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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers No More Comments
  1. Math Person

    The main blond in the video is Ms. Foley, with whom Stan Lynch had a relationship for a while.


    this is a very good music video

  3. VideoMemories Since 1981

    Worst song ever written

  4. Courtney Gillespie

    Turn back don't belong in wonderland.

  5. itsrealH

    that sitar

  6. Blackfish Gaming

    Still one of the best videos ever made in my eyes

  7. Mr flatspace

    U don't incubate-lactate, stay😠AWAY.

  8. Mr flatspace

    I watched this 7-14-2010 and watched it 2-27-2014🖕fpd

  9. Fearsex dream rip torn

    Chris mastronardi held hostage by a cult make sure I get free makes me talk abc to a teddybear makes me pretend to be talking to abc networks please set me 69 69 free destroy the entire thing whenever you fond this message.

  10. Tobias Christopher

    The Alice cake freaked me out as a kid.

  11. DJ Aerodynamics

    Still listening to this in 2020 Timeless

  12. The ManHammerAR15

    This music video gave me nightmares when I was a kid


    @The ManHammerAR15 you

    The ManHammerAR15

    @ONNIE TALONE you bruh


    @The ManHammerAR15 ya wateever

    The ManHammerAR15

    @ONNIE TALONE texas chainsaw is P**y Boooiiiiiiieeeeee. Eat D

  13. Scott Bavlnka

    Hey Tim(burton)...Tom did it better

  14. Xavier Xavier

    Ummm dis weird

  15. Amanda Dickenson

    Listening in 2020. Put off going to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers thinking "they will be back next year." Yea, they never did. RIP Tom.

  16. Fire Dragonslayer

    this video is the result of a lot of LSD

  17. The Joker

    I told my wife when she walked out on me....."Don't come around here no more." She did, 7 months later! Bye...……………"Don't come around here no more."

    Fearsex dream rip torn

    Cult holding me hostage little nemo on hbo.

  18. dildo handler

    2020, still relevant

  19. Aassassin101

    This is for 2019.....

  20. Dismas/ Tron/Thodon/ Ridicule/

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  21. harrisgo

    I remember watching this video on MTV as a kid in the early 90's and it scaring the the shit out of me when the ate her cake ass. Love Tom Petty, sad to see him go.

  22. Kjell Noekker

    First song I ever heard from Tom Petty, and it is brilliant.

    Bruno VallésMuñoz

    Go straight to I wont back down!!! Hurry!!!

  23. Alberto Monachesi

    Loved this song and this video since the first time I listened to and watched them. And still I do like the first time.


    I don’t like the song but I like the video I always have a dream that I’m running in the Alice in wonderland

  25. Jack Merlot Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    got here from a weird pdf i downloaded from - Tales From The Dormouse by Jon Katz smh

  26. Danelle Kirkland

    I remember this video scared the hell out of me as a kid 😂 especially the pig face lady

  27. Allison loves cats

    Love the sitar in this<3

  28. Z-Man

    In 2020 this song is dedicated to all these foreign Robocallers & Spammers

  29. Xenlavian

    "Uh hey, King of Town, when I said 'dont come around here no more', that wasn't a costume suggestion. I literally meant: dont come around here no more!"

  30. darryl cole

    I always think about George Harrison when i hear Sitar's...I'm glad he introduced them to Rock n Roll...!!! May he and John...and Tom (RIP)...!!!

    Jack Merlot Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    yeah & dat Ravi Shankar's kid sure knows his way around the tabula rosa

  31. jonimusha

    Saw this video when I was 6, the ending scared the living sh out of me

  32. RejecteD Jeepers

    Favorite video on mtv in its video music days!!!!!

  33. karen pleasanton

    Don't you come around here no more 👊

  34. Daniel Gooden

    The Mad Hatter wasn't mad, just horribly sane,

  35. Makayla Roberts

    Love this song 💜💙💖🎶

  36. Chris William

    I mean how they going to tell me I can't join the Club Petty all my shit was Petty and that is my checkered floor feel me!!

