Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Lost Children Lyrics

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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Lost Children Comments
  1. Roxanne Wood Donahoo

    My friends were 60-120 runaways.Tina was killed.God bless Pastor Jack for sheltering us

  2. Roxanne Wood Donahoo

    R.i.p.Tina, 1960-1979.

  3. William Gibson

    I loved the 60's feel of this track. That hammond organ and Claptonesque guitar. Sheer genius.Would not have been out of place on Wheels of Fire.

  4. dirk boa

    Another gem from a great album. Love this tune

  5. Jacki Stevens

    Of all the T.Petty that I've listened to since we lost him....I think this is his best work. We of the older generation can know what he is saying; we can see what we've lost over the years; our humanity is fast skidding out the doors....


    Amen to that! So much so that songs like this are often the only reminders we have left.

  6. Sunshine Peterman

    Badass song.

  7. Sunshine Peterman

    Can't even explain. Was the lost trying to save the lost.

  8. sara rocks jack ReesaJohn


  9. m hartley

    Some cosmic Pink Floyd sonic parallels surface on this album.. Lost Children-When You're In (Obscured by Clouds). Like A Diamond-Comfortably Numb (The Wall).
    If you speed up Fearless (Meddle)-Have Love Will Travel.
    It's in my head. And my head is blessed by Mike Campbell who has been teleported on an interstellar vehicle of rock n roll.
    San Tropez (Meddle)- Man Who Loves Women
    And in this moment, I feel like the guy who discovered the Dark Side of the Moon-Wizard of Oz blend.
    It's all in our heads...


    Good album, but when i saw him on this tour the 1st half of the set was basically this album and overall it`s pretty slow...Luckily he fixed his setlists around the 30th anniversary tour...Not saying to play hits, but just not your new album in its entirety followed by like half of the greatest hits cd.Not sure his mental state in 02 but he seemed very depressed too....He`s got wayyyy to many gems in his back catalog, and deep cuts. RIP Tom


    thank you....I've been trying to figure out the riff to " Lost Children " for two days did it, LOL!

  10. Pamala Brock

    May they find their way home!

    Lou Kopperdale

    Some of them do..............