Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - The Dark Of The Sun Lyrics

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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers The Dark Of The Sun Comments
  1. Oscar Banuelos

    My life has been so much more by being able to liste to Tom & Heartbreakers whenever I needed to.

  2. Karen Stempkoski

    Tom that better place is Heaven, You always said God BLESS YOU at the end of your concerts. Now may God Bless You. Sail into those heavens, my friend. And I’m trying to be good and kind so I get there too, brother. Amen. We’ll stand as one.

  3. Chris

    Such a great song!.....there are so many from TPHB!

  4. Kathy Hayward

    I have severe vertigo that for about 2 yrs n i. Am afraid I'll die with this dizziness loosing ppl i love over this.

  5. Brad Poole

    Thanks for singing how I feel Tom.

  6. Billy Sanders

    One of their best tracks. God I miss them. RIP Tom!

  7. Mary Leigh

    Channel 31 xm

  8. Andrew Stevens

    In the dark
    Of the sun
    Will you save
    Me a place?

    Give me hope,
    Give me comfort,
    Get me to
    A better place?

    I saw you sail
    across a river
    Underneath orion's sword
    In your eyes
    there was a freedom
    I had never
    Known before

    Hey, yeah, yeah,
    In the dark of the sun,
    We will stand together,
    Yeah we will stand as one,
    In the dark of the sun.

    Past my days,
    Of great confusion,
    Yeah, past my days,
    Of wondering why,
    Will I sail
    Into the heavens
    In my eyes?

    Hey, yeah, yeah,
    In the dark of the sun
    We will stand together
    Yeah we will stand as one
    Hey, yeah, yeah,
    In the dark of the sun
    We will stand together
    Yeah we will stand as one
    Uhh huh, in the dark of the sun
    Hey yeah yeah, in the dark of the sun
    Woahh, in the dark of the sun

  9. Ana Paula Ramos Policarpo

    R.I.P. Tom!

  10. Highland804

    Truly an American Treasure. Thanks.

  11. Michael O Donovan

    Sorely missed ..a true legend

  12. Jett 7276


  13. Mary Fayard-Newman

    I love this song so much..

  14. Marc Poindexter

    I think I have every song tom petty did this song is my top 5 all time favorite songs tom did it has the birds vib witch I love if im depresst I put this song on everthing will be alrite again thanks tom love ya man

  15. Lori Rothenbush

    I adore mild mannered Benmont! Actually I love all the Heartbreakers - they make music to die for. And, of course Tom who made the Big Wheels Roll! Missing your amazing music and stage presents for all the years. r.i.p dear friend.

  16. Lori Rothenbush

    Will I sail into the heavens Constellations in my eyes. Beautiful lyrics. Thank you Tom & Heartbreakers for imaginative music. You're the BEST. Miss you forever Dear Friends.

  17. my name is nobody

    0:58 in your eyes, there was a freedom i have never known before, in the dark of the sun we will stand together, we will stand as one

  18. Marty Dixon

    "Past my days of great confusion
    Past my days of wondering why
    Will I sail into the heavens
    Constellations in my eyes"

  19. Helen Burnett

    Yes I am home

  20. Tammy Denise Russell

    Thanks so much for sharing this video ❤ He and his music will always live in my heart❤💔❤

  21. caesar valentin

    RIP Master of the ceremony

  22. tmay4911

    Miss this guy.

  23. József Pardavi

    Rest in peace one of the greatest musicians.......

  24. Jean Mohring

    So awesome,so deep

  25. severin Thorslev

    I hope that he has a second life.

  26. SuzieLa

    I miss him like a brother.


    SuzieLa La me too

    Gary Simmons

    Me too. It wasn't like some Rock star died when Tom died. It was personal. And it hurt...

  27. Joe Escobar

    Im really pissed of mannnn.... I swear just before you died I didnt have the funds to see you live when you came to Houston. Then you left for good. R.I.P. I never got a chance to see you live even though Ive been listening to for decades

  28. Kim Gandy


  29. Sagacious Evangelist

    If Tom Petty used an ecig the whole time he might still be here. Vape

  30. Nikhil Bavdekar

    "Get me to a better place ">Hope you are now.Thank you for being a part of our lives .

