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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Echo Comments
  1. Find Your Gratitude

    Who else is watching in 2020? This song. This man. His words just move me, again and again. Never gets old. I love you, Tom. Thank you. ❤️

  2. JamesRossVideo

    Has been one of my altime favorite songs, and sadly i have not had a chance to perform it!!!
    Jim "Petty"
    Ps: when he died, we both were 66, and i felt good about that!

  3. Seamus Jones

    mikes solo on SG (solid guitar my white Irish ass, Satan's guitar!) Isimo one of the best in history. Very unique and beautiful!!

  4. Sherry Smith


  5. Sarah Campbell

    Hopefully the room at the top of the world is AMAZING Mom !!!! I love you and miss you !!!! R.I.P.

  6. Gary Perry

    Thanks Tom, for so many great songs, I do, and always will miss you. Your songs made me want to write songs. Words and Music..... My only tools..A. Woods. (Mother love bone.)
    Tell the Angel's, we said "Hey"......and get some rest my friend!

  7. Subtle Hills

    Always loved the guitar solo in this song...

  8. Moon Phase Tarot

    aunt pat xxoo

  9. Neal Murphy

    Love this guy, genius. Can relate to him as well as a abused partner, depression and heroin addiction. R.I.P TOM PETTY. LOVE FROM THE U.K. ENGLAND. 💙👑✌

  10. Jan Hensley

    Great, great song

  11. Stevie Lough

    I miss him :(

  12. Robert Stuart

    Simple yet profound bit about looking for love/a soulmate.

    "I love you. Please love me. I'm not so bad, and I love you so".

  13. Kim Hayes

    This will be played when I die...not enough thank you or words to describe what his music does for my soul..thank you Mr. Petty..u r missed ✌

  14. zoodle Doodle

    This is not the song I was looking for

  15. Wanda Butler

    RIP Fly High SUGAR

  16. TX GT

    This was his Goodbye song before he died

  17. Janice Hensley

    Gone too soon. ❤️🎩🎸

  18. Martin Dueñas

    Que canción x dios!!!!!

  19. SavingPettyCash spc

    I miss all If you guys. But Mike is keeping these dreams alive for us.
    Thanks to the DK

  20. Craig Townsend

    Tom Petty discovered girl supermodel
    Cabin Below
    Indian shot out the wax chandelier
    Super model were cawlers beach crawlers teasers
    Lobsters in Swimsuit! Google string! and Tom Petty Heart Breakers

  21. Darrell Hopkins

    Still missing your music, always missing your music

  22. Roger Jones

    I was fortunate enough to live in Florida for the last 30 yrs and was introduced to a lot of Tom & the Heartbreakers stuff outside of the mainstream that you didn’t hear across the airwaves. I’ve been a musician for a lot of years and tried to model myself after how Tom treated people. It’s very hard to be that humble.
    It’s been two years since Tom died and it still pains my heart to lose a fellow musician and such a genuinely nice guy that wrote about how the little guy really struggled day to day and touched so many with just a phrase, a chord, a smile. You have the ultimate room at the top tonight and you dont have to come down!

  23. Roxanne Wood Donahoo

    Love you r.i.p.

  24. ratter531


    Danna Graves

    Love this man since catch a rising star in Seattle at the Paramount


    @Danna Graves he was so nice, I met him in 1990..he loved his fans, very humble, he did not have the arrogant i am a rock star attitude..I miss him every day..A Gem of a human being.

  25. Tiger Cub

    Look, it's Shithole San Francisco before it's destruction by the filthy corrupt Democrats, drug zombie thugs, illegal invader scumbag criminals, public crapping & pissing, HIV, ebola, AIDS syringes, vomit, your vehicle's getting smashed into, ripped off then crapped in! VOTE #Trump2020 or #AdiosAmerica ! #GodBlessTrump #MAGACountry

  26. marianne boyner

    so emotionel.we miss you tom but now you are with still jam up there with george Harrison and roy you

  27. Bullion Basement

    Saw him live, best concert I've ever seen. RIP Tom.

  28. kansascitycomputers


  29. Jim 1701

    I first heard this in 1999 on the way home from the hospital after my daughter was born. It described so wonderfully how I felt.
    Now, I celebrate her 20th birthday by listening to it. We’ve been estranged for four months. I’m not a victim. She went through a lot. For years I’ve read moving comments on YouTube and prayed for strangers, but I’ve never commented once. I needed to get this out.

