Todd Rundgren - Today Lyrics

Time to get up and face it
Time to endure that aching
Time, I must keep account of
Time, the exact amount of
My life you've entwined in the game that you've designed
To waste my time, my precious time
All gone down the drain
Now it's time to break the chain
Today's the day
Today's the day
We settle our scores
Because tomorrow we're gonna wake up
Time, there is no such thing as
Time, just the endless ring of
Time after time of constant
Time wasted wrestling with
Something someone said that got glued inside your head
Somewhere in time, in ancient time
Hope the memory dies
Then you finally realize
Today's the day
How many years must we continue
With bitter tears upon the menu?
The same old fears, a different venue
Now it appears the stress will end you
Let's get it all out in the open
Somebody call and make it happen
In the boardroom, on the backstreets
Hugs and kisses, knives or axes
Why not here, why not now?
Why not here, why not now?
Why not today?

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Todd Rundgren Today Comments
  1. Rolf Hoffmann

    Is that the same coach Max Hardcore uses in his movies

  2. Dwayne Clark

    Todd is still one of my favorites. Todd is a genius. Do you believe me because I'm a black man? Check his history. One of the most intense songs I remember from my teen years was; Heavy Metal kid. Brilliant!

  3. mrlafayette1964

    Good that Todd had the wisdom as a teen to not go the drug route that the others took.

  4. Rosemary SpaFalmouth

    His resemblance to Liv Tyler is obvious!


    Are they related ?

  5. Michael Soto

    Gardner has it right when it comes to the multiple intelligences within our brain. Todd's musical intelligence by far outweighed any other intelligence in his attempt to read & transcribe music. Two thirds of the world's musicians do not read music. Music is a really good tool but not a necessity for pop, rock, country, r&b, & rap. Your ear matters more in learning & playing those genres. It also can transfer over to the studio in recording & mixing which Todd also does.

  6. Brian Glade

    Hello it's Me

  7. Veronica Lake

    I was born 1969. 1973 Hello it's Me (The Radio Sang). TV Showed (Todd Rundgren singing) NOT the RADIO Hello it's Me. Mom he's singing what the Radio Sang.? Learned people sing Not The Radio. 😃

  8. lynn allen

    Love you Todd- your music is always in my heart!!!

  9. BluesLicks101

    NO ONE picks his nose more than Todd Rundgren. Watch ANY 10 interviews of his, and see if you do not agree.

    Rex Rundgren

    BluesLicks101 he’s itching his nose. When he talks a lot he gets a itchy nose haha

  10. Matthew,Neufer Ruach of Yahweh

    The New Cars bad ass under rated band

  11. Muwin Jijg

    stop touching your nose

  12. Chuck Kubba

    The true King of Pop.

  13. Repsychler 808

    After hearing AWATS I was so impressed I never let a new release get by until GLOBAL.
    TR’s guitar playing is underrated. I love it. STATE blew me away. 🙏🏼

  14. macsnafu

    A surprisingly ordinary-sounding childhood. His t-shirt is more interesting.

  15. Sean Matthew Mangels Hall

    He's spellbinding

  16. bronco devil

    Hit records, produced Grand Funk and Bat Outof Hell, wrote a sports anthem, played with the Cars and a Beatle. Not too bad for a kid from Philly.

  17. rickhorvath

    Great inspiration for me to figure out different instruments and record them all.

  18. Johnny Wheels

    Basically the time period he was recollecting during this interview was 1965-1967. To briefly take over where Todd left off, The Nazz, then cut an awesome demo, got signed to Screen Gems (Atlantic Dist.) Released the amazing groundbreaking debut in mid 1968 and became low level teen idols appearing in 16 magazine.

  19. tomas neel

    Odd todd....he was good in the 70s... unhinged now

  20. carol apanowicz

    I've seen Todd numerous times as he was a local way back and even though he doesn't know us, we know he's "from here", Delco. haha Every show is different, every show is amazing. You never know what he's gonna do. Rock, Techno, New Wave, Blues, combo....When he's in Philly area, we're there!!!! He's brilliant! Thanks Todd for the last 50 years of your talents!!!

