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Tokens, The The Lion Sleeps Tonight Comments
  1. Allison N

    What made them make this song??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. davinci_دافنتشي

    وينهم جماعة الميمز

  3. davinci_دافنتشي


  4. emmanuelle mercadante

    the intro to this is the equivalent of the unsettled Tom meme lmao

  5. rishi raj

    Me : switch off the fan because it's cool!
    Everyone else in the helicopter : 0:01

  6. eldorado Huy Hưng yên

    Tao là dân chơi

  7. Kaido Entertainment

    eeeeeeeee eeee eeeee

  8. Kill of duty Doom punch

    when you realize that you forgot Kevin:

  9. Garrett Harris

    You're killing me, Smalls! These are S'mores stuff, now pay attention!

  10. Alexandre Jones

    I did this on a xylophone at music class now it’s stuck in my head

  11. Gaming Gladiator06

    I came just to listen to the song, but i stayed because some of the comments were unexpectedly funny.

  12. CR4ZY SONG

    Meme song

  13. Old Heathen

    Terrible car accident on prom night years ago in New Jersey

  14. shamuco play

    xd jajaja

  15. el paten


  16. Hithesh Alen D'costa

    Me: I will clear this Subject Next semester
    Friend: This is the last semester

  17. Mrs Erika

    Lion king!!!!

  18. Stewart Goodwin

    Whats up with this comment section?

  19. Captain Emo

    When you realize that bushes can't talk.

  20. Captain Emo

    When you live in the village near a lion den and they aren't sleeping tonight.

  21. Mohammed Zufishan

    When you make fun of deaf person and he slaps you....

  22. Arjun yadav

    just here for comments 😂😂😂

  23. Arun Maurya

    when u reach here after memes 😂🤟

  24. Atay Deniz

    Türk varmı

  25. Kim Zastrow

    Which one oh the nala...ah haha oh god

  26. Sara Lazzari

    This is the song that other people ear when the quiet weird kid at school puts on Pumped up kicks

  27. John Myers

    The lion *YEETS* tonight

  28. Spam Smith

    Came to listen to this song, had no idea what the comments were about. After reading a comment explaining it, finally get it but still not amused. This must be the unfunniest meme I've ever seen

    Issam Belal

    Whatever you say boomer 🙄

    Spam Smith

    @Issam Belal Ok, boomer

    J. L.

    @Issam Belal Get a life, basement-dweller. He has a point.

  29. Bryan Cardozo

    When you study wrong subject in board exams..

  30. Kampf Kustomer

    Lorena: pulls knife out of drawer in kitchen
    John Bobbit:

  31. Akatsuki Andrei

    Everyones ganster when that Chinese exchange student starts to cough.

  32. The Mandalorian

    No one:
    The Client:
    Moff Gideon: 1:28

  33. Al_xz

    oh i thought it was african from the videos ive seen of people putting flags from african countries

  34. Dead by Wild

    Me: **Sneezes**

    Someone: Bless you

    Me: Thanks

    Me realising I'm home alone: 0:01

  35. Pro PUNISHER

    0:01 your condition when someone steps on your balls lmao 😨😨😨

    erdberrio 33

    Can you german?

  36. v n

    I... didn’t know the singers were white omfg lmao😶

  37. idiotic plays

    Me: *opens door to let air in*
    Everyone else in my funeral:

  38. Azrio Alharis

    this is a non-meme comment you want to see

  39. Rohan V

    This comment section is meme section 😂😂

  40. DosLui

    When you searched "grandfather clocks" but forgot the "L"

  41. Hinh Dương

    Hay vl :>>

  42. Vallrik Stone

    An English man drinking tea: *Sails along the coast of north america.*

    Villagers that just woke up in Cherokee Territory:

  43. Ethan Parr

    when your kissing your girlfriend and your Wife comes home early

  44. Frank Lopez

    i remember me and cousins sneaked out at our house on a sleep over and met up with other friends to go to a abandoned factory late at night, and then this song came along as we explored... ahh memories.

  45. Sven Fischer

    Cult :):):):):)

  46. Gameboy200

    0:01 Me when I lose a Splatoon 2 match

  47. Martin Mayrhuber

    I just come to read funny comments.

  48. Debbie Bregman

    I'm 65 years old, and I have NO IDEA what these stupid comments are referring to. It certainly ISN'T this wonderful song!