  31. Geno Garcia

    Rip .Tom petty ,The best in my will be missed ,but never forgotten ever. grew up with his music going to work and going hunting in New Mexico..505.. love you tom petty..

  32. city zen

    Sounds a bit like KINGS HIGHWAY.

  33. Jim Diack

    Superb music and great lyrics thanks Tom RIP

  34. John

    This 1 was a little bit of a life saver for me. My wife and I were going through a real rough time. This was on cassette that I had in my Walkman that I listened to when I ran. When this song came on, I could no longer run. I would just stop and break down like a little boy. I WAS 29 AT THE TIME!! Point, it put me in touch with some very very deep shit that i eventually worked through and it saved my marriage and perhaps me personally too! My wife and I just celebrated 30 years of marriage this past June. So, thank you TP. I saw the dark of the sun and we stood together as 1.

    mike mostad

    Cool story John. Glad you were able to find solace and meaning in a song to the point that it impacted your life in a powerful and positive way.


    Cheers to many more mate!


    Wow! Thanks folks! Just saw all this revisiting this gem. Words much appreciated.

    Bob Goldenrod

    Awesome John! God bless! RIP Tom


    @Bob Goldenrod Thank you, man!

  35. Sharon May

    RIP your music and writing 😔💔🎤🎵🎸


    Sharon May He was the best....✌️

  36. MegaHariboboy

    RIP absolute legend. His music will forever be remembered.

  37. Mikesdailyjukebox

    Part of the Eclipse playlist 8/21/17!

  38. What I Left

    This is my 2017 solar eclipse song!

  39. Jeffrey Palmer

    First song I learned to play on guitar back in the early 90s. Still a favorite track from one of my favorite albums.

  40. elofan54

    Great song - Lynne sings backup toward end

  41. Kevin Kirkpatrick

    I miss that cute little big talent Howie! Too soon!

    SM Smoof

    Milwaukee Howie ... good call.

  42. Joe Escobar

    big fan.. this is the second album I bought from them. will never forget, I use to take my brother to work every morning for a while. every morning I would play Full Moon Fever and he would complain. after a month or so I would move on to another artist and later he asked me to put that. one album that grew on him. I made him a fan...

  43. Sandy Culbertson

    My heart belongs to this band. I've seen them 7 times. Flew half way across the country once to see them. Tickets go on sale to see them in Nashville tomorrow morning. Holding my breath that I will get one before they are sold out! Love ya Tom, Mike, and Ben! Will see you in Nashville if I have to crawl!!!

    Bubbas Meisa

    You will always hear this amazing your heart! Just like me ;=)

  44. cyclocaster

    My favorite song on "Into the great wide open".

  45. The Last Rebel Show

    Obviously several Non True Fans on here seeing how flabbergasted they are because they have "Never heard this before" Really? I mean ya you would of hade to buy the album and not just watch MTV back in the day.

  46. Toykan Dogan

    Well, I guess the reason why I like Tom Petty is you can always discover some real good stuff he recorded if you don't give up on searching for. There's always more. Love you man!

  47. kimjeanw

    Wow, also don't think I've heard this before... very odd.

    Mike Peterson

    @kimjeanw its on Into the Great Wide Open.

  48. Nathan Wolf

    I love this! I have always loved Tom Petty's music and I hope that with my music I can bring back this warm romantic love feeling back to music! I love that he put his love for The Byrds music in this album very much like his "Hard Promises" album! 

  49. Debbie Livingston

    Rock & roll at its finest! You can't find music like him nowadays! Thank God I have all his CDs! It's the ONLY music I play EXCEPT for the Essential Elvis Presley! Long live Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers!! Thanks for posting this song! Great album!!

  50. Ken Johnson

    What the poster said. And one of my, if not my favorite Tom Petty album. The whole thing is fantastic.

  51. Denise Mason

    Such a honey! <3 In reply to Mike guy993. I am amazed there is several songs that I am not familiar with on this page. And I thought I knew most of their songs.

  52. 1insider1980

    Tom is an emotional lyrical genius!!



  54. I'd hate to miss the train.

    "Into the great wide open".

  55. MikeGuy993

    what album is this from, I can not believe I have never heard this song before!