    Carla Mitchell


  37. Chris William

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers=
    Tom physed Christopher Cross A in Dallas TX he Hear TB diarrhea Kristal Emergency Room is

    I have about 25 of them damn TB's floating around in me might be off a tad but a bunch Just Because a motherfuker gets locked up what gives y'all the right to run experiments on us any ways ??

  38. Powerplant Planet Universe

    Fucking cool that old MTV stuff because they had a lot good rock music in the past...Dave Stewart and Tom Petty had a huge hit with that song...and the video was so funny and psychedelic,very nice and enjoyable...that was short before the Travelling Wilburys invited Petty to join their band...all of them such classic rock stuff...remains of the Beatles indian excursions with the Sitar it (anyway,all that Petty was writing was gold...and most became sad he is gone too,sigh...good man :)

  39. Hope Dunkel

    Pot/ peyote tea

  40. John Wayne


  41. Q Tē

    🤔 can't play omnibus

    Q Tē

    innocent by standard here😔

  42. Anna慈悲子

    Thank you

  43. Robert Trail

    This is definitely one of their best songs.

  44. Airborne Sapper

    Ah christ I miss the 80's and 90's when they made great music videos. So glad I lived through both decades the last 2 great decades we have had. Unlike todays regurgitated bullshit that we have today. Movies,music, food, women, fashion, ect ect were excellent back in the 80's and 90's. It's like when the 2000's came it wanted people to go right and society went left smh. Those who were old enough to experience the 80 and 90's were blessed with quality not quantity. We had just enough technology to make things fun but not too much technology like we have now that's turned people into robots. It's a sad sight when you stop and take a look at your surroundings and all you see is people with there heads down looking at their phones. If for some reason we lost cell phone capability and internet capability I would be happy as hell.

  45. Don Coyer

    Tom Petty videos. If it's not necrophilia, it's cannibalism. Love it.

  46. Mouko#1 The Real One

    12/24/19 you keep me hangin on brought me here next moving in stereo enjoy !

  47. ben dover

    No more Tom Petty's coming along anymore, sad to say.

  48. personaggio strano

    Quanto è Figo sto video?!

  49. Marie Lindevall Stauss

    Love this song

  50. Kimberly Ritchie

    I am still and always will be a fan of Tom Petty and love every song he ever put out to us. May he never be forgotten.

  51. Allen Hirsh

    Beavis and Butthead should have made a commentary on this video! :D

  52. Mirna Lopez

    3:19 checkered shoes, 3:23 black shoes

  53. Cirque Du Opinion

    Ugh it's all chorus. Weak songwriting!!

  54. John Bailey

    Tom Petty an artist and often under rated . made a difference in art as well as his music

  55. David Roberts

    This is definitely a badass video songs killer to it would definitely be in my top 5 Tom Petty songs honestly it's probably no.1 hard to choose sometimes

  56. matty

    when the captions started with (upbeat music), i felt that

  57. 666MikeRochip

    A cool song.. RIP Tom Petty.

  58. Tainted Troll

    It's ok everyone Tom is gone but he is just " Free Free Falling "

  59. Gohan Dbz

    I miss this man

  60. Chopper Surprenant

    Excellent !

  61. Erinski

    I don’t know if I come here more because I like the song, or to face the video that scared the shit out of me as a child.

  62. Chris Ligon

    How much innocence did you address

  63. bobinchainz

    Took my dad, bro , and sis to see him in concert back in 2015 I believe . Great show . He didn’t play this live though. This is my favorite song of his

  64. Logan Cracraft

    Southern Accents

  65. denny johnston

    One of my favourites!!!

  66. Mark Hall

    The belch and smirk at the end was priceless.

