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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers All Or Nothing Comments
  1. Lisa Fliny

    Sounds like a Neil Young riff in the background there... Great song!

  2. Megan Peters

    I love this one.

  3. Ahadu Tadesse

    Rockets at Raptors
    Celtics at Warriors

  4. Alex TV 01

    Бля, не знал, что Том умер. Жесть!! В 66 лет! Пиздц!!!

  5. Mika Groote, de

    i am getting boosebumbs from this song

  6. Mick Jacker

    Ein unfassbar guter Song! Tom......Du fehlst!!!

  7. Lisa Fliny

    Sounds like Neil playing in the background....

  8. Martin Francis

    Travelling wilburys Tom's gone Roy's gone..George is gone,,its hard to go on...

  9. johnny zell

    Your daddy was a Sgt. Major
    You didn't wanna but he made you
    Wipe his brass from time to time
    It left a picture in your mind. You know? You know?
    You want it all, you want it all
    All or nothin'
    Here am I a fallen arrow
    My load is wide, my street is narrow
    My skin is thicker, my heart is tougher
    I don't mind workin', but I'm scared to suffer
    You know? You know?
    You want it all, you want it all
    All or nothin'
    Sweet chariots of L.A. swing low
    At twilight time the smog makes a rainbow
    So keep one eye on the weather
    You had it good, you wanted better
    You know? You know?
    You want it all, you want it all
    All or nothin'

  10. Catsrcool

    Awesome song 🎩💘 🔥💜 Thank You 🤗

  11. hollis pencheff

    So many songs so little time...

  12. Jonathan Northrup

    Love this Tune. TP was the man. Rock n Roll forever

  13. Movie News

    no, really all humans in the kingdom of God.

  14. Movie News

    all soviets....

  15. Guido Pelagos

    Great song!

  16. Chas Link

    This should be a Bond Theme song

  17. Alicia Owen

    I loved this man before I was even born into this world and I miss him dearly...

  18. Melanie

    this one is one of the best

  19. Lori Rothenbush

    Where's this song been hiding?? Thanks <3

  20. Chris Littreal

    Tom, nobody know's how it feels until now. R.I.P. brother. I don't think this was about an NCO, I was, just about something else...

  21. saphire saphire

    holy $!#/^&- this song rocks!!!! thank you Tom Petty. love to you in the beyond. & love to your wife & family. may they feel your presence every day and night.

  22. Suappo1

    Such an underrated song. RIP Tom.

    San Juw

    rip james dean

  23. Uccello05

    RIP , Tom Petty .

  24. Lynne D'Auria

    One of the best <3

  25. Rick Laird

    " Your Daddy was a Sargent Major "

  26. Kamille Cheese

    Love this song. My son's in the Army reserves, no Seargant Major, but he has a 5 year old daughter, funny, not abusive, he'll tell her to "drop and give me fifty!" She does, but it's only about 2 or 3. It's funny. She's so cute. She likes the Army's outfits.

  27. Sue Reaney

    Wow, that sent shivers up my spine! :)

    Jagamonsta Nelson

    Sue Reaney good song right?!?

    Sue Reaney

    Definitely! Mind you, I haven't yet heard a Tom Petty song that I haven't liked, and I have one heck of a collection of his music! :) No matter if I hear Tom sing 'live' or listen to a recording, it all sounds great, in my humble opinion. Can you tell that I'm a fan?! :)

  28. Albert Martinez

    one of my favorites.

  29. DTD110865

    Thumbs up if you have a copy of the cassette and heard that special announcement after the end of this song.

    James Barnett

    I believe that was on Full Moon Fever...this was on Into the Great Wide Open.

  30. Kehwanna

    He always reminds me of Lucky from King of The Hill. A better looking version of him though

    Layla Sims

    +The Kehwanna Coast You do know that he played Lucky from King of the Hill, don't you? He did. :-)


    @Layla Sims
    Ha! You're right. Just looked it up, he did the voice acting with Kevin Richardson. That explains a lot.

    Amber Fillmore

    @Layla Sims wait. What? Really?

    Layla Sims

    @Amber Fillmore Yup!

  31. Niels Åge Nielsen

    "You want it all, don't you, James?"
    "All or nothing....."
    Cut to song.

  32. Sam Pelczarski

    Heard this for the first time the other day. Loved it instantly. Second time I'm hearing it right now. Damn good!

  33. Alberto Santos

    A bit of 007 ??? :-)


    Haha yeah the keyboard sounds like I'm playing Goldeneye :)

    Tangled Food Chain

    My thought exactly!

  34. Paul McDonagh

    One of his best. <3

  35. Piggy-218

    WHy didnt PETTY play this song LIVE..he played a few times and gave it ROCKS!! BRING IT BACK !!

    Beaner Keenan

    I think this song only appeared in three or four shows during the Great Wide Open tour, late 91. Definitely would've become a staple with Mike's slide.

  36. Agustina Bezemer

    Tom Petty <3

  37. ayewwefan

    A great deep cut by Tom Petty!

  38. decadence18

    PLEASE follow youtube guidleines man, i dont want this taken off, you dont own the rights, put in your description

  39. rockabye21

    Sublime!!! I want this on an endless loop inside my head. Loud!

  40. Angel Chavez

    This song rules!!

  41. Monique Elizabeth

    Kocham ten utworek :)

  42. Guillaume Gillon

    fantastique musique ! the great Tom Petty and his band !

  43. I'd hate to miss the train.

    You're welcome :3

  44. ILAN2187

    thanks a lot