Toby Lightman - Ready To Go Lyrics

bite off more than you can chew
just a little something new
cause there's nothing you can't do, can't do

jump into the deeper end
so you can learn to stand
inside your own shoes, own shoes

you should know i'm always on your side

don't be scared of dreaming
don't be afraid of believing
you gotta know it's your moment
you're ready to go

open your eyes and taste
take every chance don't waste it
you gotta know it's your moment
you're ready to go

take a little leap of faith
just step outside the space
and let your walls come down, come down
now that you've got your wings
you'll see what life can bring
up high or on the ground

theres so much love to give
take a look around
you got one life to live
so better make it count

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Toby Lightman Ready To Go Comments
  1. Lyndsay Scott

    The Fosters brought me here

  2. M R S

    The fosters best show ever #brallie

  3. Beta Omega

    Just watched season 1 episode 7 Scoundrels (ending song) !! Loved it!!! Lol Same beat as "HOT-N-Cold" By Katy Perry!!!

  4. Sugarpop1001

    The chores sounds like Kesha Animal Chores

  5. belieber04ful

    Omg i love jesus and lexi together

  6. Sherlyn QueenBee

    exactly :)

  7. Brook_Auburn

    I soooo want them together. I hate wyatt and callie and talia and Brandon. even if they are foster siblings they deserve each other!

  8. Sherlyn QueenBee

    Callie Jacob and Brandon Fosteer :D <3

  9. img3d2000

    new sound...i like it!