  30. Jim 1701


  31. chantal haton

    merci Tom Petty pour vos chansons et votre musique Rip Tom Petty

  32. Dave Fawcett

    I cried when i heard the news, i don't cry for no one..

  33. Richard James

    I think I love you

  34. NevadaBoss

    "I got a room at the top of the world, tonight..." And now he does.
    A heart so big, it crushed every town he was in. Godspeed, TP.

  35. psycocynical

    Rip Howie Epstein.

  36. Kim Johnson

    Who the heck gives this a thumbs down? Hi Tom - thank you, as usual.

  37. Steve Scott

    First one and Echo are my favorite Tom tunes.

  38. Green L

    Simply one of the best bands of all time. Great Tune, rips at my soul. Missing you TP RIP

  39. remfanbeforu

    I was a fan since "Damn the Torpedoes" and will always be a fan. Taken too soon :-). Kenny, are you in that room with Tom Petty?

  40. Sarah Campbell

    I meant that you NOW have a room at the top of the world tonight. ♥️✌

  41. Sarah Campbell

    Mr. Petty, you know have a room at the top of the world tonight. Hopefully it's more amazing than you could even fathom.
    Even though you're so far away, you can still reach out and touch people's hearts. You were one of a kind. Hopefully you are at peace now.

  42. Same Old Thing

    I wouldn't come down either if I were on top of the world!

  43. Barbara Hock

    I read he was channeling friend Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys who had passed on.

  44. Dwight Holt


    I hope to find it.

  45. laserluver1

    I'm tired of him not being here.

  46. Curtis Nash

    Fantastic song, one I can't get out of my head by him. The album Echo is my fave of his, despite it being overshadowed.

  47. Druid Dude

    The call and response lead runs by Mike and Benmont are crazy good.

  48. TX GT

    It's all so being chronically pained I believe Tom Petty with his cancer this is his last song to say it's good he's happy

  49. Richard Wrigley

    i got to meet him when i was 16 , and it was , and still is the most important day i ever had

  50. Lewis Johnson

    This reminds me of my friend Kyle that passed away a couple months ago

  51. A Blast From Your Past

    The World Loves & Misses You
    6 /7 / 19

  52. Dawn Sisson

    I gotta room at the top of the world tonight....💔
    And I Ain't coming down!?

  53. S C

    This song makes me cry, every time.

  54. Scott R. Phillips

    The Echo album was born of so much pain for Tom. He wrote it during his divorce from his first wife. It was said he'd go to some isolated shack near his house for a couple weeks at a time while writing it. It's so personal. I couldn't imagine then having to get on stage and sing these songs over and over for months......just reliving it all.

    He didn't listen to the album once it was done and after the tours were complete they didn't play cuts of Echo very often. About 10 years later his second wife sat him down and *made* him listen to it. He was intrigued, like he was listening for the first time. He had pretty much shut out everything from that time.

  55. Donna Reddmann

    I love this song thanks Tom Petty I miss you wish you we’re alive

    Love you

  56. Samantha Jay

    That PEACE FILLED grin will be missed. GREATLY✌️

  57. My Self

    Good suicide song. Fuck it I'm out

  58. Mr James

    I've been in that room, but they sent me back... I guess somebody needed me more than they did at the time?

    Yes... That's what it was.

  59. A Blast From Your Past

    The World Loves & Misses You
    5 / 9 / 19

  60. Stephen Schuffert

    Again, if you’ve thumbed down anything Petty you’re simply a mindless idiot...going nowhere.

    Donnie Morgan

    I miss tom he was my hero

  61. Austin p

    I saw David Crosby at Ventura Theater years ago. I am right down front at the stage and he starts singing " Do You you want to be a rock n roll star" and Tom Petty comes flying from the side of the stage and killed it


  62. lisa bradley

    I truly miss this soul

  63. 70sGirl

    Saw this concert in SF. The audience had no idea the pain he was going through. Haunting images of Howie. The Echo album is exceptional.

  64. MrMusicguyma

    Nice song. Who is the 2nd electric guiatrist (not Mike Campbell) ?

    Thomas Hofheinz

    Petty does the chording rhythm guitar, pretty much always.


