Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Like A Diamond Lyrics

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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Like A Diamond Comments
  1. steelyman08

    Thanks again, treefrogdemon. Another lesser know gem.

  2. Neil Redmond

    Tom petty will shine forever!

  3. Kenneth Sebring

    It hurts. The loss of this man and his incredible talent. And then I think, maybe we really didn't lose him, but gained a greater appreciation of what he has left us.
    Heartbreakers, if you ever read this, and some time has gone by, will you get together with four or five or however many talented vocalists it even possible to suggest a remembrance concert?

  4. Julie A

    You're gonna shine forever Tom. Happy birthday in heaven.

  5. Mel M.

    Beautiful song!💖

  6. Devin Gray

    Did the Decon steal Tom's life?

  7. RonnyLama Richardson

    One of my favorite Tom Petty songs. A bit of Beatles, the Beach Boys and...TOM PETTY

  8. T Mcmojo

    love this song. damn. i am so sad he is gone....

  9. Lori Rothenbush

    Love you. RIP

  10. RK Burgess

    You are up there shining like a diamond now. Love U.

  11. The Grey Monk

    R.I.P. Tom Petty

  12. Devin Gray

    Song about Hyper-game? There's a planet in another solar system that is made of one big soild diamond.

  13. Nick Preece

    Another Great Tom Petty Track, only one other comment........ oh dear! And only 5 likes????? !

  14. Lillie Langtry

    Just remember me Cliff