Todd Rundgren - Love Of The Common Man Lyrics

I've been burned in my prime
The simple things in life
Seem so hard to learn sometimes
And it takes so long
Catch it while you can
Too late tomorrow
And everyone

Said we all know what comes of that
Living in your pockets and talking through your hat
But it won't take long
To turn your head around
Too late tomorrow
'cause everyone needs the love of the common man
Turn the world around
Too late tomorrow

'cause everyone

Everyone is waiting, just anticipating on you
Won't you make a showing everybody knows what to do
Take a dive from your ivory tower
And fall on everyone will catch you, everyone

I would be so pleased to spend some time
To hear a little talk about what's been on your mind
'cause it don't take long
To turn my head around
If it comes easy
'cause everyone needs the love of the common man
Turn the world around
Too late tomorrow
'cause everyone

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Todd Rundgren Love Of The Common Man Comments
  1. bswade007

    Great song. Too bad he turned out to be a liberal POS

  2. Larry Wilson

    Finally found the original version. The only one I'd heard before this was the one he did for "One Long Year."

  3. Jim Marcucci

    A brilliant pure pop track with an addictive chorus, bridge and solo.

  4. John Surabian

    \o/ !<3

  5. Dale Schmitt

    I was a big fan of TR in the seventies and it seemed I was the only one. Now I look at YouTube and everyone's calling him a genius. Where were you people forty years ago? Not born yet? Anyway, I'm glad that people are getting it now. You can love his music for a lifetime.

    Charlzz95 g

    Duuuude its timeless music! I bought a record with flowers on the cover and it changed my life! 100% genius. I cant quite put my finger on why todds music was so fucking good. Not saying he was the only one to achieve musical genius level but god damn his records stand with the best of em 🤘
    i was born in 95 and todds records blow most records out of the water.. genius doesnt fade

    Dale Schmitt

    @Charlzz95 g TR's music is lighthearted, cheerful and optimistic. But there's a strictly musical reason that might put your finger on it: Todd's chords. One of his habits is to use a bass note that's not in the usual chord. For example, a C chord over a D bass, or a C chord over an F bass. TR sometimes plays several of these chords in a row. The intro to "I Went to the Mirror" features two of these chords prominently and repeatedly. That's just the first example to come to mind, but there are many. If you haven't heard Nazz, please check them out. Todd doesn't usually sing lead, but he wrote nearly all the songs. Interesting chords also figure heavily in the music of Steely Dan and Laura Nyro, as well as some early Elton John, notably "Burn Down the Mission." Why more composers don't use these chords is beyond me. I was fifteen when "Love of the Common Man" came out. Congratulations on being young and discovering thrilling old music. You're in for many years of happy listening!

    Charlzz95 g

    @Dale Schmitt this is insightful.. as a guitar player myself i found it very difficult to try and learn his tunes by ear cuz you just dont find the tabs. I got i saw the light, couldnt i just tell you, and a couple others down lol.. but wow im gonna look into this! And yes love the nazz!

    Dale Schmitt

    @Charlzz95 g Back in the seventies I mail-ordered a Something/Anything? songbook. I remember showing "Couldn't I Just Tell You" to one of my high school teachers, who reacted with amazement when Todd hits the high note on "I love you." Anyway, I would guess a songbook like that is still available, with guitar chords. Maybe you could get the exact same edition I bought, by checking eBay or similar sites. It seems everything is easy to buy these days!

  6. pallallan f.kjellberg

    Love This song. 1976
    -I remember every inch of it. The girls. The smoke. The Love.
    This is the song, for me. For you too!? The crispy guitars. John Ziegler on Bass. What a treat. As “The Verb Love” same album.
    Memories that touches you eternally ❤️🌹❤️

  7. David Granati

    quite the underrated guitarist!! I had a chance to meet and hang with him in Pittsburgh after the Ringo All-star show. it was so hard not to ask a million gear-head production questions !! God bless you Todd Rundgren. Continued influence on my playing, producing and singing!!

    CJ Bani

    I got to meet him around 1984 or 5 at a trade show I snuck into, and he was really kind and patiently dealt with me completely being geeked and my bombardment of questions. I met Craig Anderton that same day, another hero of mine.

  8. Melissa Schroeter

    common we began a s common we will end as … matters not what wa s in the middle of us … only the beginning and the end … befor e we are to go back to where we came from...

  9. sandinyourshoes

    Listen to those amazing electric guitars as they do their magic beginning at 1:40. The zenith they reach IS "The Love of the Common Man."

  10. Texas Commtech

    A musician and a song God would listen to!

  11. David K

    beautiful, not sure this came to my mind this morning after 40 years

  12. Darren Bethell

    Awesome song from an awesome musician

  13. Darren Bethell

    This guy is out of this world! The pure genius of Todd rundgren!

  14. hal warner

    An American genius.

    Greg Santine

    I agree 100%

    Jennifer Williams

    Hey Greg, its cheech lol

  15. marla singer

    Major 7ths are the new heroin.

    Donald Ronson

    Naw, man. It's all about those minor 7'ths with the 11 in the bass. Now THAT'S some powerful shit.

    Kevin Hubbell

    The chords on this song are out of this world. All played on of Fender Mustang. Ridiculous

  16. Jango Smity

    Gods Music

  17. Ellen Lance

    Just one of the songs on the timeline of my life. Not sure why it came to mind today, but so fitting as 2017 comes to a close.

  18. Craig Hindman

    I think one of his very best songs, from a man who wrote so many. He is so unique in every way. It doesn't happen very often.

    Rob van Houten

    Yes Kelly! Craig is right

    Jennifer Williams

    After finding out my bf visited his ex n supposively " broke it off" I've had this song on repeat. God, I miss my dad! My dad listened to todd long before he died

    beth leinicke

    Todd is both a lyrical & chord genius. It always surprises me when people only recognize & laud his popular, more banal songs-when Todd has written such amazing, diverse lyrics, ie “take a dive from your ivory tower” & so many esoteric, truly moving & inspiring songs such as “Hawking”, “Cliche”, “Bag Lady”, “Wailing Wall”, “Soothe”, “Gaia’s Eyes”, “Sons of 1984”, “Fair Warning”, “Initiation”, ad infinitum!

    J G

    100%. A gifted and spectacular musical artist!!

    Jennifer Williams

    @J G yes, he is! Love of the common man and it wouldn't of made a difference are my all time Faces!! I hate when people only recognize hello its me and can we still be friends smh. I've seen Todd a few times in concert and he is spectacular

  19. jamesthejawa gaming

    One of Mr. Rundgren's gems. Thanx.

  20. Ave Figgy