Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - You And I Will Meet Again Lyrics

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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers You And I Will Meet Again Comments
  1. Barb S

    We will my friend.....

  2. Veda Starr

    RIP Tom. RIP Brother Mike. 2017

  3. Vinylsearch2015 60

    The creative genius of Tom Petty was his ability of taking the familiar and making something new and exciting out of it.

  4. vitu gameplays

    I love that little reference in the line "don't know how, don't know when".

  5. Maia xo


  6. Thomas Dowdall

    My favourite song from a brilliant record.

  7. onlybrad

    Such a great song for travelers. Meet so many great people and have to say goodbye to them. This song always brought hope that maybe some day.......

  8. klaus thiel


  9. Robert Houser

    love this song

  10. Lisa Mena

    of course

  11. evelyn baron

    this song breaks my heart.

  12. Dharma Beach Bum

    I've been listening to Tom since the 70s and I think "Into the Great Wide Open" is among his best. Can I get a second?

  13. Mr. T

    Love the entire feeling of freedom this song lends me, every time I listen to it.
    So glad others appreciate this beautiful song.

  14. Melanie

    fk yeah!

  15. evelyn baron

    I was angry at a DJ interviewing Benmont Tench who put down Tom Petty as a kind of permanent adolescent and it pissed me off. He had an unsurpassed ability to convey emotion and I find that the connection most important to him was friendship. This is a great example.

  16. Christoph Grambach

    my fav song from the LP besides into the... and all or nothin!! genius LP

  17. susan hutchinson

    I hope so; miss you.

  18. Daryl Massey

    Maybe 2020.....

  19. my name is nobody

    Oh my God i forgot how much i love this piece

  20. Eric K

    This one keeps getting better and better. I guess DTT, Wildflowers and FMM are the consensus Top 3 Petty albums. ITGWO is close.

  21. evelyn baron

    I think on a confessional basis, which he abhorred, he had met Dana, the ineffable and unattainable object of desire, but the brilliance of Tom Petty is that anyone can put their lives into that possible encounter. Then there is the music. He said in an interview, 2015 I think; ok Bob Dylan thinks I am a good poet and I think he is, but you forget, the MUSIC. If it dont sound good, it wont work. Petty speak. And how many of us would give anything for more Petty speak. I know this is about Into the Great Wide Open and it is really important to keep things in chronological order but this guy somehow pierced those clouds. Belated RIP. And Ghoopty, yes euphoria. Totally with you man.

  22. Nicholas Shaw

    The quality of our dreams are both a reflection of our thoughts and actions as well as a general foreshadowing of the fate of our souls in the next life...A nightly, temporary karma that beckons us to change - for the good - so as to avoid a more permanent karma...


    The Figure 8 Analogy:

    An analogy on life, death, the dream-state and the symbolism intertwined within the human experience...

    We human beings are not moving in the - abstract - motion of a straight line towards death (for instance, the numerical straight line of say 1-89), rather we are moving in the motion of a figure 8...The Figure 8 is a natural repeating pattern that is divided into two halves and is thus the perfect symbol to represent the human life cycle and our two primary states of existence that we are continuously moving in and out of -the awake state and the dream-state.

    When we awake from sleep, we come full circle to when we fall back asleep (represented by the bottom half of the figure 8), and when we go into the dream-state, we come full circle to when we awake from the dream-state (represented by the top half of the figure 8). Upon death, the figure 8 of life untwines, but it is not the body untwining from the mind that this analogy represents. It's two states of mind untwining to form a larger state of mind...(8->0)...Because the awake state is really a state -of mind, with our body's physical reality "consciously" intertwined, and the dream-state is also a state -of mind, with our body's physical reality "subconsciously" intertwined. Therefore; upon death, these two states "of mind" untwine to form a larger state of mind...A state that has all the potentialities of the dream world (flying, telepathy, psychokinesis, etc) combined with all the actualities of the awake world(nature, form, bonds, etc). This I refer to as the "transitional analogy."

    While conceiving this analogy I realized life and death must be perceived - from one point of view - as seperate entities(the transitional analogy(8-0), but must also be perceived - from another point of view - as inseparable entities(the symbolic analogy), both of which are ultimately linked by the dream state.

    The symbolic analogy consists of the untwined figure 8 of life/the 'circle of death' - abstractly -overlapping the 'circle of life'/the earth, with the overlappment representing the dream-state (like the common area in a venn diagram) which implies that the dream-state is just as much a part of life as is of death - by which semi-explains precognitive dreams, prodromal dreams, "visitations" by deceased relatives, etc, for the dream-state has a foothold in the afterlife - and is based on the premise that "while our body sleeps, our dream-state symbolically represents the state that awaits upon our body's ultimate rest.

