Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Blue Sunday Lyrics

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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Blue Sunday Comments
  1. Marc McDonough

    Pure beauty is all that I can say about this song. Petty continues to touch my heart, even if his has stopped. The soul goes on.

  2. William Gibson

    One of my favourite songs. Difficult to listen to because it is so raw. Once again he says things that I don't have the basic wit to express. I guess that's why we need good musicians. Not Pop Stars. Musicians. There is a huge difference.


    Indeed! A true poet and musician. Not a pop star at all.

  3. Gayle Sherman

    I love all songs

  4. Ruben Swart

    Beautiful song ;)

  5. hollis pencheff

    This is my Church day, spent here with Tom!

    G Squared

    "The Best of Everything" to you and yours, mate. Bless. Amen! 🎸

  6. Thomas Hofheinz

    "We were friends at first sight."

    "When it's time to leave, you go."

    Me, ages 17-21

  7. hollis pencheff

    Thank you Warner Music Group for the freebie! It is a great arrangement, American Treasure is. Made my day when I heard there are some hidden treasures in Tom's hiding places!!

  8. Heath Hamby

    One of my favorites

  9. Justin Testerman

    Another awesome song. Beautifully written. Full of raw emotion. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are in my opinion the greatest band ever. Rest well Mr. Petty. Thanks for sharing your genius

  10. Otto Greenleaf

    RIP Tom Petty.

  11. nisfornick

    I get mental images of long desert highways when I listen to this.

  12. Houston Carver

    Love this song!

  13. Mike Peterson

    such a beautiful song, but it makes me feel sad.

    Beth Flanders

    Yep. Excellent, but melancholy. Can't stop listening though.

  14. JustinMayTheRapper

    Great song

  15. Grendelmonster8u

    Thank you for uploading this. It's a good album, and Tom is a great lyricist.