Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Makin' Some Noise Lyrics

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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Makin' Some Noise Comments
  1. Jeffy C. Edie


  2. Clint Hanson

    LOVE THIS! guitar!

  3. B Bt

    One of my very faves by Tom Petty! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Duane Ulmaniec

    Mr.petty....yer thought of and missed terribly.......thanx for sharing your life and soul

  5. neilsmith2009

    bret the hitman hart

  6. christian Tintayo

    Bret hart classic former wwe championship and wwe intercontinental champion
    Wwe tag team championship
    Wwe united states championship

  7. JSB 92

    That's my kind of riff!

  8. Paul Gureghian

    8 Dislikes ? WTF ? Makin' some noise.

  9. jfelect4 Edwardo

    No words can describe how transcending his music was to all of the persons that I grew up with. Thank you Tom Petty, everyone that played or recorded with him and to Heartbreakers.. I'm speaking for most when I say that we grew up with his music... Aus,Tx.

  10. Joe Rankin

    Another musician gone way too soon. Was fortunate enough to see him live twice. He was so great.

  11. Pat- Clarke

    A great blast of excitement. Like most songwriters, I am in awe of Tom Petty :-))

  12. James Fox

    My very FAVORITE Tom Petty song!!

  13. BernieMac75

    I forgot how fucking good this song is. Petty was a goddam genius.

  14. Christoph Grambach

    Tom, your music will be forever in my heart and soul! TY so much for your inspiration!

  15. Jacki Stevens

    I can't help but think this song was written for Tom's she was a dear soul to him.

  16. James Fox

    One of his BEST!

  17. Mr. Soul '69

    I've always wondered if the story in the last verse was true...and if that person across the canyon ever found out who he or she was jamming with that day.
    So long, T.P.

  18. VH 1984

    Sounds like the Pretenders on this one.

  19. rnorred1986

    He has so many great & very memorable songs, but this is hand down my favorite! RIP Tom! You'll never be forgotten! Hope you keep on rockin in heaven! Been listening to your music for many years & will continue to for many years to come!

  20. Lorraine Staab-Leonhardt

    R.I.P. Angel of flying

  21. Debra Bodzin

    I was listening to Tom petty radio and I heard this song.I am listening to it right now.He will bemissed but his songs will always be there.I am 71 years old and he was only 66 years old.He died after his concert.Keep on rockin

  22. willisapril

    RIP Tom

  23. blondkarol

    Today, 2nd October 2017, Tom Petty has passed away😥 Rest in Peace dear friend.
    "I don't know how, I don't know when but you and I will meet again". Hope we will...

  24. The Internet Killed Music

    First song I wanted to play when I heard the news :( This song always makes me feel good, now it is bittersweet.

  25. El Presidente

    RIP 🤘

  26. Lord Vic

    i remember this song on tv watching on wwf as a kid. So Brett hart brought me here!

  27. JPMcFlyFeelsTheBern

    love the heavy guitars. You can tell how much Tom loves Elvis and the 50s rockabilly sound with this song. Into The Great Wide Open has so many good songs people don't know about


    Yeah, that's completely true. The album is full of amazing tracks, but only few, including Learning to Fly and Into The Great Wide Open are likely to be heard on radio unfortunately😓
    It's high time to upload the others!

  28. Michael Cusumano

    absolutely killer tune !!!

  29. blondkarol

    Thank you for exceeding 10'000 views☺ This track is really worth it!

  30. Stephen Smith

    IMO the best Tom Petty track

  31. trikkecstatick

    Hi thanks for the upload of this LP version,i cant stop listen the unique wah solo!!!

  32. Richard Maurice

    i remember this song from Wrestlemania X (nerd alert yeah)... In the final match, they did a montage for Bret Hart to this song... but I guess due to copyright issues they removed it from the DVD of the event...pity... cheers and thanks for the memories

    michael jones here it is

  33. blondkarol

    Zapraszam do wysłuchania kolejnego utworu Toma i Łamaczy Serc:
    Enjoy another Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' track:

  34. blondkarol

    Hi everybody,
    Thanks for watching, commenting and sharing.
    You really make that song popular.
    Let's reach 10 000 plays!

  35. nigel clark

    And mine ! Ace riff indeed.

  36. JSwanKilowJ

    Bret Hart bitches

    John McKale


  37. Jeff Baker

    Thanks so much for uploading this. It's maybe my fave Petty tune...