  21. Debra Bratz

    He should still wear makeup cause it made him look way better

  22. Ĺaura Ķamis

    Music with a message and purpose unlike the drivel turntable scratching hate rapping that passes as music to BAD this generation will NEVER experience the feelings of the 60s and 70s sharing caring and unity

  23. Lorraine Rutherford

    Hey I saw Zodd Zundgren, in Marlboro NY!

  24. teppolundgren

    The ultimate stone-faced comedian. And a genius, of course.

  25. Lorraine Rutherford

    Genius....Our Hero......we love you Todd.

  26. dante ferno

    Todd is coming across as a systems analyst of music

  27. sara cheri

    Zodd said buy my t & you know what,I will,over & over & over...LUV!

  28. Aladdin Sane

    His honesty is so refreshing. This man is as real and genuine as he has always been. Very happy to run across this. Thanks for posting this legend.

  29. Chuttanooga

    Todd Rundgren was my hero for decades but now he is as pale as a long forgotten comic hero. Boring after all he lost his genius of playing fucking keen notes and melodies. It is bad and melancholic to see falling down a star right before my eyes. I don't want to see more of that flat person because it kills all of my memories they were so brilliant.

  30. bob hite

    who cares...

  31. Tim McKeown

    Got to meet Todd in 2017. What a cool dude and awesome artist.

    Michelle R Jackson

    Tim Mckown- Todd's dry sense of humor is great, yeah? Saw him play last July at Four Winds, New Buffalo, MI. I've enjoyed many of Todd's shows over the years.. 🙂

    Tim McKeown

    Michelle R Jackson yeah low key friendly and funny. I met him before the show. I was wearing a black polo sweater and he asked me my name. I said “Tim” and he came back with “Tim Cook!” of Apple fame (Tim Cool wears a lot of black polos). I got a kick out of that. His wife Michelle is another down to earth super nice person. The show was excellent.

  32. Melissa Schroeter

    as a preschool teacher we played with instrument s ….. I have a piano that my grandkids banged on.... drove my whistling husband crazy...… but hi s mother did play the harmonica ..... as they learned to dance to classical music... in Germany ….. as children …. I took piano lesions but hated it and never learned to read music either.... but felt it..... as that move music takes you to...…. you feel it...… never learn it.... a dapple we all where …. in music ...….. that made us feel...… that move it is ...… sang in choirs just followed the scale not ever sure if I hit the right key..... but learned to move until I thought I hit the right key.....just a show up that trie s..... get it... in any club..... who cares …. as long as you sing and move........

  33. Scott Baxendale

    I’m still waiting for the Turd Rungreen album that John Lennon wanted.

  34. Dan Merchant

    He was great when he was touring with The Cars!

    Mark Levy

    I saw that tour The New Cars with Todd,Elliott,Greg and Prairie Prince was a great show.

  35. Calfolk7

    Gotta love the interviewer letting Todd talk without interruption. Thank goodness It’s not Howard Stern

  36. Dom Mccaffry

    Horrible to be produced by i would think

  37. Arthur M.

    Todd, I hope your stories make a Hollywood movie! I would be the first in line, I don't know you but I wish I did. Just to say thank you for being born and making the music you did.

  38. Christopher Cudworth

    Just saw Todd and his musician friends play The White album at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, Illinois. The musicianship was superb and a fun show. I go way back with Todd’s music and absorbed Utopia in it’s many forms. Genius fellow.

    Michelle R Jackson

    Myself as well Christopher!!

    J Jones

    I'm Jealous ! What a fab time that must have been - hat's off to you both...

  39. Jeff L

    To bad such talent..long ago..turned into a leftist freak.


    Yes, deep-thinking intelligent people often go that way. I wonder why?