  49. cloud reader

    Dig those temple tops exclusive of Italian paintins way up high outside. Minister what truths so subbttle to exclude fro marching. 1st the lesser walls togetyher. Hurry hurry sweet mother of stained glass seeing god through exclusively. Only u to have a greater routine purpose, but the 6th is ahead of shed yule. Well okay we all want some butt sometimes its way to much gods trace and ridiculous. So mayb party hard keen 99 the end of the line. 11 years is a long time and doable. To see views void and still orbiting no solar shadow ssee the side reel horroor ur gnawing last leg lieing lion. 1st run heavy consumption or life and easy sugarless.
    Hush little dare ling dont cry the up high is eternal I believe. Through to the deep cold snacky neve end Gemini most cow bell ringging. Easily seen through, with optics minor Humble see the second place? Oh really, dont say it snitch snicker 6. Below stone cold view. e1 ddint have a choice to go see again. A roc end lights up the night. The fireballs ending unspeakable beauty of flight. Wanting everything growing empire of light no more to blackburn.
    Leo wonders best just sleep tonight or ending in deep blue sea of eternity. O dd shot immune NASA Humanity speak. Heads up 4 a leaky sheen drop Bee ting tang2 no sugar walla walla 1st bang. Jumbled swimming 4 u swweet exclusive pedal floating through the caravan. No splash down this time around. Last cargo now can go 4 long dillee dallee moany. Hit it again sigh gone drop sky NASA Sam 0:13 Bwaaaaaa..--

  50. Zain Aman

    Ace Ventura brought me here

  51. David Yu

    I literally don't get any of these comments.

  52. Nohut Yiyen Adam

    Ben niye bunu dinliyorum lan?

  53. -OSaS-


  54. Surfacekilla 1

    When the blind kid says:

    *"I SEE YOU"*

  55. Shawn D

    0:00 When you stub your toe

  56. BCoriginal1

    Me:Finally kills that boss that's been giving me a hard time
    My co-workers:

  57. LesesTrickshon


  58. Arhaan Khan

    Who came here after meme😅

  59. mgdoff

    When you entered your login history and saw an entry from another country

  60. A RANDOM GUY HeLlO u I kNeW U

    I came for the meme

  61. TheSudrianGerman

    Who else came here after that one FRIENDS episode? XD

  62. B F

    0:01 when you get out of the shower and you stub your toe

  63. Marty Ruby jr

    When you step on Legos:
    When you step on Jax set right after Lego moment: 1.35(intensifies)

  64. I’mTrash

    When you watched the same part of the video for the 420th time.

  65. peanut butter

    When you tell your mom to shut up after an argument

  66. Tech Praneet

    Here in yt by searching :
    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee o re e wimoweh

  67. becksawreck33

    When your reflection in the mirror disappears and the door is locked and see red eyes

  68. Kaelis

    Who else comes from the singing hippo

  69. Lord Faladar

    needed to hear this just now

  70. James Jeffares

    When the Chinese exchange student sneezes next to you

  71. Natalia Wrooman

    Marcel's song~Friends

  72. Neftali Mercado

    1.00 when you look out your window and there a rocket

  73. cyburn godzilla

    When the ghast blow up the portal and you have no flit or steel

  74. David Flores

    i like this song it's from the shangri la trailer blackops zombies

  75. Shawn D

    0:00 - 0:10 When you stub your toes lol

  76. Joy Logico

    When you hear the quiet kid mumbling the f word

  77. Christopher Watkins

    When you get hit in the nuts

  78. the meme expert

    when u killin a player in gta 5 but you see a oppresser mk2 tryhard comin your way

  79. mgdoff

    When you accidentally sent a gay-porn in your family chat in Whatsapp and accidentally clicked “Delete only to me”


    Caution headphone users

  81. Babanas66

    Me: I finished the driving test!!!
    Friend: The car was in self driving mode...

  82. ツjbltester69ツ

    0:00 when you are mining diamond and you hear creeper

  83. Robert O’Halloran

    When you call your girlfriend and your uncle’s phone starts ringing

  84. Bilal Kesepara

    Hiriririri den gelenler

  85. 威辰


  86. Prince Dan Salazar

    Looking for memes? 😂

  87. Giorgio Zingone

    Ace Ventura is having sex...

  88. lucija vukoić

    Aviam,auvimave ,auvimave

  89. 焔型個艦戦闘艦一番艦焔



    the person who said the first line must be a legend

  91. Setsuna Uchiha

    this is actually a good song and a good meme soundtrack

  92. BollyClips

    Me - Imagining song's first line for every meme comment suddenly realizes why I am so Jobless:

  93. So hungies

    Me, looking out window: Hey, do yall do passenger jet fly-by's here?

    WTC 1 tour guide:

  94. Hydra

    아 섹스

  95. BollyClips

    When you finished pooping and you realized there is no toilet paper

  96. ꧁ᮯᎬᏁᏃᎺ ᳄꧂


  97. Travisman Games

    When you're playing the Solomon Islands in Battlefield V

  98. Hiroko Sama

    I can imagine Marcel playing the song and Chandler, Ross and Joey dancing. 😂