Todd Rundgren - Hello, It's Me Lyrics

Hello, it's me
I've thought about us for a long, long time
Maybe I think too much but something's wrong
There's something here that doesn't last too long
Maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine

Seeing you
Or seeing anything as much as I do you
I take for granted that you're always there
I take for granted that you just don't care
Sometimes I can't help seeing all the way through

It's important to me
That you know you are free
'Cause I never want to make you change for me

Think of me
You know that I'd be with you if I could
I'll come around to see you once in a while
Or if I ever need a reason to smile
And spend the night if you think I should

It's important to me
That you know you are free
'Cause I never want to make you change for me

Think of me
You know that I'd be with you if I could
I'll come around to see you once in a while
Or if I ever need a reason to smile
And spend the night if you think I should

Think of me
Think of me
Think of me

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Todd Rundgren Hello, It's Me Comments
  1. rhonda42ful

    one of my favorites !

  2. kim fleming

    those lips

  3. Vivian Taylor

    One of my favorite songs ever makes me think about someone very special to me 🤗

  4. Sharon Maclean

    Love this song

  5. Linwood Sly

    What would it take today to record music like this?

  6. Steven S

    Todd is an indisputable genius. Take a listen to The Band's 'Stage Fright' album. Any guesses who engineered this masterpiece ? Todd Rundgren. Look it up. I have no respect at all for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In fact I don't believe Todd Rundgren should grace this 'institution' by being part of it.

    Philip Halpenny

    He is as dynamic as Prince was. Love that you referenced Stage Fright by The Band, a real favourite, Steven...

    C. M.

    Well... You've just opened the rabbit's tunnel and I'm introduced to a whole new experience of music. Thank you!

  7. Ron Babu

    I know where Fez is from.

    Red Rover


  8. LearnToReason

    Greatest Pop Song ever written and recorded?? Even the legendary Isley Brothers covered this amazing song. Todd Rundgren is so underrated. Epitome of a musical genius. What a lovely soul! My fave album is A Wizard, A True Star.

    Anthony Tillman


  9. matt ponteri

    me too. was watching cold case and they played this song at the end. one of the greats I remember from back in the early 70's. i really, REALLY, miss the music from back then. I don't care what anyone says. I was a teen at the best time ever when it came to music. and we had it all. Rock, Motown, Elvis, Beatles, OMG and so much more, all at the same time. It was an amazing time to be young!!!

    terry andrews

    dont forget disco and cocaine

  10. Courtney Hall

    50s - 70s are the best ❤️ i get transported back in time just listening... I wish I could have lived back then

    Red Rover

    Yeahhh i love 40s-70s music

  11. Thomas Sutphin

    Love this song

  12. L.A. Rican

    that 70's show

  13. E. Ed

    What great lyrics and sentiment. Kind of refreshing

  14. rose reyes

    The best music ever. 60's and 70's, best and unique era ever.

    Victor Perez

    How true. You just don't here a good trombone solo in today's music.

  15. Steven Patrick

    Great songs, like this one, surpass the test of time. This song is nearing 50 years old. The junk they're putting out today will be forgotten in 50 years.

    Red Rover

    Yup. Shame most known music is just shuffled out crap now days. There are some hidden gems you can find..its just hard cause the good shit is not being played on the radio.

  16. ramon madrazo

    My high school days,good music..

    Cliff Trimble

    My wife and I are both Class of 1976!! Hartford Union High School, Hartford, Wis..

  17. Ronald Hagadorn

    When it comes to meaningful music, the year doesnt matter! Just like anything!!! Great is Great!! By the way it is 2020!!!!

    Classickid : Retro game player

    Ronald Hagadorn well said!

  18. Classickid : Retro game player

    This song is beautiful. One of my favorites by Todd. A heartfelt, soulful classic.