  40. DAVID MATHEWS/The Minerals

    I have never heard a more boring interview. This guys story telling technique could put a speed freak to sleep.

  41. Chris Hogan

    One of the greatest voices! Still remember Center Island Concert in Toronto ... great memories TODD ... thanks for it all!

  42. Harry S. Anchan

    I was watching the videos of "Hello It's Me" and "I Saw The Light" and marveled how time has flown by. Much too fast. You have grown gracefully! Thanks for those fabulous songs and wonderful memories of the early 70's when your songs burned up the charts!


    His musical genius is similar To Ariel Pink... A Modern day Mozart..🎶 Hes very Human.

  44. Mike Dutill

    Todd’s, the go - too guy , for persise history , a genius in his field .....frankly not given enough credit .


    Geniuses are never given enough credit. At least not in their lifetime. Paul McCartney and Albert Einstein, perhaps, but they're still undervalued as far as their
    contributions to mankind go.

  45. Jack D. Ripper

    This man was fucking ROBBED of being in the R&RHOF. Not that he should really care because it's become the R&R Hall of Flaming Fucking Egos. Todd Rundgren produced Badfinger for fucksake! "Baby Blue" was HIS production!

  46. Jeff Dawson

    Some children are drawn to the excitement of producing sounds from instruments before they know anything about music. It inspires creativity at an early age. This is why music programs in elementary school are extremely important. This window into Todd's past is no surprise to me.

  47. Glenn Morris

    Todd is an American musical icon and deserves the absolute best honors possible. As a young teen in the Philadelphia area- I grew up with Todd's influence- and have followed his fantastic career and incredible production skills.

  48. Digital Brand

    “Stunned by the accuracy of the pelting...”

  49. Dennis Rowan

    Wish Todd had mentioned the Woody's Truck Stop by name. He was Tim Moore who went on to write the songs "Second Avenue" and "Rock and Roll Love Letter"

    ashly knapp


  50. bassplayer1966


  51. charles mann

    Good insight!

  52. Cheeseatingjunglista

    Oh dear, very backward noise maker parades the excuses for why his shit sucking bash metal for the mentally damaged was ALWAYS complete and utter shit, complete cunt

  53. MegaTriumph1

    Todd you make awesome music.

  54. Vivian McPeak

    "A Dream Goes On Forever" - A tremendous artist / producer. I grew up on Todd's records. His lyrics have been uplifting and inspirational for me and while he has achieved serious recognition, I still think Rundgren is one of the most under-appreciated artists of his time period. Extremely versatile, intensely influential, amazingly gifted. Todd always comes from a place of musical integrity.

  55. DJ Gels

    Todd the wadd...good to see ur still

  56. Robert Saxer

    hay come play in grass valey i can set it up around aug thanks robert

  57. Marc Maraccini

    Insightful interview.

  58. Peter Byker

    Todd's genius guitar work opens up Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell LP, a mind-blowing tour de force of talent and ultimate rocktitude.

  59. Jet Earlewood

    Where's Part II?

  60. Music N Stuff

    Todd Rundgren is a piece of shit

  61. Michael Mouse

    I went with friends and saw Todd in London Dec 1994 at The Forum on the TRi tour. He was quite excellent. We met him after the show and he was a such a gent. A true genius and so friendly to us. Hi Todd... Peace.

    Peter Butler

    Michael Mouse I was there too!,! He wore a dress if I remember

    Lorraine Rutherford

    @Peter Butler My very first live show! He had on a skirt...or whatever guys call them. Sleeveless flannel...I got to dance in the pod with him! It was AMAZING!

    Peter Butler

    Lorraine Rutherford he is always so far ahead of his time, and ridiculous talent into the bargain, and fantastic songs too!!

  62. Kent Borges

    TODD IS GODD. And now a SUPERHERO...He is amazing and continues to AMAZE !!!

