Toby Lightman - Don't Believe This Is Love Lyrics

Tingle on my skin is just the wind
you can kiss my cheek cause you’re my friend
My knees get weak maybe that’s just me
This might be love but I don’t wanna see

What’s in front of me
What you and I could be

I don’t believe this is love
You can’t tell me
This is love
tell myself another lie, even though
My heart disagrees
I’ll never believe this is love

The twinkle in my eye is just from the sun
This ain’t getting serious we’re just havin fun
I stumble over words almost everyday
It’s not you that’s making me act this way

Once again I’ll say
put it off another day


People smile and stare
When they see us
All my friends say
it’s obvious
am I fooling myself
if I say it ain’t so
how can I be in love
and be the last one to know

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