Todd Rundgren - Fidelity Lyrics

I've been hurt
I've never been so hurt
Yes, and only you know why
But I would be far more hurt if we had to say good bye

When I think that it's all or nothing
I tell myself

True love does not demand fidelity
If there's one sacred place always in your heart for me

Time has come
I knew the time would come
When someone would want to be more than friends
But we had a love so sweet
I thought the dream would never end

If my love could not withstand this jealousy
I'd remember the day I threw away our eternity

Has no plan, things will happen we don't understand
One day the glove is on the other hand
And when you think that it's all or nothing
Just tell yourself

If our love could not withstand this jealousy
We'd remember the day we threw away our eternity

If it's true love, it does not demand fidelity
Oh it hurt me so bad
But I can't help but love you for eternity
I know we got a true love

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Todd Rundgren Fidelity Comments
  1. RocketBound

    This is my favorite song on Nearly Human. The harmonies are beautiful.

  2. Jay Babbitt

    Todd what a singer what a writer what a wonder what a guy.You are my guy.

  3. DD Diamond

    Thank you

  4. ranatlas

    What a gorgeous, behind-the-scenes video of the recording of this song. I am impressed. The sepia tone is a nice touch. Also, thanks to this video I was able to see there was a clarinetist playing on the song. Thank you for uploading this!

  5. Gafgal

    Beautiful video!

  6. beth leinicke

    There is something so endearing in watching videos of Todd performing in the studio. Perhaps it's the intimacy of the setting or that feeling that "we are there" too. I've always loved this song, which enhances that warm, fuzzy feeling!

  7. Nan Fan

    Thank you Ed Vigdor for the incredible video!  You captured a beautiful song in the making!  One of my favorites!!!  Love how Michele looks at Todd!  Remarkable video!

  8. Marty Cummings

    Love this song! Todd is wonderful & timeless!


    Yes, Timeless! :)

  9. mrtrips99

    Brilliant....thanks mucho for the post....more more more.

  10. Craig Martin

    I second the motion for more studio footage :) What a gift it is to see this. Thank you!

  11. chriz1976

    Thanks for posting. I wonder if there is any more studio video footage of the 'Nearly Human' sessions out there? Please post. Thanks.

  12. Clayton139

    Thank you! This is one of my favorite hidden gems on Todd Rundgren !