Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Rhino Skin Lyrics

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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Rhino Skin Comments
  1. David Resch

    “If you listen long can hear my skin grow tough”

  2. Tim Davis

    Steve is killing it

  3. Benjamin P Barrett

    Mike's lead is awesome on this one. Top 10 for sure!!! Rhino skin, elephant ball & eagles wings... modern day armor against all those needles and pins, arrows of sin, evils of men!

  4. Doug Devine

    My pops always would tell me to ....make sure you put your fucken rubber suit on boy before you walk out that door....lessons learned the hard way. People can be so cold.

  5. Jeffrey Dutton Smith

    Great great lyrics and Campbell’s solo at the end rips deep

  6. Melissa Hall

    To me, this song is very self motivating and gives me so much confidence. Love and Miss you Tom Petty!

  7. katherine A. Rodgers

    That's one I don't have, but will order right now! Thanks for the share.

  8. reints74

    We need rhino skin, now more than ever.

  9. redlenses

    ladies and gentleman, here with us again is tom petty and the heartbreakers! Glory be! Wherefor its makes no sense in this world that Tommy's gone. Yet never gone in my heart. I so miss him.

  10. 1snazzyg8r

    I have always been a Tom Petty fan, but after 2 Sirius free listening events with his channel fixed on my car stereo, I'm discovering so many songs I'd never heard before. As amazing and rare an event + experience as it is to hear this for the first time, it makes me feel a tad bit guilty as I challenge my own Fanhood. How in the hell could I have missed this?! Only a catalogue as genius as Tom's could contain so many acoustic treasures hiding in such plain sight! It's like I'm going through a parents' belongings after they pass and finding out something about them that I never knew that only makes me love and respect them even more. If music is the language of emotion, then Tom Petty is frickin' Shakespeare!

    Jeff Markley

    Said w/eloquence.

    Hans Hamon

    I am guilty of the same thing; we seldom appreciate
    anyone or anything, truly, until they, or 'it', have finally
    passed from our view, altogether. Sad, but true.

    Mr. Shepherd,
    U.S. Army (Ret.)
    OEF-OIF Combat Veteran
    'A' CO 3-15 INF, 2nd BCT, 3rd Infantry Division

  11. Patrick O'Daniel

    I can't believe that Tom Petty died!😥😢😞😔

  12. Robert Houser

    this song helped me through tough times

  13. Callie Locklear

    "If you listen long enough you hear my skin grow tough"I love this song

  14. Brad Dreis

    This song helped me get through a very sad day. RIP Tom

  15. NotReallyaPlanet

    Evolution at its finest!
    It sucks to be a dynamic ape 😿

  16. More Black

    Devastated with the news of the passing of this genius!!!It was great Tom!!!

  17. Kevin Lee

    Keep Rocking in heaven Tom!

    Red Pill News Rant w/ Deplorable Todd

    I just saw that on Twitter. How cool we all go looking for our favorite songs of his now. Very cool. RIP


    RIP. Here to honour a great musician and songwriter. It's a sad day but like so many times before, his music is here to see us through it.

    Hans Hamon

    Freyrfimbulwinter - well said, my fellow Scandinavian. Might I also
    presume that you are Norwegian,
    as myself? Just going on a name,
    I do not mean to be insensitive to
    you, Sir, or Ma'am.
    Anyway, I deduct that we are
    each here solely to pay respects
    to a beloved creator of beautiful,
    honest, insightful music, which I
    am grateful for.
    May you find your Way to the
    Halls of your finest Forebears,
    Mr. Tom Petty. Thank you for the
    honesty, the integrity, and having
    the courage to share, selflessly.
    That, my late Friend, is Love.
    Ashes to ashes.
    Go, in peace.

    Mr. Shepherd, U.S. Army (Ret.)

  18. Chandra Brill

    RIP you glorious man...

  19. Richard Schreiber

    A great song, solo by mr. Campbell, one of Tom's best compositions, biting and personal.

