Todd Rundgren - Buffalo Grass Lyrics

Saw you once and you looked so sweet
Saw you twice and I felt complete
Three times thought I'd get some peace
Dozen times and there's no release
And I was already gone

And life goes on in white and black
Cloaking the stealth of your attack
The tendrils creep through every crack
And every time I cut you off
You grow right back

Like buffalo grass
You crawled across my heart
Oh like buffalo grass
Wrapped yourself around my heart

Day goes by and I think I feel clean
Week goes by and I feel serene
Month goes by like you're just a dream
Year goes by I'm back on my knees

When I was already gone

But since you first infected me
We've been connected karmically
Should I escape your gravity
In every other solar system
There you'll be

Like buffalo grass
You crawled across my heart
Oh like buffalo grass
Wrapped yourself around my heart
Like buffalo grass
You crawled across my heart
Oh like hele hele
Cat claw across my heart

Empires fall and the roach will rule
Lifetimes pass and I'm still your fool
Universe collapses in a silvery pool
Watering the root that connects me to you

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Todd Rundgren Buffalo Grass Comments
  1. charles mann

    Has an Indian beat.

  2. cathy struska

    Put Todd in the Hall Of Fame already! TJ STRUSKA

  3. cathy struska

    I knew Todd was a dark horse to make the Hall of Fame This year. Sad and too damn bad. They chose Janet Jackson instead.....TJ STRUSKA

    Rich Simpson

    F the Stupid Rock Hall of Fame!! Corrupt Sell Outs......Really

  4. Michelle R Jackson

    Blessed with the gift for my Birthday (May 31st) to see The Individualst tour on 6/7..😍😍😍 My 21yr olds 1st concert..Couldn't have planned it better!!! Thank you, to

    Daniel Jackson💪"Real Man"

  5. Fortnut ttv/ btw

    Todd is Godd!

    Kelly Leiby

    Ya think? We are so fortunate to have Todd fucking Rundgren

  6. Ruckus Tom

    A rebirth? This is some great music compared to "I don't want to work, I just want to beat on the drum all day""

    Sam808T T

    Todd has always been so much more than Bang on The Drum

  7. Darren Bethell

    Love it! Love it ! Love Todd

  8. Repsychler 808

    Wonderful beat. Simple and fluid.
    The man, for sure. Love that guy.

  9. Dan B 0809

    Definitely the best album which came after Second Wind. I prefer TEPTAE, HOMH, ACappella and Nearly Human.

  10. Jim Marillo

    He played this song ... here in Buffalo N.Y. at  Canalside  Fantastic Summer Night..Jessie Guess rocked...It was total TODD..

    Jazz Fusioner

    fine witness...

  11. gary scott

    Big fan since 1968 now I know why. Buffalo grass

    Leigh Mellow

    Hey nice! I had forgotten those fun musical Saturday nights!!!

    gary scott

    +Leigh Mellow  There you are my friend. You were there, sorry my email is fucked :)

  12. AirComRadio

    All his albums are underrated.


    Vastly underrated.

  13. Oscar Olivera

    I love Todd Rundgren.-

  14. Ronda Garcia

    Best song from this album. Thanks for sharing, love it.

  15. NerdyHippy

    Great tune. The album kinda left abit to be desired, but thankfully he made up for it with Liars.

    Jazz Fusioner

    Liars....on point as the yung uns impart....

  16. gudatine

    Thanks so much for uploading this.. my fav song on this album.. this rocks!!!