is the last song he asked Dana to turn on so they could listen to it. We all miss you Tom.

  64. Trac Holt

    Can't wait, come on March 1st. Love, myy southern friend. Traci Holt

  65. Anh-Tu Phuc Hoang

    I love this song already.

  66. AmericangirlKim

    Love, love, love  this song!!! I will always miss him...thankful for so much music he left us..

  67. Jeanne Shoemaker

    Just lovely

  68. hollis pencheff

    you cant help but to tear up.. I mean I do miss the man.

  69. friscofreeze

    This song instantly became my favorite upon hearing it for the first time.

  70. evelyn baron

    Thank you Adria.

  71. Cubslugger

    Best song I’ve ever heard r.i.p Tom petty the goat of all singers

  72. Giggetta Mazzamuto


  73. Sunshine LLamb

    i cry every time i hear this

  74. Jennifer Gongora


  75. Sofia Rye

    There will be nobody like him hes 1 in a 1,000,000 RIP Tom Petty

  76. Denis dos Santos

    Absolutely beautiful

  77. mike wiltshire

    love Bens piano on this 1

  78. LyricLover21

    I was fortunate enough to have my photo flash for a nano-second in this incredible production and am so very grateful to honor such a huge force in our lifetime. The whole video brings me to tears, but the pic that moves me to breathlessness is the last one in the series of shots by Tom’s star. The emotion emanates from the gentleman knelling there touching the star. Phenomenal creation by his daughter and all of those involved 🎩

  79. Dharma Beach Bum

    How gracious of Tom's family to share this footage with us. I imagine that it gives them some comfort knowing how many of us will never forget him. Time to get back to my Petty music bender. Rock on, y'all!

  80. jihmns


  81. Sue Grotefeld

    Miss you still Tom, and to Adria, you are definitely your fathers daughter!! loveya

  82. stellastarr69

    Is that Fenway Park or Wrigley Field's scoreboard at 2:13?

  83. michelle88960

    Beautiful, heartbreaking video Adria,

  84. evelyn baron

    Tx to Adria Petty for assembly of video and permission for wonderful fleeting photos. There is an interview with Dana Petty and Benmont Tench around this time. I felt the interviewer was malicious and I think Dana has gone through quite enough. Sorry, ugly facts about getting wonderful music out there. I would hope that people, even after all this time, would rally to her side; best listener, his and her own protector. The music belongs to us all; it is after all the gift we celebrate. But there are human beings behind it. May be I have read things wrong. Welcome comments.

  85. Jason

    Made so special.....

  86. Cubslugger


  87. evelyn baron

    Due to Dana's unimpeachable integrity this song, which I now know meant so much to her, puts everything in perspective. I have a low opinion of the machine which (cogs/ hello people what kind of life do you want to lead) put the album out. I no longer think that it is important to critique it. I love the Robertson Davies Intro to a brilliant collection of short stories: the task of the critic is to elucidate (bring out, into the light|) and to celebrate. You have no business writing about an artist in any genre if you thoroughly dislike the man/woman. You are de facto, a prejudicial witness ... of a kind. Possibly the worst kind. So thank you once again, Dana. And as you remember, in Have Love Will Travel, Tom returned the love of his audience in spades. They are all testimonies of the healing power of music. |No he was not Bruce Springsteen; thank god. There can be only one Springsteen and one Tom Petty and this is not a competition. A natural introvert, I think even in a hockey rink, Tom established a kind of intimacy that was as valid, if not more (comparisons are odious, got that) than BRUUUUUUUCes pyrotecniques, which he found exhilarating and therapeutic. Tom gave himself to his audience. Night after night, rain or shine, fractured hip or not. He died for his audience.

    Greetings to all. And great appreciation to Dana, in spades!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Sam Home

    T.P. and the H.B. could never understand how much they did, how much they are revered.

  89. Paulette Binion

    Tear jerker for sure. There will never be another. My song/soul mate.

  90. Julie Gutierrez

    Still hurts

  91. Max Bucknell

    Didn’t realise I would miss Tom this much until now

    RIP Tom Petty
    Will be lost but not forgotten

  92. Kevin Shaughnessy

    👔 ✌


  93. Lee Christine

    One of the very first songs I remember is American Girl. Id ask my Dad to put it on all the time. Once I had my own way to play music it was the first songs id always download. Now we listen to Tom Petty radio on SiriusXM and I get to hear all his favorite songs too :) Im so happy this video was made. His fans weren't just fans but friends and family. His music brings love and pure joy in ways no other artist can. I cant compare him to anyone else. We lost him too soon but we boy did he leave us such treasures. I hope my kids will remember his music as some of the first they hear 💕

  94. Denise Culley

    If I'm not going to see Tom ever again then i sure wish my family would come for me .....especially for Thanksgiving because i really miss them . I'm not used to this nor will i ever be . I'm sorry but i have no other way of communicating so i have to resort to you tube videos of the comment section just to try to communicate and get any kind of answers or clues and still no one listens or answers me .....why ?????

  95. JD Penny Baker

    His music was the soundtrack of my life and so many lives from my generation ..