  20. Layla Sims

    Oh my love if I reveal
    Every secret I've concealed
    How many thoughts would you steal
    How much of my pain would you feel

    This has got to be, lyrically, one of my most favorite verses ever in a song. And unfortunately, I do feel the pain cuz I've had my own dramas throughout my life, and believe me, some Rhino Skin would come in handy long about now. :-)


    elephant balls

  21. David Lane

    my favorite song on the echo album

  22. Layla Sims

    Obviously a beautiful song by and from one of our most gifted writers/poets/musicians/vocalists of our time. But also very painful physically and emotionally to listen to. I've known about the abuse he took from his father and some classmates for decades. I knew he and Jane had a rocky relationship at best for quite a while. I even knew about the heroin addiction as far back as 2006. I hear all of that pain, rejection, loneliness, confusion in many of the lyrics and vocals on this CD, and, while the music *is* beautiful, it's a bit hard to take emotionally. On a happier note, thank goodness he has been better, happier, and more fulfilled in the more recent years. Love you Tommy Earl. <3 (P.S.: And let's be honest, who can truly not love a song that mentions 'elephant balls?!' :->

    Sue Reaney

    Totally agree with you Layla :) Tom has gone through horrendous pain, both physically and emotionally, for much of his life, and that echos out of this song. I think that is one of the things that appeals to so many, that Tom can emote so strongly, yet so subtly at times. For some, it is as though he can see right into your soul and describe exactly what you are experiencing or have experienced. He so easily evokes thoughts and memories. Some of his songs make me weep buckets at times, not only because of the lyrics, but because I can hear the emotion in his voice. As you say, I think Tom is happy and fairly contented now, and I hope with all my heart that is true. For the happiness, inspiration and hope he has given so many over the years, he deserves some of that too :) - Wishing you much happiness too, Layla :)

    Layla Sims

    +Sue Reaney Thank you so much, Sue. And obviously I do agree with you. :-)

    Benjamin P Barrett

    Layla Sims this is what real music is. Heartfelt emotion put to beautiful melodies. Rock or Country it's the same ... the Real music stands forever. Tom Petty... he's "The Man"...

  23. Linda Martin

    This one hits home. <3

  24. Shane Loiselle

    Incredible band, incredible musicians... Tom Petty is one of the greatest writers ever! It's an absolute pleasure to pay tribute to Tom Petty with our band, GOOD TO BE KING - A TRIBUTE TO TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS!

  25. 65guitar

    How true these lyrics are!  Mr. Petty  delivers once again!!!!!

  26. Mike Peterson

    I love this song, this whole album is just heartwrenching and underratted, and any song that has the phrase elephant balls in it is great,


    Most underrated album Petty ever released.

    Dianna Bailey

    Mike Peterson 'rhinoskin'♡

    Dianna Bailey

    'Hear my skin get tuff' Just like many of his songs, who would think a title like 'refuge' would become so beloved. RIP Tom♡

  27. C.R.E.A.M.

    elephant balls

  28. 1Atomtan

    Underrated CD. 

  29. Danny Ware

    Most amazing....Deeply touching, Mike Campbell rakin' rhapsodic to Tom's gut mix.

  30. ThePineryGuy

    took my Son to see Tom Petty 2013 tour for his 16th birthday , he loves these guys , this song is one of his favorites as well as mine , such an incredible song writer , legend is a word that describes him in my opinion , peace .

  31. Christopher Nimblett

    I could listen to Tom Petty all day!!!

    Dianna Bailey

    Christopher Nimblett I have been for the last 2 days... don't want to miss a thing he did...

  32. reints74

    One of the most underrated songs in decades.

  33. daibkid


  34. Peter Lisboa

    One of his best songs....!

  35. SBDMedia

    One of the best produced songs I can think of. Amazing how the instruments are added one upon each other to complete a perfect sound!

  36. Freyrfimbulwinter

    Underrated song by Petty. You never hear this one on the radio really. Thanks for uploading!