  63. Jim Smith

    gifted musical genius

  64. Jack Tripper

    Produced "Next Position Please" by Cheap Trick. A hidden GEM!!!

  65. edgeofeternity101

    All for the want of a guitar

  66. Rob Hollander

    Once saw Todd on the NY subway during the 70s dressed in full psychedelic regalia!

  67. Tallshrew Fishing

    Is there more to this interview ? I would like to hear more if there is.

  68. Sundancer6

    TR rocks!!

  69. Terry

    And, of course, the Nazz released that red we know why.

  70. GREG Torchia


  71. winterlandboy

    Great musician ,great music,.Those are all the good things I can say about Todd Rungren

  72. flickwtchr

    Time for another spin of Initiation. Thanks forever Todd.

  73. brenda owen

    Love you’ve been my favorite for oh so many years!

    Michelle R Jackson

    💖 Yes!!

  74. Ed Palermo

    My hero! That shirt, I am proud to say, touts my big band, The Ed Palermo Big Band. My band plays a ton of Zappa and Rundgren. I was thrilled the night Todd and Greg Bisonette came to see my show at Iridium in NYC on a night he had off from Ringo's tour. He not only owns and wears that shirt but he also owns and wears Ed Palermo Big Band socks. I love his music to death!

    Michelle R Jackson


    Patrick Gragg

    @flickwtchr I used to be a fan of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and I quit listening to him for about three decades and then I listen to him I don't know 6 or 8 months ago and I couldn't stand Frank Zappa it was disgusting!

    Rex Rundgren

    Ed Palermo I need one 🙏🏼


    @Ed Palermo Now that's cool!! I'm 55 and have grown up with Todd's music in life's soundtrack.

  75. Hugh GotIt

    "The Adventures of Zodd Zundgren" is a fantastic album by The Ed Palermo Big Band. The more you know.

  76. diamonddog257

    Todd ... lookin' good ......

  77. cemegonuts

    I like how Todd drops names of musicians and music. It shows his respect for music in general. He is humble and thoughtful. Which is the reason I am such a fan. He truly is a guiding force for people who just plain love music.

  78. X Million

    Underaged, and only knowing Hello It's Me from the radio, I borrowed a friend's I.D. to see the early show of Back to the Bars tour in D.C. I was so blown away, that I bought a ticket on the sidewalk and went back in to catch the late show. Twice in one night, big fan ever since.


    X Million what year was that ?

    X Million

    @2JOHNNYT - Musta been '78, at The Bayou, in Georgetown. This was a Todd tour, but he happened to be backed by Roger, Kasim and Willie at this stop, so it was basically a Utopia gig.


    @X Million THANKS and here you might enjoy this funny - but factual - little gem on John Lennon's assassination >

  79. David cawrowl

    Impressed by the number of famous musicians who can't/don't read music.

    David Harrell

    Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder couldn't read music either!

    David cawrowl

    @David Harrell Glen Campbell.

    MidWest Concert Video

    He says he can't read or write music, but when Andy Partridge was being interviewed about Skylarking, he asked Todd to create an arrangement for The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul. He wanted something that would be a John Barry/spy movie sort of thing, Todd came in the next with it all perfectly arranged. I don't know if Todd recorded a demo in his home studio, or if he just played the parts for the band.

    But I'm told Todd is one of those people who can have a complete arrangement in his head, which comes in very handy when recording complex background vocal harmonies.

  80. John Slovacek

    '84 I believe... The Tortured Artist Effect. I had friends through a fanzine and we flew into Baltimore and met up with another fan. We all drove to Philly and then to Upper Darby. Met Todd's Mom and Dad. They have since both passed but at this time they still lived in the same small house that Todd and his siblings grew up in. I am 24 at the time. Todd's Mom, Ruth Rundgren and I became friends. Ruth showed me Todd's old bedroom where he wrote, "Hello It's Me". He was 17. To make a long story short. Todd played at a venue in Wilkes-Barre and we sat at the table with Ruth and Todd's brother Harry. I got up on stage for "Bang the Drum" Got blisters from the instrument. Seriously. Still, have the polaroid photo of me with Ruth Rundgren.