    HAPPY songs you could understand what they were singing NO rape NO murder NO hate...Wish we could push rewind

    Wandy Woblox

    songs nowadays are about drugs, and sex, and how good their life is. and I’m 18 yrs old and I jam on this type of music daily, thank you dad 🙏🏼


    @Wandy Woblox I would love to walk out the door back into 1972...Just for a day

  20. fox

    Thank God for british real rock invasion not crap for grannies like this

    Donna Adams

    @fox so you've been watching Beatles outtakes...
    oh you're such a Granny


    fox I’m NOT like other people, I listen to BRITISH ROCK, which is REAL music not other genres because I believe mine is superior cause I said so. If your opinion is different well screw you mine is right~


    Nah but I’m all for both British rock and Todd Rundgren they’re different kinds of music though so I don’t know why you’d try and compare the two but aight 😐

    Red Rover

    I love both personally<3 but if you feel that passionately about it then stick to your suckdick brit rock buddehh! No one forced you to come listen to todd ;D

    Kevin Morey


  21. Darla M

    hi doll
    dar from o canada

  22. philgomez1

    Ya know... just to look and see that this 1972 tune has 25M views just says it all. God Bless!

  23. peter prunty

    You were quite a gifted boy. Those days led up to the best days in my life! I hate this fucked up world. Even the women have boys haircuts now.  Jesus!

    Derrick Bird

    Haircuts aren't the reason for the world being in disarray. [email protected]$$

    peter prunty

    You wouldn't know a fine piece of ass if it bit you grasshopper.

    May Plant Starr Waters

    What's wrong with women having "boy haircut"?! Stop being so ignorance and let people enjoy whatever they want

    peter prunty

    If you don't know the answer to that, you are a lost cause grasshopper.

  24. culiacan929

    The most beautiful song in 1972 really amazing listen in roadways in lineborder

  25. Father Rick Clark

    Hello, I thought I'd share another piece of work Todd Rundgren had a hand in. It's a song made by fans of his that he remixed. It's killer.

  26. Ernest Castro

    This song reminds me of Sproul Hall the dorm I lived in at UCLA. I lived there the school year 1971,72. Great times.

  27. Michelle Chung

    Glad people are still listening to this 😃

    Go-go Akins

    Michelle Chung yup! I had long forgotten about this song and one day I heard it on that 70s show ... this is definitely a classic🎶🎶👏👏🤙😎

  28. Jamie Lynn Gann

    This is what everybody thinks Todd Rundgren is. Actually Nazz in 1967.

  29. Mark s

    Think of me, ,,,That you know you are free

  30. Desiree Hall

    He playing the 🎹????
    My mom moved me to Michigan, city Indiana in feb.1973, and this song was playing all the time on WLS Chicago radio..
    . these were sad ☹️😔😞 times for me..
    Sad song...


    its good song but i feel it feels sad tto this song

    Jay Corby

    Desiree Had  I am sorry you went through that experience. Even though it was 47 years ago some things are never forgotten and mark us for the rest of our lives. I was molested at age 5 during the summer of 1951 by an older boy in our neighborhood. That was 69 years ago! That molestation has affected me over the  entire time since then and there has been an undercurrent of sadness within me still that never goes away.

    Jacqueline OS


  31. Elsonobruno Elbruno

    dream over his music !

  32. Bill Drennan

    Beautiful, soulful, romantic, great and creative arrangements!

  33. Daniel Von Setler

    The comment section here is nothing short of "special"....

  34. Rockhopper29

    granted he had a couple of really good songs like this one, but overall not a R and R Hall of Fame rocker.

  35. Cangelo629

    He should of been inducted in the Rock Hall years ago .....

  36. Kevin Barton

    Good song !

    sally archer

    Kevin Barton best song

  37. Cynthia Rekemeyer

    Great song, the music today will not survive like the music we hear today.

  38. Janet Marquez

    That 70's show got me here.


    Me too. I really like this song

  39. Melanie FS

    The baby is Liv?

    K Brown

    Melanie FS ..Yes!


    At 1:10 it's her!