    In other words, while we are lying down and -sleeping/dreaming, this natural process symbolizes where we go when we're ultimately lying down/dead -to a place "like" our dream-state...A state "of mind", with our body's physical bonds eternally engrained and intertwined.


  23. Daryl Massey

    Brady Jack!!!! Someday all the rules will bend!!!!

  24. Jean Mohring

    I am bawling my eyes out,this touches my soul so deeply

  25. SuperUrsusmaritimus

    you and I will meet again Tom. RIP.

  26. Gruntfuttock100


  27. Daryl Massey

    For my boy, Brady Jack. Love You Boy!!

  28. Cheryl Conrad

    Happy Birthday in heaven Tom rip

  29. Sharon Holland

    Birthday wishes today. Gone but not forgotten. ♡

  30. Dany Ramírez

    like a star.

  31. Dominique

    Tom rest in peace ...

  32. Ink Stain

    "You and I will meet again" - Shit, that line made me tear up a little. My father and I are still listening to your music on the old cassette recorder in his car whenever we're driving. I grew up with your music and it makes life a shade brighter everytime I hear it.

  33. chronicdeist

    Goodbye my friend. I look forward to our next meeting. RIP

  34. Mike McHugh

    Have played this song along with many others of Toms for so long and I just can't believe that he's now gone. I will continue to play these songs with a heavy heart and a grateful one too.

  35. Wes Klatt

    Ain't that a great Fuckin song???

  36. Crash Dastardly

    I was in college, Daytona Beach FLA! This hit the airwaves and life was good. Saw him on the tour for this album in Gainesville. great show and a great time. I will always think his best work was with the Wilburys. Miss you Charlie T. Jr.

  37. victoria smith

    Peace. Into the great wide open. I hope we meet again.

  38. Marco Vilca maylle

    you and i will meet again ,tom someday

  39. chipmcutube

    RIP Tom Petty. You will be missed!!

  40. Nightmare Mangle

    I feel like I just lost a family member

  41. CHI-TownYankee

    You will never know my friend. I hope we meet again. Love forever.

  42. kate lexner

    Rest in peace.

  43. moraleskush420

    Shit this is making me cry. I grew up on his music my dad listened to this all the time. RIP Tom a huge reason I got into playing music was because of your music. You will be greatly missed

    evelyn baron

    His unique genius was to talk to one person and to all of us. No-one else in life was so armoured (the mad hatter, black humour) and who had the same time the same degree of integrity, honesty and self-deprecation. Me too! in this case my dad also. tx for you post.


    moraleskush420 it’s such great wonderful music...✌️

    Christopher Mondy

    Tom Petty is the only artist that I've cried when I heard about their death. So many moments of my life had Tom Petty as their soundtrack.

  44. Becca&Michael Velveeta

    You and I will meet again.. Goodbye Tom Petty <3 Thank you for the memories.

  45. coolkingchris

    One of my favorite songs ever....The last of the great songwriters. Godspeed Tom Petty.

    Helen Cook

    This song is one I enjoy listening over and over. It's a hopeful and happy tune. Miss you very much, TOM PETTY. God bless you

  46. L.A. Rocker

    I can't believe he is gone. I LOVE HIM! RIP!

  47. wyld card

    R.I.P. Tom Petty, a true legend.

  48. Simon Byrd

    Love this one. RIP, Tom..

  49. patrick fitzsimmons

    rip tom

  50. psychickitty1

    Bye bye Tom. Thanks for the music

  51. Cooro SnowFox

    Sounds similar to travelling wilburies sound.

    Jerald Washburn

    He was in that great group.

    W B

    That's because Jeff Lyne produced this album. He produced the Wilburys and was in the band too. He also spearheaded the band Electric Light Orchestra.

  52. 2idolon

    Such a Constant Inspiration !!! ....... still my Fave .

  53. Laura Thompson

    Not being morbid, but I have been planning my own eventual funeral for awhile. This is one of the songs I want played, along with Neutral Milk Hotel "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea."


    Laura Thompson you are probably s very organized person😊

    Melissa Gerber

    Never hurts to plan ahead. My husband talked about a song he wanted played at his funeral.
    In just a few months, his friends were playing it at his memorial service.

  54. Surrealms

    He is responsible for some of the most euphoric moments in audio, of which this is one.


    Right on brother!

    Scott Russell

    No doubt! this one is (unfortunately) very much a hidden treasure.

    evelyn baron

    well said my friend

    James Williams

    True story! Elite company...Lennon, Prince, Tom

  55. L.A. Rocker

    Tom Petty is one of the most gifted song writers I have ever come across.

    Kevin Van Vooren

    good for you, pansy boy

  56. Pamala Brock

    Yes we will. Its time to move before they raise the freakin rent Tom. Love Pam

  57. Andy Hoffman

    One of my favorite Tom Petty songs. Simple, but beautiful. Thanks for uploading :-)


    Pretty song.