    Scott G

    Cool story! It seems Ruth was always happy to share their life with Todd's fans.

    MidWest Concert Video

    Very cool! Sorry I never met Ruth, but she did live to a ripe old age, which is very good news for our hero.

    Michelle R Jackson

    @Scott G Wow, just very cool ! Thanks for sharing..

  81. Captain Sunday

    This is J. Mascis not Tod Rundgren you idiot.

  82. MrZimpoppel

    very interesting roots tale.

  83. Neal Murfitt

    When I was a teenager back in the day this guy helped form my musical taste and ideas about life. Bit of a hero of mine. Great to see he's still around.

  84. Rocket Missile

    I've been a Rundgren fan since his early days. It's a shame he hates President Trump.

    Rocket Missile

    @MidWest Concert Video I, in turn must say, you're everything I've come to expect from a Fake News brainwashed LibNut buffoon, or "never Trumper", or what ever the Hell stupidity you're buying into.

    Rocket Missile

    @Vanmyster94 Hasn't done anything good? AH! HA! HA! HA! You're right! If you're an anti-American Ass Clown. LOL! Here's a large list of things he's done for stupid, ungrateful nitwits like yourself, you brainwashed cretin. LOL! FUCK YOU LIBTARD!
    President Donald J. Trump's Accomplishments List: -

    Michelle R Jackson

    @thenowchurch 👍👏

    David McDonald

    @flickwtchr Trump is not a racist. Ironically most of the people that call him that are racist against White Gentiles.

    Tyrone Jeff O'Reilly Ramirez

    he'll be hating another 5 years even though his opportunities will be endless under a Trump administration.

  85. James Toops

    An interesting and intelligent man.

  86. John Underwood

    I want the shirt Todd is wearing! Love it

    Kathy Sheppard

    Check out the Ed Palermo Big Band! It is pure brilliance!


    Checked out Ed Palermo's website and can't find the shirt!

  87. Mark Stewart

    Todd Rundgren...the Bill Belichick of the music world.

  88. Mike Ivy

    This is what a prodigy looks like...the difference between he and I is he sees the world differently and not afraid to experiment...I just played the notes and couldn’t see the notes between...thank u Todd.

  89. martin moose

    Great shit

  90. Sundancer6

    Todd should be in the R&R Hall of Fame!!

    Patrick Thometz

    He will not accept it if he is inducted. Said so many many times


    Patrick Thometz I know, but it doesn’t mean the offer shouldn’t be extended. His catalog deserves the recognition.

  91. Borisblvd Boris

    This video was posted on Todd's birthday..Anyone catch that??

    Patrick Thometz

    Yup 71st to be exact!

    Jacqueline Diesel

    After a few Toddstocks birthday parties, my answer is yes!

  92. lisa richards

    Nice tale

  93. lisa richards

    I had that same “record player.


    Me too, red and black spindle.

    Andrew Heller

    Me too.

  94. ABBY101

    Kids.... THIS IS HOW YOU ROCK !!!!!

  95. Jack Sprat

    I saw Todd at Lupos in Providence. It was a great show. I just voted for him on the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame ballot list.

    Jae Crowther

    Saw Samhain at lupos. Was the living room in RI ?

  96. Stu wylam

    I found his emotive sensitivity that comes out in his songs so compelling. Unique.

  97. G H

    I'm still listening my favorite song hello. When you he play the piano with CREEPY attire all over.. love it

  98. MrColdwatercanyon

    He needs recognition in Cleveland other than that he has a good life great family

  99. Nunyo Bidniz

    All of the sudden I wanna catch The Adventures of Zodd Zundgren!

    Hugh GotIt

    It's a terrific album by The Ed Palermo Big Band.