    Having a small party, drinking vodka and enjoying this song while my two friends slow dance in the kitchen with the lights dimmed... Cheers 🍷

  41. Vanilla C

    I love this song so much I try to play it once a day . maybe it's just me
    But this song brings back so many many Heart Felt MEMORIES . you got to love it Or Is It Just Me .
    who's with me on this ?

  42. marco maruan

    i'm not a fan of T.D. but this song it's really inspired, over 24mln views are not " by chance"

  43. Joseph R.

    Virgin Suicides


    Bruh I'm dead

  44. Tammy Jenkins

    Love this song it brings me up

  45. Greg Schock

    i opened my eyes and 48 years went by

    Cathryn Schultz

    I know the feeling.

    Vanilla C

    I know the past 40 years seems like it past by in a twinkle of an eye
    Oh how time flies by . IT'S A MIRACLE THAT I'M STILL HERE

    Go-go Akins

    Time flies when you are having fun😎🤙

    sybil cent

    you said a simple thing that brings tears to my eyes

    Blue jeans

    Times flys by... makes me sad...

  46. Nicacio Varotto

    ouvindo 2020 🎸🎸🎷🎷🎤🎤

  47. That Crazy White Girl

    I thought this came out in 1974?


    It was on the album Something/Anything? That came out in 1972.

  48. Daniella de groote

    equivalent version of david gates

    sally archer

    Daniella de groote I played him tonight too xxx

  49. Maxie Marie

    Taking a trip down memory lane. If I had it to do over again knowing what I know now, I would have gone right instead of left. Stayed in school, not gotten married at 18 and experienced life. But then again, maybe I'm right where I'm supposed to be?!🤔 I still grew up in the best era as far as I'm concerned. 😊👌🎼 60's and 70's. Great music and just a great time to grow up.

    Barry Cole

    Just a great song.

  50. Kevin Barton

    Song .

  51. Nathan Broomhead

    Miniladd anyone?

  52. luv mifro

    🗣((((( Todd!!! I’ll see you at the Wiltern 6/6/20 🤸🏾‍♀️📻🎸

    Susan Z

    Fillmore 6/2/20!

    luv mifro

    Susan Z 🙌🏾💚💚💚

  53. Destroyer Vids

    That 70s show

    kaled adam

    oh yea fez lol

  54. David Buckle

    been a while, eh? 4 years? we never even spoke, un-virtual that is, but even then; Nina's pretty cool, eh?

  55. Cali Bean

    Thought this song was about being haunted by the memory of a lost love.
    The years pass quickly when we realize we didn't try hard enough to find each other again and return to the happiness we had when we were together. It seems to be about an unexpected lover's phone call stating, we blew it , it's too late and I miss you.


    As much as it Hurts to read your comment CALI but your ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! but It's too LATE is not in my DNA & being 64 yrs. old I've seen a lot of weird things turn around in RELATIONSHIPS .....I got too overconfident in some Relationships & first thing I do is beat up myself .... UNEXPECTED Lovers phone call is stated well & CRYSTAL CLEAR in your comment.

    Cali Bean

    @ROCCO VITALONERegret & despair is what you get when you don't take a chance on love. Being over confident and losing will only mean the regret will be for the one that rejected you. ❤🎶

  56. Nathaniel Cromartie

    A true bond exists with all who identify this song with a significant time in their lives.

    Kevin Barton

    Repair song .

    Barry Cole

    Very true awesome!

  57. Kevin Barton

    Kasey Kasem
    Top 40 of the week !
    1970’s are great years
    To celebrate .!


    I absolutely love this song so much! Every single time I listen to it towards the end when He's singing Think of me over n over I can just picture all kinds of 70's things....idk its hard to explain but this song just screams that its from the 70's

    Kevin Barton

    Gave my first girl friend
    Half of my marble collection !

    scott garrison

    Riding in the backseat of my parents car as a child. Always my first thought.

