Toby Lightman - Forgot Myself Lyrics

i'm waiting for a sign
broke, unraveling, rewind
for i've lost myself
stuck in between
where i've been
and what i'm reaching for
hold, onto me
can't believe
I forgot myself again

Oh, unfamiliar face
so, lost and out of place
from where I come from
pieces of me, shattered
and on the ground
hold, onto me
can't believe
I forgot myself again

All that I am
All that I can be

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Toby Lightman Forgot Myself Comments
  1. King Melanin

    This has a 90s r&b feel I love it

  2. A K

    Met Toby back in 2006 @ the Talk house in Amagansett Long Island

  3. Jakerocksteady

    Great song. This used to be on our Muzak station at the restaurant I worked at. Great, chill song.

  4. TimidTheProducer-Live for God

    This song has given me so much joy for years now.  Haven't heard it in ages.  Glad it came to mind and I found it.  :)

  5. Taryn Dooms

    heard this in World Market tonight...loved it!

  6. 2lemonades

    It still my jam though


  7. 2lemonades

    Oow... this was my jam

  8. Yuliya Jackson

    I love this song! It brings me back to them days!

  9. Tanny Touche'

    They should have a banging video for this banging song? This is a beautiful song.

  10. Aldo Vazquez

    Helloween kickss ass !

  11. vivecapatrece

    This song should have been played on R&B radio stations! I love this song!!!

  12. WonderMarz

    That's a song

  13. Deanna Barnes

    Thank you JPAGZify, kisses !

  14. JPAGZify

    and I love you for your good taste in music ;)

  15. Deanna Barnes

    I adore this song, there's few true singers in the raw like Toby, love you for posting this one here

  16. spiralluv9797

    a-mazing... thank god that there are still authentic singers out there +)

  17. mstoi84

    @shinediaz26 lol me too, when i worked at macy's back in like 2007 it would come on there, but i would never hear it anywhere else. I had to write the lyrics down and google it just to find out who the artist was lol but I've loved this song ever since :-)

    Nina-Jade Sandoval

    yeah i had to do that when i kept hearing her old song "Devils and Angels" back when lol

  18. Shonda Genevieve

    i love this sooong, they would play it everyday at my job....when it comes on i would stop everything to sing to it.

  19. Heather LoveJoy

    This girl is so amazing!