Toby Lightman - Something U Lyrics

Just a boy and a girl
And a day that will change both of our worlds
I can’t, shake this spell
Of a love that runs deeper than diamonds and pearls

You know when you know
I’ve been waiting for you, all of my life
I swear on my heart
I’m gonna love you forever and we will never part

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue
But all I need is something you

Got my gown, got my veil
Daddy's holding my hand
Flowers in my hair
Two rings, bands of gold
With you my darling, I wanna grow old
To have and to hold
For better or worse, our love will grow strong
I do, love you
Now they’re playing our song baby, playing our song

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue
But all I need is something you

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Toby Lightman Something U Comments
  1. Veronica Bozo

    I love it. I actually hate winter but this song make me like winter

  2. Tommy Allen

    Good job Toby

  3. tanes sureshkumar

    this song is good

  4. Char Char

    December 9, 2017 is a snow day here in NY!

  5. Yogan Rathinam

    Good song

  6. vxy357

    I remember hearing this song on a Christmas episode of "NCIS: Los Angeles". I always wondered what the name of the song was.Thank God for close-captioning.

  7. Toffenator 4477

    Pure quality

  8. amber joy


  9. amber joy

    my name is Natalie to you know me from school

  10. Gacha Gracelyn

    So cool my school likes it and so do i

    amber joy

    good. hi good my name is Natalie what's your name

    amber joy

    patrick daigle do you go to White Oak School

    amber joy

    patrick daigle

    amber joy

    patrick daigle

  11. funandlala

    So ready for Christmas ! <3

  12. P collantes

    originalmente esta cancion era "something u" ,alguien sabe donde encontrarla?

  13. S U N I

    know I love this song 😊 happy almost crismas👏⛄❄:-)

  14. Ariella Briggs

    I've been looking everywhere for this song!! Like years! ;A; Thank you so much for uploading! I finally found it after hearing it off the kmart commercial. XD

    S U N I

    Ariella Briggs me 2

  15. Noor Sharkawi


  16. Skylaar *

    Same here I've been searching all day wth!

  17. OpenMindedAlways25

    I cnt find song sumthing u!

  18. Ginger Spurlin

    Thank you I have played this on and off all day!!!

  19. ezekielm2010

    Best Christmas song ever! Sounds great even in August

  20. Lita&Trish TeamBestie

    I love it but I still want something u

  21. skinnymike1

    Lottsa love for commercials that expose you to good music! Wasn't that supposed to be the radio's job?

  22. Abe Aviles

    I LOVE THIS KMART XMAS COMMERCIAL AND SONG...THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! just u and me on our snow day!!! lalalalala

  23. Nikki Queen

    omg thanks for sharing! i cant find this on frostwire!

  24. tipeve

    Lol, I agree with mzhurricanetrenna, the K-Mart Commercial does go hard lol! Every year I am searching for a song that I heard on a commercial lol!

  25. Aqua

    @wildberrybella np haha i begged my mother for itxD b/c i was looking for it too!

  26. Aqua

    @charlenechen2 np! glad you like it! (:

  27. Charlene Chen

    thanks for putting this upp!! i was looking for it after i heard the kmart commerical!

  28. kiyah fuller

    I was loooking for this song ever since that K-mart commerical ! OMG im so glad I found it !

  29. mellemaster

    You rock nigga

  30. Ashley Garrison

    loooove thiiiiis (:

  31. Just-In-Time

    Yes I was looking for this!!