  67. axial wraith spawn

    4.2 dislikes?... you people need to be slapped in the damn head wtf is wrong with you! Must be this new generation of kids that dont know real music, R.I.P legend!

  68. A MaC

    The late, great, very great Tom Petty.

  69. J Smith

    *Comically large bowls of soup*

  70. Daym

    Such a wonderful acid trip

  71. Preston Hanson

    Willy Wonka doesnt want Charley hanging around his chocolate factory anymore

  72. Shana Badr


  73. rozaSkroza


    Nick Gur

    Are u stupid?

  74. rozaSkroza

    Do you realise how occult this video really is????? I'm sad.


    No I don't. Why are you sad?

    0n3 st3p at a tim3

    @Jacklyn If you knew you'd be sad too.

  75. CallMeAvocado

    RIP Tom Petty
    This song goes out to all the Mormons knocking on my door talking about how Adam and Eve were Americans and the Garden of Eden was in the USA XD

  76. megasonify

    Petty: "Put the lotion in the basket."

    Jack Merlot Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    kurt loder discord finds this comment offensive 😜


    I tried to find the connect betw Loder and Lambs movie (or that quote) with no success; please enlighten me if you have a minute, I'm intrigued.

  77. Motron Zzzz

    I’m 43 and still disturbed by this video-in the best possible way,naturally

    jim apple

    I agree with you 100 percent . Love this video .

  78. Pablo Sergio Rivera

    That production is ABOVE AND BEYOND! Such a terrific song.

  79. colin ratford

    Oh Tom how I miss you fella, some much better than all of the crap that’s out now.

  80. rmtz 80

    This man was/is a genius!

  81. Wutaii1 Nostalgia

    Rest in Peace true talent!!

    Thanks for the memories Tom


    THE definition of what a music video is supposed to be. 2019 and beyond...we miss you Tom.

  83. TAC cisco

    Luke chapter 4 ,I am not the Christ

  84. Anna Torey

    Who else likes the video more than the song?

    Makayla Roberts

    I like both personally 🤷‍♀️

  85. Benito Ramirez

    I remember this video when I was a little kid.. freaked me out! Now it’s just weird

    The Joker

    To me at 64yrs, you must have been a midget when you were a kid! lol

  86. Stephen Marcus

    Has become one of my go to artists who help me in this crazy world. TP was terrific and his music left us treasure.

  87. Anonymous User

    Is that 2D from Gorillaz?

  88. Mari Fleming

    Ha, ha loved it. Love T Petty music and love this video. Appropriate for today and even have similar looks. So funny 😉

  89. Thisis atest

    I wonder what Tom Petty is up to these days.

  90. Rashid Shahriar Fahim

    Legion brought me here

  91. G0d Love

    i absolutely love the video, i love Tom Petty and if there are heartbreakers i can only ask you don't break any more hearts please.

    G0d Love

    i down voted the video because you will not tell me where love can or cannot go. Your sin keeps you from a platonic personal relationship with God, which is me, this version. Yes i drink (but no longer drink and drive and it was wrong everytime i did put others lives at danger, and it would be just as wrong if i did such a thing again.


    #678:8990<< TE

  93. Msfracture

    Tom Petty was a ninth circle satanist who ate children for their adrenochrome. Look at how they openly displayed it.

  94. Kirk Hotopp

    the 4.2 Dislikes need not to come around here no more !!!

  95. Daniel Olson

    Sick pedovore ending. It makes you wonder about the rabbit hole...

  96. Cujo Mojo Bitecha

    For all of those saying Tom Petty was Illuminati and this video is quote a great man "IT DON'T REALLY MATTER TO ME, YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANNA BELIEVE"

    Nick Gur

    Finally someone with some sense!

  97. matthew franklin

    Super driving song awesome 😎♓️♊️☯️✝️🙏🏻

  98. Vimana El

    Pizza 🍕 gate..

  99. raven cardinal


    raven cardinal

    said the chestire cat