    @Thomas Hofheinz I repeat my question, in this video Tom is playing an acoustic, Mike Campbell is playing a red SG, to Mike's left, there is another electric guitarist. Does anyone know who that is?

    Thomas Hofheinz

    @MrMusicguyma Apologies, I didn't understand.


    @Thomas Hofheinz No apology necessary :). I was just curious who the second guy is. I don't recognize him as someone from Tom's band.

  65. Gram Armstrong

    To my sweet Karsen, I never really had a chance to get to know you, through no fault of my own; I know that we'll never really have that connection again, and not one day goes by that I don't think of you....

  66. Edith Brown

    Heer to 20 years today Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker ECHO album

  67. Sandra Campbell

    Listen too you EVERYDAY !!!!!!

  68. Robert Michaels

    This was the last song my papa told me to look up

  69. Kevin Medina

    This song, and the album it is on, is just perfect. Love it. Miss TP so much.

  70. Downoneburn

    Tom was a dick as far as some things go, but he's missed..


    Please delete your comment. It is disrespectful and based on what. People that talk trash about others are usually talking about themselves. I am sorry you are a dick.

    Stephen Marcus

    I’m with 70s girl. Read his biography and learn what his life has been. Don’t call him a dick, he was anything but. Educate yourself.

  71. Cebrin Pitts

    Such an underrated track. My absolute fav TP song.

  72. Michael Converse

    A lot of comments about how sad song is. I’ve always felt the opposite. Felt it was a very inspiring song.

  73. Heather Minsker

    I find myself pulling up this song more than ever since Tom's passing - I absolutely adore this song, and video. thank you - again.

    Stephen Marcus

    Same. Love this song. Play it almost daily.

  74. common sense

    Best song he ever did...out of the hundreds...R.I.P.

  75. Cheryl Simpson

    Your songs are full of love and memories ❤️🌷💘 you will forever be missed 👼

  76. Jennylee Wend

    My life.

  77. Cosmetic Tattoo by Terry Lively

    Howie looks so sad throughout this video. look at 46

  78. Ellie Martinelli

    I want this song played at my funeral.

  79. Stephen Marcus

    He is so good consistently, love this tune. The Heartbreakers are a great band. They are so in tune. TP so missed.

  80. msvisualize

    We will join you soon Petty.

  81. Carolyn Hoff

    My favorite TP song if I had to choose one!

  82. IAmSamurai

    This song is so beautiful.. miss you, Tom. 🙏💋✌🕊

  83. Sherri Campbell

    What a beautiful song. I wonder if this song was played at his funeral. RIP Tom Petty.

  84. Linda Bryant

    Love love this song Tom Petty DOES have a room at the top of the world! His soul beautiful

  85. Carolyn Hoff

    My favorite Tom Petty song.  :)

  86. Heather Heinemann

    Awesome as always!

  87. Jacqueline Barnard

    Now thaaaats simply some damn good music!! Btw, ole Thomas Earl Petty IS ON TOP OF THEE WORLD fans like NEVVVVVER before and he says rock on, love thee Lord and Dana I miss you.

    Nurse Jackie
    Lover of Jesus Christ
    A medium too.

  88. life long

    You have that room now...RIP TOM

  89. MimiVictoriaDawn

    Doesn’t get any better than this. LOVE his Echo album!

    Stephen Marcus

    Totally agree. Great song filled with so much emotion. Can’t stop listening to it. I really relate to Tom Petty’s songwriting and singing.

  90. Timothy Toland

    Love when Ben and Mike kick it in with the Piano and Guitar.

  91. knuckles magoo

    Listening to this I ain't coming down RIP . Damn shame you touched my life in the music and lyrics . Peace

  92. Angie Kapijimpanga

    RIP Love You

  93. Shirley Mack

    Sounds like a room I'd like to spend time in

  94. Rhonda Hogan

    Dedicated to a special one of a kind friend! Ms.Breeze

  95. Mary S

    What a triumvirate -- Petty, Campbell & Tench! They reached to the depths of my soul. Miss you, TP....

  96. Denise Culley

    I only have eyes 4 Muddy 😍

  97. Greg MacArthur

    To my kids who are 14-15, and I unfortunately haven't been able to interact with, I think of you every single day! Hope I get to know you! Soon I hope! I love you both !

  98. Sam Hughes

    Tomorrow I am jumping🙃