  59. David Swayze

    I remember this song and slowdanced with my first girlfriend (who I just met) in 1978 and she knew she was serious trouble because I fell in love with her when we got our first kiss between us and every time I hear this I automatically think of her and I wonder if she hears this song and think of me when we were together

    Andrea McKee

    I bet she does. <3

    Deonna Bishopp

    She has to! Love how music & perfume are time travel portals!

    Kevin Barton

    David Swayze - yup !
    Me too .
    Rollerskating . Boat rides. Pizza Hut ,
    McDonald’s $1.00 ice cream sundaes,
    Checking the oil in her car! Shooting a tin can with my single shot 22 rifle.

    Eric Webb

    She’s moved on like most of us do. We are only here for a little while.

    David Swayze

    @Eric Webb Yes she did and I know that she extremely happy with her husband and kids and I'm happy for her

  60. stormking989

    *This song is solid gold. Brilliant from top to bottom, even in the year 2020.*

  61. My Gentle Pitt Bull

    Todd Rundgren should be in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, do you agree? I 🎸✌🇺🇸

  62. Ronald Hagadorn

    6.2 are freak!!! ?

  63. Kevin Barton


  64. Ronald Hagadorn

    2020 still love this song!! Haters are freaks!

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    I hear ya. Me too. Greetings from the Beautiful Hills of Charleston, West Virginia USA ✌🇺🇸

  65. Daniella de groote

    same voice as david gates

    Deonna Bishopp

    I agree! Never thought about it but you're right!

  66. van patterson

    Fantastic music so thankful for you tube and the other people who posts this type of music. Amazing songs of the 1970.

    My Gentle Pitt Bull

    I agree. Love to return to the 70s and stay. YOUTUBE Is almost like being there.

  67. marty baran

    this brings memories. my first real girlfriend at 15

    Daniella de groote

    Hell MB.. Memories

    Daniella de groote

    do not ask. i have no answer

    Kevin Barton

    marty baran - fond friends today too ! I hope !

    David Swayze

    I know exactly what you mean about this and when I met with my first girlfriend I was only 10 and I knew about love at young age and went over to her house every summer vacation and she lived next door to my cousin's house about 600 hundred feet away (give or take) and I hope she is ok

  68. Soul Lady Resa

    This music is precious to my soul. What a great Melody and great memories...

  69. summer bby

    I'm crying because of that 70s show

  70. Michael Troutman

    The 70s music was the best 🎶

  71. Kevin Barton

    Gods repair song .

    Get it fixed . Jeremiah 29:11 style .

  72. G Feelgood

    This is golden 👍😀

  73. Roger Deschenes

    Brilliant. Simply, brilliant. Wish I could sing, so I could sing this

  74. Mike Knight

    This shuts me the fuck up

  75. Levi-Rose

    "cause I'd never want to make you change for me...!"

  76. Rdc Ffty

    I'm 14 and I'm still listen to todd rundgren songs

    Mike Knight

    Stop it Chris


    What a coincidence...I'm listening to him right now just as I'm reading your post. "Hello, It's Me" ('72)

    carolyn Moen

    I'm 67 and still listening!!!

  77. bill connelly

    Great song 72 i remember hearing this on my transistor radio I was in 6 th grade . Now 58 time is flying.

    Steven Wagner

    Take me back to the 70'S, I would stay there...

  78. Kevin Barton

    Song heals !

  79. Tee m

    Awwww real music 2020


    some songs will last forever and be forever relevant. This is one of them!

  81. Mau Lol

    Beatiful for ever 2020 🇳🇮👍🇳🇮👍🇳🇮👍🇳🇮

  82. Sinful Fable

    That 70's show anyone

  83. Ronald Hagadorn

    U are a weak freak if u make fun this song! A good honest song!!

  84. Bilbo Targaryen

    Thee best song ever created.

    David Roberts

    Not sure why people leave outrageous comments knowing it makes them look like fools...

    Bilbo Targaryen

    @David Roberts Maybe you should take some more time and think about it.

  85. mgebi1

    Rock concerts with general admission. I was deaf for days standing near amp towers. The Who blew people away✌️👍😀🎼. Todd is so talented. Check out at Darryl's place with him.

  86. Peter Macias

    Can someone give me a ride and drop me off in the 70's? I won't need a ride back. 👍

    Kevin Barton

    mgebi1 . Thanks for your good story .loved it!

    Regina Repp

    I would love to be in that ride somewhere!! Man we didn’t appreciate the time

    Kevin Barton

    Haggie Fatigue a yup !

    Kevin Barton

    mgebi1 - hang in there and tell them your stories !

    Sharron Arturi

    Ooh! You want a ride back in time?!👀💕🎶🔥☄

  87. Daniel Vlz_

    "hola soy yo"

  88. Knowing Nia Loving You

    Takes me back to MUCH better days.....


    Knowing Nia Loving You You were young, that’s why they were better. That and the fact that the world wasn’t overcrowded and overstressed, and wasn’t full of ultimately alienating technology.

    Knowing Nia Loving You

    @acbulgin2 so true!!!! It's just depressing anymore. Music in the 70's told stories - which were actually worth listening to - the emotions behind the lyrics were FELT. And too, yes, the world then was much simpler - and peaceful.


    Knowing Nia Loving You Yes, it was certainly simpler. As to whether or not it was more peaceful, I can only say that that depended on who and where you were. If you grew up in a relatively stable middle-class (or higher, I won’t say better) domestic situation in the West and didn’t suffer from any major health issues, you probably had a pretty easy time of it, as I did.

  89. Dave P

    That 70's show didn't bring me here, but an appreciation for a great song performed by a legendary artist echoing for decades in my heart, mind & soul did. I have often told my wife that "I never want to make her change for me" and after nearly 30 wonderful years, it really has been that simple. Thanks Todd!

  90. aaron ackbar aka sjmorgan

    Believe honesty is gonna thrart your clock and dagger...your opinion vrs my stability....

  91. Umbrella Corporation

    When Donna Pinciatti kisses Eric Foreman for the First time.

    Alejandro Mtz

    Thats 70s show mila kunis

    Umbrella Corporation

    @Alejandro Mtz Yup....yur right and I'm Wrong.

    Angela Noelle Martin

    first of all, you spelled their last name’s wrong. it’s pinciotti and forman.

    Umbrella Corporation

    @Angela Noelle Martin Oh God.. The Grammar police. Guess I'm going to YouTube Jail? I guess I'm just not Nerdy enough to know how to spell a television show names? Lol

    Angela Noelle Martin

    Sawtooth Survival lol

  92. Crispin Julius

    It’s impossible to not like this song. If you do, it’s time to rethink your tastes.

  93. Kevin Barton

    Good song .

    Love it.

  94. Kevin Barton

    Good song .

    Hear .

  95. That 70's feel gb . Sound

    I am not your puppet because of this song that I have listened to from before you were even born . You ruined my memory of this song from dealing with a stupid b_tch that has control over the comments of this 1972 hit . I was there you were not . You can have your has been song . 😊 gb* ~ hard life (MULDEW)

    Paula Reuter

    @L.H.L. M.M. who the fuck r u? todd is great-

    Paula Reuter

    wow. get a grip and enjoy music! why so deep? fuckin weirdo s

    Kevin Barton

    Paula Reuter - 🌈❤️👌👍 ❤️🌷👩‍💼🤠✌️.

  96. David Buckle - -

  97. David Buckle - hey Todd

  98. Angel

    I’m 10 years old and I’m listening to this song

    Kevin Barton

    Angel - keep singing it till your 95 . Precious
    Angel !

    Janet Reed

    You have excellent taste in music! Keep listening! :)

    Ronald Hagadorn

    U have good taste!

    Lynwood Lynwood

    Im a newborn

  99. Glossblack Humbucker

    I was 9😨